Crystal Meth Detox and Withdrawal

The Providence Projects has helped thousands of clients to go through crystal meth withdrawal and detox safely.

This is because we treat each client as an individual and create tailored detox programmes to facilitate a safe and comfortable experience. Our caring team will perform an assessment when you are admitted to establish how we can help you heal and recover in the safest way possible. A medically assisted detox is not necessary for crystal meth withdrawal, but you will experience withdrawal symptoms that we will help you manage. We look forward to welcoming you and helping you start a new chapter in your life.

Why Does Crystal Meth Cause Withdrawal Symptoms?

When you use meth for a long time, your brain chemistry undergoes changes, specifically your neurotransmitter levels. As a result, you have abnormal levels of dopamine because your brain gets used to it being supplied artificially by crystal meth. Dopamine is responsible for regulating reward, pleasure and motivation. During withdrawal your brain has to get used to functioning without crystal meth and without the ability to communicate feelings of pleasure, you are unlikely to experience it from exercise, sex or food until these levels are regulated again. Over time, your brain chemistry will readjust ad your withdrawal symptoms will improve.

The Withdrawal Symptoms in Crystal Meth Addiction

Withdrawal from crystal is physically taxing and likely to produce extreme tiredness as your body recovers. In fact, you could spend most of the day asleep for two to four days. Your sleep is likely to be disturbed, however, and it may take a few weeks for you to restore your sleep patterns. Headaches and a dry mouth are very common so it is important that you are well hydrated. Muscle spasms and tremors are also likely to occur. Loss of appetite often happens so you will need to take special care of your nutrition to prevent malnourishment, as this can exacerbate your withdrawal symptoms.

As your brain chemistry adjusts to the absence of crystal you are likely to experience psychological symptoms like a lack of motivation and decreased energy levels. Cravings for crystal meth will occur. A depressed mood should be monitored as it is possible that suicidal thoughts can occur. You may feel anxious and paranoid as you withdraw from meth but these responses can be managed effectively in the safety of our rehab centre.

The Residential Detox Process

Each client needs a tailored approach to detox and your programme is based on your medical history. So, our medical team will do an assessment to help determine the most appropriate way forward for you. Our team is non-judgemental and professional and will speak to you about your current and past patterns of drug use. We will need to know about any prior detox or rehab attempts, as well as your medical history, so we can establish your general state of health. We would like to find out about your mental health and treatment goals so we can align your treatment programme accordingly. You can have a chat with our in-house GP to discuss any prescription medications that you need and how they may influence your detox programme. Our approach is evidence-based and you will be supported by our excellent medical personnel who are on-site to ensure your detox is safe and comfortable.

Benefits of a Residential Crystal Meth Detox

Participating in a residential detox ensures that you are monitored throughout your withdrawal. This means that any risks and complications are managed in the safest way possible. In a residential detox programme you live at the rehab centre for the duration of your treatment, removing you from triggers that may be present in your home. This is a benefit for relapse prevention because the cravings can be so intense that some clients want to self-medicate with more crystal meth. A residential environment is free from drugs and alcohol, and offers you the support you need to avoid relapse. Our team will look after your nutrition, hydration, and sleep cycle so that you finish your detox programme and are strong when you start the rehab treatment plan.

Detox-Only Treatment for Crystal Meth

Detoxing from crystal meth is the first step towards recovery but it is not comprehensive enough to address addiction issues. A detox eliminates crystal meth and its toxins from your system to break your physical dependence on the drug, but it does not address the psycho-emotional reasons that you started using it. This can only be done through therapeutic interventions like individual and group counseling. Because you have a lifetime of experiences that have shaped who you are today, extended and aftercare support is immensely beneficial in order to manage relapse and help you cope with triggers in your future. Recovery is a process and detox is the starting point.

Crystal Meth Withdrawal Timeline

The withdrawal symptoms of meth detox are extremely intense to experience but knowing what to expect can prepare you for the process. When you stop using crystal meth, your withdrawal symptoms can begin within a few hours and last for approximately two weeks on average. A few hours after the effects of the drug start to wear off, you are likely to experience a depressed mood. This state can last for between three and five days. It is a sign that your brain is readjusting to the absence of meth and even though it is uncomfortable, it is a sign that the detox is working.

Day one to three

The initial or acute withdrawal stage is called a crash as your brain learns to function without crystal meth. You are likely to experience irritability or agitation, extreme tiredness, cravings for the drug, an increased appetite, tremors and shaking, and unpleasant or vivid dreams.

Day four

From the fourth day, you may feel decreased sexual satisfaction, a loss of pleasure, and possibly paranoia.

Days seven to 14

After the first week, your symptoms should improve gradually as the days pass. In some instances, clients can experience protracted symptoms that last for a few months but we will assist you with the right interventions so they can be managed comfortably if this happens.

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What Happens After the Detox Phase?

Getting through your detox programme is a significant achievement that will improve your physical health and make you emotionally stronger to start the next phase in your treatment. Once our in-house GP is satisfied that you have achieved your detox milestones, you will be ready to enter the therapeutic rehab phase.

During the rehab programme you will follow a therapeutic timetable that lasts for 28-days. You will experience holistic therapies that are designed to help you discover the root causes of your addiction and work through them. Part of this process is the opportunity to rebuild relationships with the people you care about. You will learn how to look after your physical and mental health, as well as how to manage strong emotions. We will teach you valuable coping strategies to safeguard you against future relapse so you can enjoy your life and achieve your goals. Thereafter, you have the option of secondary treatment if you would like to work more extensively on reintegration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will I experience cravings during detox?

Cravings are common during the acute phase of your withdrawal but these can be managed at our rehab centre. Any cravings for crystal meth will improve as you complete detox. Our experience in helping our clients has shown that with awareness and education, cravings become easier to cope with.

Can I withdraw at home and have rehab at your facilities?

While some exceptions could be made, based on your personal assessment and medical history, it is not advisable to detox at home. If you feel anxious or uncertain about our facility, it’s best to come and have an informal visit so you can see firsthand what to expect.

Are Crystal Meth withdrawals dangerous?

Some of the withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous, which is why we recommend that you detox in our facility. Some clients are at risk of seizures while others may be affected by hallucinations or paranoia. Withdrawal is generally not life-threatening but risks can be managed effectively in a residential detox programme.

Will my loved ones be allowed with me during detox?

The detox programme is for you to complete on your own, however we will keep your loved ones informed about your progress throughout. If you have any concerns or worries, we will discuss them with you prior to your admission to put your mind at ease.

How to test my loved one for crystal meth use?

We understand that you may be concerned about a loved one’s crystal meth use and want to do everything you can to help. While there are home tests available for crystal meth, they can be unreliable. Furthermore, it can be distressing and traumatic to test someone you care about, and it is generally better to get professional help in this regard.

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