See our ex client Matt Willis visit our centre and talk to our clients in the BBC documentary, Fighting Addiction.

Witness the resilience of the human spirit as Matt Willis tells a truly inspirational story of how addiction can seem like an overwhelming long-term fight, but even if you lose a battle, you can still win the war. After treatment at the Providence Projects, Matt Willis went on to celebrate a long period of addiction-free life. Explore Matt’s Willis rehab journey and inspiring story in the compelling documentary directed by BBC One’s Hannah Lowes

I did rehab at Providence Projects. I had been to three other residential rehab centres but this was perfect. I had a life changing experience there.

Matt Willis

Pop Star, Busted

Choose The Providence Projects – Your Path to Recovery Begins Here
A Warm Welcome to The Providence Projects

Discover one of the best addiction rehab clinics. Founded in 1996 by Dr Peter Turnbull and Steve Spiegel, The Providence Projects stands as a beacon of excellence among drug and alcohol rehabs in the UK. Situated along the stunning Dorset coast of Bournemouth, our serene location offers the ideal setting for your journey towards recovery.




Empowering Recovery Through Experience and Expertise

With a legacy of over 10,000 individuals transformed since opening, The Providence Projects is renowned for its commitment to helping individuals conquer addiction. Led by a team of professionals, we understand the complexities of addiction and believe in the innate potential of every individual to take back their life.


Tailored Treatment Plans for Lasting Recovery

At The Providence Projects, we offer personalised therapeutic programs designed to address the unique needs of everyone who comes through our doors. Our comprehensive approach to treatment, coupled with dedicated professional support, ensures that you can confidently embrace a brighter future, free from the shackles of addiction.

We have helped many reclaim their lives, including Matt Willis, co-founder, bassist and co-vocalist of the pop-punk band Busted. With our help, you can do it too, look forward to the future, and forget worrying about the past with The Provy’s comprehensive treatment plans and dedicated professional support.

Take the first step towards a life of sobriety and fulfilment with The Providence Projects.


Treatment Approach
Free assessment
Contact our residential rehab, and we’ll organise a free initial assessment, during which we will talk about your addiction problem and general health. This is a non-invasive process.
Our admission process is intuitive and quick. Once you arrive at the clinic, you will be guided by one of our staff. After a quick introduction to life at The Provy, you can get accustomed to your new temporary home.
This will be the first step of your treatment. Not every addiction requires a detox, but if you do need one, you will benefit from our top-tier medical team and the comfort of our detox facilities.


Therapy and Relapse Prevention
We focus on relapse prevention through traditional and holistic therapies. You will attend CBT, DBT and other sessions in individual and group settings within dedicated rooms at our residential facilities.
Aftercare is an important part of any treatment programme in our addiction, drug and alcohol rehab centre. The team here at The Providence Projects will work closely with you to develop a bespoke plan of aftercare that will work for you and fit your personalised requirements.
Cost of Rehab
£7,500For 28 Days
  • Detox Included
  • Private Bedroom
  • Intensive drug & alcohol rehab programme
  • 1-1 Counselling
  • Relapse Prevention
What Our Clients Say

Jon’s Success Story

Jon attended Providence Projects for alcohol rehab.

Amy’s Success Story

Amy came to The Providence Projects to beat her ketamine addiction

Steven’s Success Story

Steven’s recovery from cocaine addiction.

Marina’s Success Story

Marina attended Providence Projects for rehab

Leo’s Success Story

Leo’s Alcohol Addiction Recovery.

Viv’s Testimonial

Viv attended Providence Projects last year for alcohol rehab

Damian’s Success Story

Listen to Damian and Kateland talk about the effects of alcoholism and recovery on their relationship.

Matt’s Success Story

Matt attended Providence Projects for gambling rehab.

Life In Our Bournemouth Centre

A lot of people ask what it’s like to go to rehab. We understand for many the prospect is daunting, so let’s take a moment to calm some of those fears around it.

Real people, real transformation.

Our Team Of Addiction Specialists

Paul Spanjar


Paul Spanjar

I can honestly say that heading up this incredible organisation is an honour and a privilege. I have worked in the field of addiction for nearly 20 years and the team of people who work at The Providence Projects, are, in my opinion, the best team I have ever seen.

Daryle Fortescue

Registered Manager

Daryle Fortescue

Daryle has been worked in the field of addiction treatment for 20+ years after joining The Providence Projects from another residential rehab centre. Daryle is passionate about individual treatment planning as opposed to a one size fits all approach and is keen to ensure that treatment delivery at The Providence Projects continues to evolve with latest evidence based practices. Daryle loves facilitating group therapy sessions and helped to design the aftercare programme at The Providence Projects.

Jon Radcliffe

Admissions Manager

Jon Radcliffe

Jon is the admissions manager and oversees the process from your first contact through to the day you start treatment. He joined us at The Providence Projects in 2008 and is able to take you through the entire admission process. He will explain how the treatment works, help you arrange transport into rehab, liaise with the family and be your point of reference right through to the day you start treatment. It would be fair to say that Jon is the gatekeeper!

Steve Spiegel


Steve Spiegel

Steve, our founder, started The Providence Projects in 1996. He officially retired in 2013 but we can’t keep him away! Steve’s passion for helping people in recovery is unparalleled and you will still regularly see him around the centre. Steve still facilitates group therapy sessions, workshops, assignments and delivers his famous relationship workshops.

Addictions We Treat
Alcohol Addiction
Drug Addiction
Both illicit and legal substances can cause an addiction.
Gambling Addiction
We are fighting a crisis. From crypto to slots.
Dual Diagnosis
Our therapists can help you heal from a dual diagnosis.

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