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Bournemouth is a large coastal town on the south coast of England, just over 100 miles from our capital city of London. Bournemouth town itself has a population of nearly 200,000, making it the largest in Dorset.

Bournemouth is part of the South East conurbation, together with nearby towns Poole to its west and Christchurch to its east. Its entire population totals almost 500,00 and while most call it ‘the sleepy south’; it has its own problems with drugs and alcohol misuse. Learn more about the local addiction issues and how our drug and alcohol rehab in Bournemouth can help.

Alcohol in Bournemouth

A council report, compiled in the summer of 2018, estimated there to be around 3,000 alcohol-dependent drinkers in the borough, making it 20th out of 155 local authorities for alcoholics. Councillors have stated that: “there is a significant problem around dependent drinking in Bournemouth.”  As a comparison, nearby Poole was ranked 93rd out of the 155 local authorities under the report.

This is a serious problem. The total number of hospital admissions for alcohol-related incidents was at its highest in 2016, after a consistent increase since 2013. The number of alcohol dependents is growing in Bournemouth, and as we know very well, alcohol dependency is a difficult cycle to break.

At our private rehab, the Providence Projects, we have noted that people living in deprived areas of Bournemouth are more at risk of alcohol-related harm. However, it has been shown that the proportion of adults that exceed their acceptable units of alcohol at least one day in the week was greater in those households with professional and managerial roles as opposed to routine and manual households.

Alcohol addiction can affect anyone. We treat all those with an alcohol dependency with care and compassion at our alcohol rehab in Bournemouth. If you think you may have a problem, learn more about symptoms of alcoholism here.

Drugs in Bournemouth

In 2018, a report from the Office for National Statistics stated that Bournemouth – home to seaside holidays and ‘millionaires’ row’ for some of the expensive properties in the UK – was among the highest in the country for heroin and morphine deaths.

We have recently treated addicts from Bournemouth and there is no particular pattern of specified type of drug use, although there has been a significant rise in cannabis and cocaine use with those aged between 18 and 35 in the last year. Learn more drug facts and statistics here.

Earlier this year there was an influx (and successful seizure) for unlicensed medicines in the Bournemouth area, and in November 2018 Dorset Police jailed dealers who were planning to flood the area with cocaine.

There continues to be cocaine and heroin abuse in several parts of Bournemouth – we have recently treated people from Westbourne, Lansdowne, Winton and Charminster. Cocaine is a dangerous drug to give up, as its effects are short-lived yet stay in the individual’s system for quite some time.  Users need their ‘fix’ – and can often get into financial difficulties just to get their next ‘hit’.

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Detox, rehab and addiction treatment at The Providence Projects

Bournemouth residents that we have treated for drug and alcohol addiction may have hit rock bottom; sometimes they have tried to give up their addiction themselves – and sometimes they are so deep in addiction that their family and friends have decided to organise an intervention for their loved one.

Drug or alcohol intervention is a meeting between an addict and their family, friends or even colleagues that takes place in the presence of a medical professional and/or counsellor.

The medical professional in our alcohol and drug rehab will work with the addict’s loved ones to gather notes on certain subjects. They will collect such information as:

  • Information on each person that will attend the intervention
  • Each attendees’ relationship with the addict
  • The history of the addiction and the circumstances surrounding it
  • The temperament of the addict and their typical reactions
  • Any health concerns (both addiction and non-addiction related)
  • The addict’s personal info: financial situation, any dependents, relationships, work, etc.

What other services are available at the Providence Projects?

At the Providence Projects, we provide affordable solutions to drug, alcohol, gambling and other addictive disorders. We provide all aspects of treatment including initial assessment, assisted withdrawal, primary treatment, secondary treatment, after care, housing and bespoke recovery enhancement programmes.

Our highly trained team of counsellors, therapists, doctors, alternative therapists and support workers work together to ensure that every client is given the best opportunity at recovery.

Linda Jeffrey

Linda Jeffrey reviewed Providence Projects - 5
25 April 2019  

I just want to thank all the staff at the Providence centre in Bournemouth for my life. I know that sounds so dramatic but to me it is just that. I went in as a very scared lady in my sixties, broken and fighting two addictions. I really did not think I would last two weeks, let alone six months.But with the help, support and guidance of all the staff I made it. Even after I completed the three months. I knew deep down I had another battle to contend with. But with the help of the staff I made it through. Don’t get me wrong, you have to go through a lot of ... See more

What can I expect to pay for private rehab?

Drug rehab prices vary across the UK and the cost will depend on which rehab programme fits for you as to how much you pay. At The Providence Projects, success rates are extremely positive and we are able to provide full detox and rehabilitation programmes for all drugs (such as cocaine and heroin) and prescription drugs.

The Providence Projects offers 28-day drug rehab programmes, which are available from £3,000 up to £20,000. There is no evidence that spending more money equates to better outcomes. The only correlation between price and outcome is that the longer time spent in treatment results in better success rates.

At The Providence Projects, we are keen to ensure that our drug rehab programmes are as affordable as possible. For clients looking to complete longer term programmes (up to 12 weeks), the weekly price reduces to £995 per week. Our affordable programme really does represent incredible value.

What does that include?

As with our alcohol rehab, all drug rehab programmes include all doctor consultations, detox, other medications and most importantly, the comprehensive therapy programme. Our bespoke programmes are the reason why so many of our clients go on to long-term successful recovery.

Help for addiction in Bournemouth

If you are living in Bournemouth, or one of its many suburbs including Winton, Westbourne, Boscombe, Southbourne or Northbourne, there is access to a whole range of counselling and group sessions, should you or someone close to you require them. The particular services will of course depend on the area that you live. There are a variety of options available to every individual, and this may be confusing.

Here we will outline some support services available in your area, but it is always best if you consult your GP first, as they can offer you help and guidance for many services that you may need.

AA or Alcoholics Anonymous hold meetings in and around Bournemouth. Visit to find your nearest meeting.

Narcotics Anonymous, for those suffering with substance abuse, have a similar service, and host many meetings in the Bournemouth area. Visit to find your nearest.

If you would like to know more about the Providence Projects in Bournemouth, please call today on 0800 955 0945 or complete our quick contact form.

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