Crystal Meth Addiction and Abuse

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What Is Crystal Meth Addiction?

Having a crystal meth addiction is a painful process that can drop you through a downward spiral. Even though you may be aware of the negative effects it has on your body, mind and life in general, quitting it probably seems impossible when you have been using it for some time.

We understand how challenging it is to free yourself from the grips of a crystal meth addiction and would like to help you to define a life that is free of addiction. You might not be able to believe it now, but we’ve seen countless clients in similar situations over our 25 years of recovery. They have enrolled in our rehab programme and worked through the difficulties of addiction and abuse, and are living productive lives because they were able to accept their problems and commit to working through them with us. When you are ready to move forward into a sober future, we’ll be here to help you.

Crystal Meth Addiction Symptoms

Meth is a devastating substance that takes over your brain chemistry. By increasing dopamine production and stopping its reuptake, it stops you from experiencing pleasure without it, making a life without crystal seem impossible. It also affects you in other ways like

  • Causing rapid weight loss
  • Facial sores or acne
  • Convulsions or rapid body movements
  • Affecting your mood, causing mood swings and violent outbursts
  • Picking or scratching at your skin
  • Insomnia or changed sleeping patterns
  • Seizures
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

No one chooses to live in this discomfort but, because of the addictive nature of crystal, it stops you from giving it up. We can hold your hand through the most uncomfortable addiction symptoms, offering you support so you are in a stronger position to develop purpose and new meaning in your life.

Defining Crystal Meth

Crystal meth is an odourless, colourless, sour-tasting crystal or crystalline powder that dissolves in water or alcohol. Meth abuse and addiction can cause catastrophic effects on every aspect of your life, and getting treatment at a rehab centre remains the most effective way to escape from it.

Chemical formula

Crystal meth’s chemical formula is C10H15N. It belongs to the phenethylamine family of stimulants and hallucinogens. Its routes of administration include oral, intravenous, smoking, intramuscular, subcutaneous, rectal and insufflation.

How it’s sold

Crystal meth was initially categorised as a Class B drug but has been updated to Class A status since 2007. This means that the sale, possession, production and transport of the substance is illegal.

Crystal meth was initially developed as a bronchial inhaler and nasal decongestant. In some (rare) cases it is prescribed for the treatment of ADHD but it is used recreationally on the club scene because it makes users energetic. The meth that is available on the street is a more potent form of the drug.

Addictive potential

When crystal takes over your brain’s reward circuit, it dysregulates your sleeping and eating patterns. You might not notice initially, but it also causes you to develop tolerance and you need to take more to achieve the same state of pleasure. Cravings make it seem impossible to quit on your own, but going through detox and rehab with a professional support team makes the difference between relapse and your recovery.

The Dangers of Crystal Meth Addiction

It is common for crystal to be laced with other addictive substances to amplify its effects; however this causes greater damage to your body and increases its addictive potential. When you use crystal it speeds up your heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate to dangerous levels, putting you at risk of stroke, panic attacks, heart attack and death.

Becoming addicted to crystal meth can lead to long-term cognitive impairment, motor control problems and damage to your internal organs. Dental problems like meth mouth can develop quickly. Reaching out and enrolling in our well documented rehab programme will ensure you get help before you put yourself at greater risk of dangerous behaviours.

What Is the Difference between Crystal Meth Addiction and Crystal Meth Abuse?

Even if you could control your use initially, tolerance develops quickly and it doesn’t take long before you don’t want to come down from the high and start using it habitually.

Unfortunately, this is due to the highly addictive nature of meth that can cause you to feel trapped and powerless without it. Our experience in helping clients with meth addiction means that we can help you to avoid addiction if you have been using it recreationally, and help you to heal if you are addicted.

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Crystal Meth Effects

The effects of ice can last between eight and 24-hours, which is part of what makes it so appealing. Some people will stay awake for days from the effects of one hit, and a lack of sleep and nutrition can compound the negative effects it has on your body and brain.

Crystal affects your central nervous system and cardiovascular systems. It has neurotoxic properties that lead to behavioural abnormalities, kidney failure, hypertension, stroke, cerebro-vascular events and the onset of Parkinson’s disease if it is abused long term.

Physiological effects

Crystal causes a range of debilitating physiological effects that are unpleasant and uncomfortable. The sooner you reach out to our team for help, the better your chances of healing from

  • Itchy skin
  • Loss of appetite which leads to weight loss
  • Diarrhoea and constipation
  • Pale skin
  • Sweating and flushing
  • Tremors and restlessness
  • Acne
  • Dilated pupils
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Irregular heartbeat, rapid heartbeat and heart palpitations
  • Tooth decay and ‘meth mouth’
  • Impaired sexual performance
  • Vascular haemorrhages
  • Eye damage

Psychological effects

Using meth causes feelings of euphoria and pleasure. It also causes feelings of invincibility and productivity during the high. Over time and with repeated use, meth starts to affect your motor and verbal skills. It also affects the part of your brain that is linked to memory and emotion.

Some of the psycho-emotional effects include

  • Aggressive behaviour and irritability
  • Increased alertness
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Hyperactivity
  • An increase in energy and sexual libido
  • Paranoia and hallucinations
  • Obsessive behaviours
  • Psychosis

Your brain has an incredible capacity for neuroplasticity, which means your neural networks can grow and reorganise when you stop using crystal, and develop new neural pathways. We can help you to define what you want from your future.

Effects on relationships

Because crystal meth causes such extreme changes in behaviour it can take a toll on your personal relationships. Unpredictable mood swings may cause you to say and do things that you regret later, hurting the people closest to you.

Even though the weight of fractured relationships might make it seem like they are irreparable, we can help you find a new path of meaning. Building new connections starts with reaching out to us for help. We empathise with what you are going through and can lighten your load during this challenging period.

A report by the Ministry of Justice has observed a link between drug use and criminality, with theft being the most common offence associated with drug crime for the 2018-2019 period. It was also observed that people abusing injectable drugs were most likely to commit offences, but that successfully completing addiction treatment made re-offences statistically less likely.

How Does Crystal Meth Addiction Affect My Family?

A meth addiction causes strain for everyone in the household and even though it may cause financial or legal problems for your family, entering rehab will bring relief to everyone who has been affected.

We can help you carve out a sober future to show your family how you can rise above the challenges. Working through your addiction will improve your quality of life and benefit your family as a whole.

The Dangers of Crystal Meth Overdose

It is possible to overdose when you’re using crystal meth for the first time. When you combine it with alcohol or other substances, you are putting yourself at overdose risk. Our caring and experienced team will bring you comfort during detox and rehab so you can avoid overdose because of reduced tolerance.


Why Choose Providence Projects for Crystal Meth Dependence?

Our crystal meth rehab programme is focused on helping you to achieve a sober future. A dependence on crystal meth is symptomatic of a mental and physical disorder that can be healed with the appropriate interventions. We will help you to work through the trauma, abuse and hardships that may have contributed to your substance use disorder so you can heal and move forward.

Our client success stories are proof that a life free from meth is attainable, even if it seems very far away from where you are now. Together we will work through your anxieties and offer you a safe space for reflection and healing. We believe that rehab should be accessible for everyone and provide transparent pricing and an evidence-based programme that will teach you new strategies to cope and thrive in your sober future.

About Our Drug Addiction Treatment Center

We understand how difficult it is to escape from a crystal meth addiction and we have built our rehab centre in a tranquil beach-side environment that is calm and relaxing. Our treatment centre provides a stable and distraction-free environment where you can work through your addiction safely, away from the stress of your day-to-day life. You will be assessed on admission and a tailored treatment plan will be developed, based on your recovery needs and medical history.

You will receive 24-hour care and monitoring throughout your stay to ensure you can recover safely, and to give you relief from the most debilitating side effects. Our experienced clinical team are addiction specialists and will provide a supportive framework while you address the factors that contributed to your addiction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Crystal Meth tolerance?

Tolerance to crystal develops as you abuse it more frequently. This means that you need to use increasing amounts of the substance to achieve the same high. Because ice makes changes to your brain chemistry, you cannot feel pleasure without it. This, combined with ensuing depression causes many clients to relapse if they do not have the appropriate support from an experienced team of medical professionals.

Do I need to seek residential rehab?

Residential rehab gives you the best chance of long term recovery. Because cravings are so intense and withdrawal symptoms are painful, many clients who try to quit on their own end up relapsing at home. If you cannot afford a private rehab programme, we encourage you to get treatment through a service provider on the NHS.

How is Crystal Meth harmful?

Using meth speeds up your heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure. These effects can contribute to panic attacks, stroke, heart attack and death. The toxicity of the ingredients used to cook up meth cause damage to your internal organs and brain.

How to help if someone is overdosing?

A meth overdose is a medical emergency that requires urgent intervention. If possible, move the person onto their side and let the emergency responder know how much crystal has been taken, whether any other substances were involved and when the last dose was.

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