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The Providence Projects provides drug and alcohol rehab programmes from our residential rehab centre in the beautiful coastal town of Bournemouth and are designed around you as an individual, to offer you the best chance at addiction recovery.

Our services include: an initial addiction assessment, assisted medical detox if required, addiction therapy, secondary & extended treatment, aftercare provisions, family support and through our Sober Management Service, we offer Sober Transportation services to make sure treatment is available to clients in Gillingham. We also provide additional recovery services if required, such as sober coaching services in Gillingham.

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A number of our team members here are in recovery themselves, and they want to offer their support to you or a loved one battling with alcohol and drug addiction in Gillingham. Real change is possible, call us today if you need help with drug or alcohol addiction in Gillingham.

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Sober Transportation from Gillingham to The Providence Projects

Due to the mix of emotions that arise during the journey into rehab, we offer a Sober Transportation Service in which a person in recovery can collect you in Gillingham. Your journey to the Providence Projects can be spent talking through your concerns or fears with someone in recovery. They will provide guidance through their own personal experience, and bring you safely to our rehab centre to begin treatment.

You or a loved one may have second thoughts on the day about getting help for drug or alcohol addiction, but having someone there to pick you up from Gillingham and bring you to our rehab centre will ensure you are committed to your recovery.

Sober Transportation from Gillingham

Sober Transport

Arriving at our Rehab Clinic from Gillingham

Your arrival will start with a warm welcome by our Therapy Team who will walk you through induction. An individual treatment plan will be discussed with you and will consist of a variety of therapies, activities, and workshops, and a structured timetable will be provided to you that explains your daily rehab routine.

Part of your induction will include a detailed medical assessment with our inhouse GP who will conduct a general health check, make a note of any co-occurring disorders (such as anxiety), existing health concerns and any medications you are taking. Our GP will also determine if a medical detox is needed and what, if any, medications should be provided to help make the withdrawal process easier and more comfortable.

In the event a medically-aided drug or alcohol detox is necessary, your comfort and protection are our number one concern, our team of medical professionals will be on hand to monitor you during and after the detox programme.

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Essex rehab for alcohol and drug addiction

Our Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab Programmes

Our bespoke treatment plans are coordinated according to your needs and areas that require focus, our counsellors will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you are achieving your goals during therapy. Our rehab programme consists of individual & group therapy, addiction workshops, 12 steps, fun activities, family support & aftercare provisions.

Alcohol Rehab Programme Drug Rehab Programme

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How long Should I attend Drug Rehab or Alcohol Rehab?

Detox only programmes and short rehab stays are rarely sufficient to successfully recover from alcoholism or substance use disorders, we advise at the very least that you seek treatment for 28 days to benefit fully from your rehab programme. A 28-day rehab programme will cost £5995 and includes a medical detox, therapy, a private room, training seminars, family support and much more. If you would like stay for a longer period of time, there is a fixed weekly cost of £995.

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Cost of Rehab

Returning to Gillingham from The Providence Projects Rehab Clinic

Whilst in treatment, your needs are taken care of in a structured, stable environment, but the thought of returning home to Gillingham may feel daunting, this is extremely common. Our counsellors will prepare you for returning home to Gillingham, by providing recommendations for private therapists and support groups in Gillingham to continue your recovery. This includes access to our aftercare programmes, continued 1 to 1 counselling, skype counselling, group therapy, family therapy, and life coaching services provided via our Sober Management Service.

Sober Coaching & Recovery Services in Gillingham

At the Providence Projects, our Sober Management service can offer a Sober Coach to work with you in Gillingham as you continue with your recovery journey. A Sober Coach is typically in addiction recovery themselves, therefore experienced and able to help you in adjusting to a way of life that is free from drugs and alcohol.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Support for Families in Gillingham

We recognise the significance of a healthy family dynamic in the long term recovery result for you and provide family workshops and events to keep everyone on board with the programme, so those previous traumas can be dealt with and relationships can start to mend.

A strong, supporting family with healthy restrictions through the recognition of the roles each individual played in your addiction can be useful for long-term recovery and abstinence.

Help for families affected by addiction in Gillingham

Family Therapy
Helping an addict

Get Help for Drug & Alcohol Addiction with the Providence Projects

Seeking assistance for yourself or a loved one is hard, you may find yourself in denial and feeling like there is absolutely no hope for recovery, especially if prior attempts to stop haven’t been successful. We have over 25 years of experience in treating individuals with addiction between the ages of 18 and 70 and their success stories prove that recovery is possible at all ages. What sets us apart is:

  • Comprehensive tailored treatment programmes
  • Continued aftercare once treatment is complete
  • Highly trained team of professionals, counsellors and support staff many of whom are in recovery themselves
  • Rated ‘Good’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)
  • Sober management and support
  • Housing assistance

We have a long list of success stories from people in Gillingham who have followed our programmes and are still sober today.

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Free NHS Addiction Services in Gillingham

The NHS in conjunction with local councils provide free services to those living in Gillingham.

The local NHS service in Gillingham is called:

Medway Young Peoples Service
55 Green Street, Gillingham, Kent ME7 1AE

Free Support Groups in Gillingham

You can find a local support group in Gillingham by following one of the below links.

Alcoholics Anonymous:

Narcotics Anonymous:

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