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Addiction is a condition that causes excessive substance use or inability to control cravings towards a behaviour such as gambling or eating, at times resulting in deleterious consequences for health and general wellbeing. Addictive substance use disorders are now considered equal to other mental conditions.

If you or someone you know has a problem controlling their habits, help is available. The Providence Project is a world-renowned addiction treatment service provider with over 25 years of experience in helping people heal from the devastating effects of both behavioural and substance addictions.

Defining Addiction

The term ‘addiction’ refers to tendencies of repeated, compulsive behaviours involving substances such as drugs, alcohol, nicotine or behaviours such as gambling, eating, shopping, exercising, tanning and more. These compulsions may be related to rewarding chemical reactions in the brain (pleasure receptors) or as an escape from unpleasant emotions or thoughts (also valid in self-medication cases).

If you or someone you care about is experiencing any of the below, then you may need assistance in confirming or denying a possible addiction:

  • Feeling powerless to stop using
  • Being unable to quit despite wanting to do so
  • Having persistent cravings
  • Facing a loss of control over life
  • Spending more money than affordable on things that give pleasure
  • Not being able to remember what happened during periods of substance intoxication or withdrawal
  • Experiencing anxiety, depression, feelings of worthlessness or guilt when attempting to cut down or stop
  • Taking increasing amounts of a substance (drugs, alcohol, food, fitness supplements etc.) to achieve the same level of satisfaction or relief
  • Using substances or behaviours to cope with problems rather than solving them
  • Giving up other activities for the sake of behavioural or substance dependence

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Addiction or Dependence?

If you are researching symptoms and cannot decide if you are looking for addiction help or assistance with a dependence, we can help. Although the terminology is different, the symptoms and actual effects of these conditions are very similar, if not the same.

If you are experiencing a physical dependence on a substance, a physical, physiological attachment to it, you are most probably dependent on it. Dependence is usually described as a physical addiction to the effects felt when a substance enters the system.

On the other hand, when experts discuss addiction, that would mean that, when they assessed you, they discovered a behavioural change based on biochemical changes in your brain. These changes are usually a result of continuous exposure to a given substance, be it drugs (illegal and legal alike) or alcohol.

Another term that often becomes the topic of discussion when our performs our assessments is abuse. If you have been prescribed a medication for a legitimate medical reason but are not using it according to the prescription (dosage, frequency, strength or are using it alongside other counteracting medications), you are abusing this substance. Illegal substances are abused by default as there is no legitimate reason to use them in the first place. Although harmless behaviours may also be abused in a way, this term is not usually attached to a behaviour.

If you want to know more about the terminology used in addiction diagnostics and treatment, you may want to review our Addiction Glossary.

How Is Addiction Treated?

if you come to us with a problem behaviour or substance addiction, we will assist you by providing:

  • Initial assessment
  • Full medical assessment
  • Tailored detoxification treatment
  • Custom rehabilitation (therapies, counselling, alternative treatments)
  • Extended care options
  • Aftercare
  • Assistance in finding recovery support groups
  • Ongoing support and advice

Our focus is on you and your wellbeing, so our medical and therapeutic staff will discuss every step of the way with you and anyone else you authorise us to talk to.

We are proud to say that we also provide family therapy and assistance for co-dependent families. Addiction is never enclosed within a single person, so your relationships are often affected by your habits. Thus, the Providence team is offering a variety of shared therapies for you and your loved ones.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis is when addiction is experienced alongside a mental health condition such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, bipolar disorders, autism and more. If you are suffering from a dual diagnosis, you will need different diagnostics and treatments. Thankfully, at our rehabilitation facilities, we have medical and therapeutic staff who are experienced in dual diagnosis, and they can help you heal.

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