Do I have a drinking problem?

The question ‘do I have a drinking problem’ is one that many of us would find difficult to answer, and for some of us it would be impossible to answer. Alcohol addiction does not happen suddenly and it may not be obvious to the person suffering with the problem.

Signs like drinking alone can start only occasionally, but gradually become more frequent until they become to be considered normal behaviour. The promises that are made to yourself or to others that it won’t happen again are forgotten and you can begin to convince yourself that this time it will be different. Our experience as alcohol counselling specialists tells us that it probably won’t be different.

Do you have an alcohol problem? Find out

Symptoms of alcoholism can take many forms.  Some may not drink regularly but when they do, they drink to excess, whilst others may drink on a daily.  For these reasons, you may be unsure if you have a problem or what the most suitable help might be.

We have prepared some questions that will help you decide if you have a problem. The answers to these questions will give our trained alcohol rehab advisors an indication of the extent of the problem, if there is one, and how best to deal with it. Just as there are many different levels of alcohol and drug problems, there are several different ways of dealing with these problems. Answering these twelve questions can be the first step to dealing with the problem and we have found that on many occasions an early alcohol intervention can prevent a problem becoming much worse.

Does someone you care about have a problem?

Very often the last person to accept there is a problem is the person with the problem. Whether this is because that person cannot see there is an issue or is in a state of denial, you can help. You can answer the questions as if you were in their position. Don’t worry if you cannot be entirely accurate or able to answer every question. We have the experience to advise you of the most practical and effective way of dealing with the issue. We do not need to know the name of the person with the problem and any communication between us is strictly confidential.

If you are concerned about yourself or would like to help a loved one quit drinking, speak to one of our experienced addiction counsellors today on 0800 955 0945. We are always happy to listen and can explain the benefits of our private alcohol rehab, The Providence Projects.

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