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Recover from cannabis addiction at the Providence Projects. Our rehabilitation programme will help you tackle the root causes of abuse.

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Rehabilitation for Marijuana

Rehab for Cannabis addiction may feel unnecessary to some, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s not about ‘soft’ drugs versus ‘hard’ drugs, addiction recovery is about treating the individual holistically, helping them to heal deep rooted pain or traumas that lead to cannabis abuse, and building coping mechanisms for when life feels stressful.

The Providences Projects will offer you or a loved one the perfect opportunity for recovery, so that you can focus on our therapeutic cannabis rehab programme in a safe and secure environment.

Through a combination of holistic therapies, addiction workshops and character-building activities, we can help you to understand the complex reasons behind your marijuana addiction, and identify triggers to help avoid potential relapse in the future.

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25 Years of Recovery Success

For 25 years, our treatment centre has helped thousands of people struggling with addiction.

You don’t have to struggle with cannabis addiction any longer, our team are here to support you through the recovery process.

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Is Rehab for Cannabis Addiction Necessary?

Cannabis addiction is a real problem here in the UK. Despite relaxed attitudes towards cannabis use, it has the potential to cause serious harm to mental health, relationships, job prospects and finances.

Cannabis addiction is defined as the compulsive need to smoke or digest cannabis, typically daily, despite negative and risky consequences. This could be in the form of smoking cannabis whilst driving, or frequently getting high before work. Those who are hooked on cannabis can go to great lengths to conceal their use, or deny how often they are smoking it. When questioned about their drug use they may become defensive and irritable.

When attempting to quit cannabis, those struggling may become irrational while displaying symptoms of withdrawal which include insomnia, anger and low moods.

If you, or someone you care about can relate to the above, and you’re having trouble quitting weed, then it’s time to consider a treatment centre in the UK.

Here at the Providence Projects, we treat the addiction – not the substance – because we understand that cannabis addiction is just the symptom of a deeper, psychological issue that needs addressing. Our team of specialists can help!

Cannabis Addiction Assessment

Here at the Providence Projects, we have made the process of rehabilitation an easy, straight forward process.

It starts with an initial telephone assessment with our friendly addiction counsellors, who begin by asking you or a loved one some questions about cannabis use and medical history, such as any pre-existing mental health conditions. This helps us to create a personalised treatment plan that is designed around you or a loved ones needs.

We will then arrange a suitable date for you to attend our treatment centre to begin the recovery process, typically within 7 days.






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Upon arrival at the Providence Projects to begin your induction, you will be greeted by our friendly recovery team who will show you around the facility and introduce you to your programme timetable, which details the various therapy sessions, workshops and activities you will take part in during your stay.

We place great emphasis on routine and structure during rehab. We help our clients to take personal responsibility for their cannabis abuse, and help them develop coping skills to stay sober long-term. We do this through compassion and understanding – for both the individual and their families – so they can begin to heal from the pain of addiction.

Our initial programme costs £6995 and lasts for 28 days and for an additional £1,200 per week, we offer our clients the option to stay longer to complete a secondary treatment programme.

Treatment Costs

Admission for Cannabis Addiction Treatment

Will I Need a Detox for Cannabis?

Withdrawing from cannabis requires no medical intervention, but you may experience some withdrawal symptoms as your body begins to detox from THC, the main active ingredient in cannabis.

Cannabis withdrawal symptoms can include a loss of appetite, insomnia, irritability or anger. These symptoms are psychological in nature, and therefore no detox medication is required. However, you will be supported during the withdrawal phase by our therapeutic team.

Cannabis Addiction Relapse Prevention

As you return to normal life outside of rehab, it’s easy to forget just how challenging and stressful times can be. It’s during these times that you may have the urge to get high. The availability of cannabis and the social acceptance surrounding it can make it harder to maintain sobriety.

Addiction Recovery is a life-long process and as we approach the end of cannabis rehab, our counsellors will discuss a comprehensive aftercare programme with you that may include additional counselling, sober/recovery coaching and 12-step meetings.

Aftercare Programme

Support for Families

We understand the impact that addiction has on the wider family, and we offer our support and guidance to loved ones during your recovery programme.

Our family workshops and events are designed to:

  • Bring family members closer together
  • Help them understand boundaries
  • Provide support and encouragement
  • Provide further education around addiction
  • Help rebuild damaged relationships

If your loved one is attending treatment at the Providence Projects, our team will be in touch with you regularly to discuss progress and/or any questions or concerns you may have during rehab.

Why Choose Us?

For over 25 years, the Providence Projects has helped many individuals quit cannabis for good. The success of our treatment programme is down to the hard work and dedication of our trained addiction counsellors, therapists & support staff, many of whom are in recovery themselves!

Here are just a few more reasons why you should choose us for cannabis rehab:

  • We have a ‘Good’ rating from the CQC
  • We have hundreds of positive Google reviews from real clients
  • We offer one of the most affordable treatment programmes in the UK
  • A sober transport service to collect you from your home and bring you to our treatment centre safely.
  • Recover in a safe, secure environment by the sea
  • Personalised treatment plans
  • Dual Diagnosis treatment (To treat both cannabis addiction & mental health problems)

Start the recovery process today!

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Cannabis Rehab FAQ

What makes cannabis addictive?

It is thought that THC, the active ingredient in marijuana that provides a ‘high’, is the cause of cannabis addiction. However, many people in the UK abuse cannabis but do not develop a psychological dependence on the drug.

Do people go to rehab for cannabis?

Yes, cannabis addiction is no different to any other form of drug addiction. Many make the mistake of believing that rehab is only necessary for ‘harder drugs’.

Addiction has little to do with how dangerous or potent a substance is, addiction is a psychological illness that needs psychological intervention and therapy to overcome.

If you do not treat the root causes of addiction, it will usually manifest in other ways or through other addictions (cross addictions) such as food or gambling.

Individuals go to rehab to treat addiction, not the substance.

Does the NHS provide cannabis rehab?

The NHS in recent years has struggled to cope with the ever-growing demand for mental health and addiction services. The NHS does not offer residential treatment for cannabis addiction, but they do provide local outpatient services which typically come with a long waiting list.

Is Cannabis use affecting my mental health?

The link between mental health and cannabis use is still unclear, but repeat exposure to cannabis over a long period of time can result in paranoia and anxiety in some individuals.

Over recent years there have been a range of studies into the relationship between cannabis use and mental health disorders. We do know that the risk of developing psychosis is far greater in those with a family history of severe mental health disorders.

How will quitting cannabis and seeking help improve my life?

Making the decision to quit cannabis for good will improve your life in many ways – both physically and psychologically.

Cannabis has been known to affect memory, sex drive, sleep, fertility, energy levels and weight. Smoking cannabis with tobacco will also increase your risks of developing cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Aside from the negative physical affects of cannabis, the psychological affects of cannabis dependence include emotional issues such as anxiety and paranoia, obsessive thoughts around cannabis use, irritability when unable to use cannabis, and lack of concentration or drive.

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