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How much does rehab cost in the UK?

We are one of the only addiction treatment clinics in the UK to provide transparent costs for residential drug & alcohol rehab programmes.

We charge a flat cost of £5,995 for 4 weeks of treatment, compared with other rehabs who charge between £12,000 and £16,000 for the same programme.

If you or a loved one decide to stay longer than the 4 week programme, we charge a flat cost of £995 per week thereafter.

Cost of rehab for 4 weeks including detox£5,995
Weekly cost after first 4 weeks£995
Payment options

Alcohol Rehab Cost

As part of the alcohol rehab costs, you can expect a full assessment prior to admission to identify your needs and requirements. On admission you will then be seen by one of the doctors at The Providence Surgery to complete your assessment and an alcohol detox regime will be agreed to ensure you withdraw from alcohol safely and comfortably.

During the a alcohol detox phase, any withdrawals will be monitored carefully to ensure a successful detox. 24 hour round the clock supervision and support is included.

The cost of rehab for alcohol addiction includes a comprehensive therapy programme to help you stop drinking and develop the ability to stay sober for a long term recovery. It is delivered by our excellent and highly skilled counselling team. The alcohol rehab prices also include one-one counselling, group therapy, assignments, family therapy, workshops, complementary therapies and much more. Please look at our programme details to find out more.

Drug Rehab Cost

Drug rehab costs vary across the UK and, of course, the key is finding the right programme for you. At The Providence Projects, success rates are second to none and we are able to provide full detox and rehabilitation programmes for all drugs and prescription drugs.

28-day drug rehab programmes are available from £3,000 up to £20,000. There is no evidence that spending more money on the cost of rehab equates to better outcomes. The only correlation between price and outcome is that the longer time spent in treatment results in better success rates.

At The Providence Projects, we are keen to ensure that our drug rehab programmes are as affordable as possible. For clients looking to complete longer-term programmes (up to 12 weeks), the weekly price reduces to £995 per week which really does represent incredible value.

As with our alcohol rehab, all drug rehab prices include all doctor consultations, detox, other medications and most importantly, the comprehensive therapy programme which is the reason why so many of our clients go on to long term successful recovery. View our rehab programme details.

Gambling Rehab Cost

Unfortunately, there is very limited provision for gambling rehabilitation in the UK for a problem that is spiralling out of control. There are some outpatient and counselling options available in the UK but very often, depending on the severity of the addiction, these options may not be intensive enough.

The rehab programme at The Providence Projects enables the compulsive gambler to really concentrate on themselves and make real progress into recovery by exploring their thinking, behaviour and values.

There are a range of gambling rehab costs depending on the length of time someone is in rehab with us. This will usually be anything from 4- 12 weeks. To discuss your individual requirements or if you have any further questions relating to gambling rehab cost, please call us today on 0800 9550945.

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How much does rehab cost?

The important question we are asked by many seeking alcohol or drug addiction treatment is ‘how much does rehab cost?’. The Providence Projects was opened back in 1996 with the aim of providing effective and affordable rehab programmes.  Steve Spiegel, the founder, had worked in several facilities around the world and was determined to make the cost of rehab for drug and alcohol addiction treatment more affordable.

Our rehab prices are £5995 for 4 weeks including a detox, followed by a weekly charge of £995 after the first 4 weeks.

How much does rehab cost at a private rehab?

What's included in the cost of rehab?

Our residential rehab prices include everything we offer as part of your treatment. This includes:

  • Your tailored detox programme
  • 4 weeks primary treatment programme
  • All activities
  • Accommodation

Ass part of our rehab prices, your detox will be personally created to help you withdraw from your addiction safely and in comfort. Your specialist doctor will design your detox plan based on the results of your initial assessment. Our rehab has medical staff with years of experience in treating alcohol and drug use.

Primary treatment can range from 4 – 12 weeks, depending on each individual’s needs. Your rehab costs will pay for a treatment programme featuring a variety of therapies and activities to help you understand and manage your addiction. Typical therapy includes one-one counselling, group therapy and family therapy. Activities help tackle issues related to addiction, such as stress, anger management and forming healthy relationships. At The Providence Projects, we offer a range of activities including fitness classes, reiki, head massage and more. All of these are included in the cost of rehab.

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Caroline Emma-Wilks

Caroline Emma-Wilks recommends Providence Projects
6 December 2018  

Addiction is such a complex problem and there’s no straightforward solution to it- everyone must work out their own path. I can’t narrow my sobriety down to one single factor, but what I do know is that going to the Providence Projects was a very positive and significant step, where I initially showed a willingness and openness to change. It was extremely beneficial to be able to openly discuss my addiction with qualified therapists and be around other people who understood- you can be so totally different to someone, yet if you’ve both suffered with addiction, you wil... See more

Paying for Rehab

We accept all major debit and credit cards as payment for our residential rehab programmes, or alternatively you can pay by direct debit or PayPal.
Upon arrival at our rehab clinic, please ensure that you have paid the full amount for treatment.
If you have received funding for rehab through the NHS, you do not need to worry about payments.

Is Rehab Worth the Cost?

Rehab may seem expensive, but the cost of maintaining an addiction long term will cost you far more. At The Providence Projects, we understand the sacrifice that individuals and families make to get the help they need from a addiction rehab. We endeavour to provide the most affordable treatment costs in the UK.

As a drug rehab and alcohol rehab provider, we also understand the need to be responsive. We are able to arrange immediate admission on to our detox and rehab programmes to ensure that both the individual and the family get the help and support they need, when they need it.

Unlike free addiction treatment services offered by the NHS, residential rehab allows for quick and easy admissions with no waiting times. This is especially important for those with severe drug and alcohol dependencies, who may otherwise be at risk of serious health problems unless treatment is available to them immediately. Furthermore, outpatient free addiction services do not provide the same level of service as those provided by treatment facilities.

Our rehab programme ensures that you have access to a team of experienced medical professionals, superb addiction counsellors and a range of addiction therapy sessions.

Find affordable rehab prices

There are a range of facilities in the UK and rehab prices for 28-day treatment range from £4,000 to £30,000 for these programmes. The key is to find the right package, which is also affordable. Fortunately, the more affordable alcohol rehab and drug rehab centres are often just as good. In many cases better than the more expensive facilities.

The most important element of any treatment centre is the success rate. There is no relationship between paying more money and increasing your chance of success.

“I have been in addiction counselling, treatment and management since 1990 and I doubt any other professional has worked with as many different treatment centres from the most basic to the most luxurious. Whilst reasonable facilities are obviously important, I have found little correlation between cost and effectiveness. It is all about the quality of therapists and the way they are managed. I managed London Transport’s staff drug and alcohol programme for twenty years and we used Providence because it worked. Dozens of Transport For London Staff who went through their programme are still clean, sober and grateful!”

Nigel Radcliffe (FDAP Counsellor) Manager of Drug and Alcohol Programme at Transport For London

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NHS rehab vs private rehab

NHS rehab

Funding for NHS rehab, whether that be drug rehab or alcohol rehab, has become more and more difficult to obtain in recent years. There are options available through your local authority drug and alcohol team, local drop-in services and there will most likely be an out-patient day programme available to you. Of course, the huge advantage is that these options are free and open to all. Residential rehab options are unfortunately becoming extremely limited. As the NHS rehab services continues to struggle financially, there is far less opportunity to go to a residential rehab, due to the costs involved.

The benefits of residential rehab are very clear to those who have been affected by addiction or alcoholism. With the best intentions, it can be very difficult to recover in your home environment and local community for a range of reasons. The local day programmes that are available also often lack the level of support required at evenings or weekends when people may be at their most vulnerable.

Private Outpatient Addiction Treatment Costs

An alternative approach to residential rehab and free NHS services is known as private outpatient addiction treatment.

Private outpatient rehab services allow you to visit a treatment centre during the day for therapy, allowing you to maintain work or family commitments.

Private outpatient programmes cost around £1000 per week, and although a cheaper alternative to residential rehab, you will not have the same levels of protection from external influencers or relapse triggers.

Private addiction counselling is another form of outpatient addiction treatment, you can expect to pay £50-£60 per session with a therapist. Like all outpatient services, private counselling can leave you vulnerable to relapse and unmanaged withdrawal symptoms.

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How long does rehab take?

Unfortunately, the addictive brain often wants a quick fix. That’s part of the problem and often the thinking of an alcoholic or an addict.

If we break down the addiction of the individual, you will usually see that the drugs or alcohol are just a symptom of the problem. There may be a range of issues that need to be addressed after detox in order to help that person stay clean and sober. Most addicts or alcoholics have been able to stop at some point but usually have not resolved the issues that have led to relapse.

All evidence and our many years of experience demonstrate that detox programmes alone are rarely successful.  Most of our clients check in to our private rehab for 28 days, and those that want to stay longer can make the choice to extend their treatment at any time. Our initial rehab prices are for 4 weeks. However, depending on your needs, we also offer our full-length programme, which is 12 weeks. Each week after your first four will cost £995 per week.

If you would like to find out more about our rehab, rehab prices, our payment options or would like to speak to a counsellor, please call us on 0800 9550945.

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