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Here at the Providence Projects, we have a range of alcohol rehabilitation programmes on offer. Alcohol addiction treatment is delivered as part of our comprehensive treatment programme, and below we have laid out the various stages of the alcohol rehab process.

Whether you’re looking for a short or a long term alcohol rehabilitation programme, we wish to assure you that the Providence Projects has something that can help. We understand that every client is unique, which is why our programmes are flexible and designed to suit the individual’s needs and requirements.

There are various stages to the alcohol recovery process. The first stage of alcohol rehab treatment is alcohol detox, whereby clients will undergo, where necessary, a medically managed alcohol withdrawal, with 24-hour supervision from staff. We do not recommend that detoxing alone is a sensible approach. For the majority, a period of intensive alcohol rehabilitation is suggested, to dramatically increase the chance of long-term recovery.

If you do require an alcohol detox, on admission you will be seen by one of our doctors. After assessment, your doctor will agree a regime to ensure you are both safe and comfortable during the detox phase. During this stage, you will be closely monitored throughout. Staff will be on hand for you 24 hours a day for your safety and comfort.
As you come to the end of this stage, you will engage with the comprehensive alcoholism treatment programme which has been carefully designed to address issues related to alcoholism, and most importantly, help you develop the skills to remain sober long term.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced addiction counsellors have a strong understanding of alcoholism, addiction, and crucially, what is necessary to achieve lasting sobriety. Upon arrival at the Providence Projects, you will be allocated a personal addiction therapist, who will work closely with you during your stay. Your focal therapist will guide 1-1 counselling sessions to address the deeper issues which underpin your addiction, address the impact that addiction has had, set goals for the future, and look at motivations to achieve and maintain abstinence. These individual therapy sessions are in conjunction with daily group therapy at the centre.

We offer any or all of the below stages of the alcohol treatment process. Our programmes range in duration from 28 days to 6 months, depending on the individual’s needs. Please give us a call today on 0800 955 0945. Our team of friendly, experienced addiction experts are on hand to discuss how we can help and explore what the best alcohol rehabilitation programme is for you.

Please note our rehab timetables are subject to change following the current government Coronavirus guidelines. For more information read our article Covid -19 Updates and safety measures.

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Alcohol rehabilitation programme at Providence

Alcohol rehabilitation programme stages

  • Detox
  • Primary Treatment
  • Secondary Treatment
  • Aftercare

Primary alcohol treatment

The primary treatment phase of alcohol rehab is crucial, to lay a solid foundation upon which you can build your recovery. As all of our clients are unique, treatment plans are tailored to the individual and can vary in length and intensity. However, generally speaking primary treatment will range from 4-6 weeks and will include full alcohol detoxification where necessary.

The basic primary treatment goals are:

  • Detox from alcohol
  • Improve physical health
  • Improve mental health
  • Explore consequences of alcohol
  • Explore effects on family / friends
  • Begin to rebuild damaged relationships
  • Develop skills to maintain sobriety
  • Explore underlying issues
  • Family meeting

Beyond these goals, you will have a range of personal goals which you will agree with your personal therapist.

These goals are achieved through a range of interventions including:

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Exercise therapy as part of an alcohol rehabilitation programme

Secondary alcohol treatment

The secondary phase of our alcohol rehabilitation programme at the Providence Projects, is a great way to solidify the progress you have made during the primary treatment phase. Alcoholism is often merely a symptom of deeper issues, that may have been buried over the years or stem from one’s childhood. The secondary treatment programme will share many similarities with that of primary but due to the progress made during the primary phase, clients are able to explore issues that they were perhaps not ready to address during those initial weeks.

Secondary treatment involves further soul searching as well as a clear focus on relapse prevention. During this phase, there is further relapse prevention training as part of the reintegration planning.

In the western world, we often look for a quick fix or a pill to make us feel better. This does not work for alcohol recovery and sometimes it just takes a little longer. Secondary treatment programmes generally range from 4 – 6 weeks. Many clients see it as a natural progression from our primary programme although others join at this stage if they have completed a primary treatment programme at another facility.

During this phase of alcohol rehab, you will again have your own dedicated personal alcohol therapist who will be your 1-1 counsellor. Together you will work through a range of agreed goals in your treatment plan and they are there to help you accomplish your goals. In fact, many clients, continue to see their therapist after they have completed their treatment.

What issues are covered in primary and secondary alcohol treatment programmes?

Here at the Providence Projects, we understand that alcoholism is a very complex disease. The psychological issues that underpin this condition are as varied as each individual who suffers. It’s true that every individual who has alcohol addiction problems is unique, and will present with different problems: however, there a range of associated issues that are common to most alcoholics and addicts and that will benefit everyone to explore whilst in alcohol rehab. As part of the therapy programme the following issues will be explored. For many, these are tied in with their alcohol misuse:

  • Self esteem
  • Anger management
  • Relapse prevention
  • Relationships
  • Stress management
  • Assertiveness
  • Families
  • Thinking errors
  • Shame and guilt
  • Boundaries
  • Grief and loss
  • Adverse childhood experiences
  • Self-Pity

28 alcohol rehabilitation programme - £5,995

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Aftercare as part of an alcohol rehabilitation programme

The Providence Projects are here for as long as the client needs us. Aftercare is something that is tailored on an individual basis to ensure you have aftercare that suits your needs.

Aftercare can take many different forms. It can range from attending Alcoholics Anonymous once a week to engaging in 20 hours of comprehensive aftercare outpatient programme.
For some, on-going one-one counselling is part of their aftercare programme, whilst others like to come and take part in weekly groups with us. Others, due to work commitments, like to have Skype or telephone sessions. For those who wish to relocate, we can help them find suitable housing and they can engage with us for local aftercare.

The key is to design the right aftercare programme for you. Your dedicated therapist will work with you on this and ensure that you have an appropriate plan in place.

It is also important to highlight the importance of alumni at this stage. Due to the length of our success, The Providence Projects have a network of over 10,000 graduates across the UK. This network, coupled with the friendships made whilst in private rehab are also a part of ‘aftercare’. Our annual reunion held in September each year regularly has attendances of over 400 people and is another opportunity to connect with Providence graduates, and build that support network.

Alcohol rehabilitation programme summary

  • 4 – 12 week programmes available
  • Free, no-obligation alcohol addiction assessment
  • Immediate admissions available
  • 7-10 day medically assisted alcohol withdrawal
  • The UK’s leading affordable private alcohol rehab programme
  • Individual and structured group therapy programme
  • Family therapy programme
  • Highly experienced alcohol addiction therapy team
  • Outstanding medical team at the Providence Surgery
  • Comprehensive alcohol rehab programme to address the underlying psychological issues
  • Beachfront location
  • Great success rates since 1996

Whether you are the person with the problem, or you would like to help a loved one quit drinking, please call today on 0800 955 0945 and speak confidentially to one of our specialist addiction counsellors.

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