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The Providence Projects provides a life-changing approach to Drug and Alcohol addiction treatment, based in the tranquil coastal town of Bournemouth. Your recovery journey is unique to you, and therefore our treatment programmes are designed around you.

By offering a completely managed drug and alcohol rehab service, including detox, aftercare, family support & Sober Transportation from Aylesbury to our rehab center, and options for extended rehab & recovery coaching services, we welcome the opportunity to assist you in starting your drug and alcohol free life.

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A number of our team members are in recovery and would like to offer you support during these difficult times. If you or your loved one in Aylesbury is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, call us immediately to begin the addiction recovery process.

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Sober Transportation from Aylesbury to The Providence Projects

If you or a loved one need addiction treatment, we can organise a safe and comfortable Sober Transport service to collect you from Aylesbury, providing a calm transition to our private treatment clinic to begin the addiction recovery process.

This can help in circumstances where you or your family member are concerned about getting to our addiction rehab facility, either because of distance, convenience or to ensure you remain committed to addiction rehab.

Sober Transportation from Aylesbury

Sober Transport

Arriving at our Rehab Clinic from Aylesbury

Your stay with us will start with a warm welcome from our therapy team who will be accountable for your treatment programme and family liaison throughout your stay. They will go over any treatment suggestions and ensure that you are comfortable with the suggested treatment plan.

This induction will also involve a full healthcare assessment with our in house GP to examine your general well being, make a note of any current medication you are taking, as well as any medications that may be needed should a medically-assisted detox be necessary.

In the event a medically-assisted drug or alcohol detox is necessary, your comfort and protection are our top concern, our team of medical professionals will be on hand to monitor you during the detox phase.

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Essex rehab for alcohol and drug addiction

Our Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab Programmes

Every step of the way, our counsellors will be with you to make sure you reach your objectives in recovery. Our treatment programme consists of individual therapy & group therapy, addiction workshops, 12 steps, fun activities, family support & aftercare provisions. Our individualised treatment plans are built around your specific needs and areas that need attention.

Alcohol Rehab Programme Drug Rehab Programme

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How long Should I attend Drug Rehab or Alcohol Rehab?

Recovery is a long term journey that needs a good foundation to maintain. Our recommended rehab programme is a minimum of 28 days, and will cost £5,995 including supervised detox and can be extended on request for as little as £995 a week.

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Cost of Rehab

Returning to Aylesbury from The Providence Projects Rehab Clinic

As soon as your drug or alcohol addiction treatment is finished, our specialist team will go through an aftercare and relapse prevention plan. It may include continued 1 to 1 therapy via skype, group therapy, family therapy or life coaching services offered via our Sober Management Service. Where the distance between Aylesbury and Providence Projects makes it challenging to attend aftercare provisions, your therapist will talk about the options that are available in Aylesbury, which includes private therapy and support groups in around Aylesbury.

Sober Coaching & Recovery Services in Aylesbury

Returning home to your life in Aylesbury while still processing the treatment you have completed, can seem daunting, and a sober coach can provide advice, stability, support and help you implement everything you learnt in rehab back into your everyday life. Our Sober Management service can provide a Sober Coach for however long you need, to help you focus on your recovery journey once home in Aylesbury.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Support for Families in Aylesbury

During your rehabilitation stay with us, we also provide friends and family workshops and activities to help keep your family and loved ones onboard with the treatment programme.

Our counsellors are also able to recommend and advise loved ones on where in Aylesbury they can sign up for support groups.

Help for families affected by addiction in Aylesbury

Family Therapy
Helping an addict

Get Help for Drug & Alcohol Addiction with the Providence Projects

Seeking assistance for yourself or a loved one is hard, you may find yourself in denial and feeling like there is no hope for recovery, especially if previous efforts to quit haven’t been successful. We have over 25 years of experience in treating individuals with addiction between the ages of 18 and 70 and their success stories prove that recovery is achievable at any age. What sets us apart is:

  • Highly trained professionals to handle all your health-related, mental and emotional needs
  • A treatment which is bespoke and personalized to the individual
  • Ability to treat co-existing mental health problems, polydrug use and multiple addictions
  • Excellent rate of good results
  • Rated ‘Good’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

We have a very long portfolio of success stories from people in Aylesbury that have implemented our rehab programmes and are still maintaining sobriety in their everyday lives.

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Free NHS Addiction Services in Aylesbury

The NHS in conjunction with local councils provide free services to those living in Aylesbury.

The local NHS service in Aylesbury is called:

One Recovery Bucks
Walton St, Aylesbury HP21 7QP, United Kingdom

Free Support Groups in Aylesbury

You can find a local support group in Aylesbury by following one of the below links.

Alcoholics Anonymous:

Narcotics Anonymous:

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