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Here at Providence Projects, we believe that treatment for substance use disorders should be accessible to anyone that needs help, and distance to our facility whether 5 miles or 1000 miles should not be what holds you or a loved one back.

Since our doors opened 25 years ago in 1996, we are proud to have assisted many clients from Hampshire to break free from a cycle of drug addiction and alcohol addiction.

Our services provide all aspects of treatment for you or a loved one from an initial assessment, assisted detox, addiction treatment, secondary treatment, aftercare, housing and bespoke recovery enhancement programmes and should be accessible to anyone that needs help.

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Many of our team members here are in recovery themselves, and they are here to support you and your loved ones find freedom from addiction in Hampshire. Real change is possible, call us today if you or someone you love needs help in Hampshire.

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Sober Transportation from Hampshire to The Providence Projects

We offer a safe and comfortable transport service from Hampshire to our facility in Bournemouth, because we understand that the actual journey to Providence Projects can produce a lot of mixed feelings in our clients,

  • Relief that a decision has finally been made to seek treatment.
  • Anxiety about what to expect
  • Fear about leaving the life you know behind
  • Excitement about the new life that lies ahead

Sober Transportation is undertaken with a recovering person that can offer advice and support throughout the journey to help put our clients at ease.

Sober Transportation from Hampshire

Sober Transport

Upon Arrival at our Addiction Treatment Facility from Hampshire

When you arrive, you will be greeted by our counselling team who will explain the process clearly and efficiently. Once your induction has been completed, a therapist will discuss a treatment plan with you, so that all areas that you will be concentrating on during treatment can be discussed and agreed upon.

You will undergo a medical assessment with our in house GP to ensure your safety and comfort through the detox and rehabilitation phases of recovery.

The physical and mental health assessment is done to determine:

  • Your psychological and physiological dependence on drugs or alcohol
  • Any existing mental health issues you may have (this is known as a dual diagnosis)
  • Any existing health issues or illnesses that need monitoring
  • Discuss current medication being used
  • Whether detox is necessary

Your detox, if required, can commence and depending on the substance used as well as the severity of dependence on average is 7 days. All detox regimes offered are evidence-based and follow the guidelines set out by NICE and are medically assisted 24/7 to manage withdrawal symptoms, and monitored by our dedicated and highly qualified in house GP.

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Our Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab Programmes

Providence Projects have a range of intensive drug programmes and alcohol programmes that are designed to offer you or your loved one the best opportunity for recovery. All our clients are offered a holistic well-rounded rehabilitation programme that includes workshops, group therapy, exercise therapy and creative therapy.

Our therapy team will be responsible for your treatment plan, liaise with your family, and provide a safe 1-1 counselling space to explore issues contributing to your addiction, such as childhood trauma, grief, and self-esteem.

Counselling and talk therapy are used as an integral part of the overall rehabilitation programme here at Providence Projects, as they have proven to enable the best outcomes in drug and alcohol treatment:

One of the best parts of the treatment approach at Providence Projects is that your individualised treatment journey can be continued even after completing treatment.

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How long Should I attend Drug Rehab or Alcohol Rehab?

We always hope our clients stay for the full 28 days recommended to experience the benefit of a comprehensive treatment including detox, that treats the person, and not just the addiction, to help start a solid foundation in recovery.

The cost of our 28-day treatment is £5,995 and can be extended at any time, for a fixed weekly rate of £995.

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Cost of Rehab

Returning to Hampshire from The Providence Projects Rehab Clinic

Once your individualised treatment is complete, a therapist on our team will work with you to tailor an aftercare and relapse prevention plan that includes continued 1 to 1 counselling, skype counselling, group therapy, family therapy or life coaching services provided through our Sober Management.

Sober Coaching & Recovery Services in Hampshire

A Sober Coach or Recovery Coach can assist you in maintaining your abstinence after an intensive detox and rehab stay, preventing relapse through stress management, identifying triggers, developing social skills and helping you to incorporate a healthy lifestyle.

All our Sober Coaches are in long-term recovery themselves and have been fully trained and qualified as Substance Abuse Counsellors experienced in helping those in recovery to continue to overcome obstacles that were difficult in early recovery.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Support for Families in Hampshire

The support of family is vitally important as part of an addict’s overall recovery and we provide family workshops and events to keep everyone onboard with the programme , so that past traumas can be addressed and relationships can start to heal.

There are also free support groups for families and loved ones in Hampshire such as Al-Anon, Famanon or Narcanon.

Help for families affected by addiction in Hampshire

Family Therapy
Crack cocaine rehab

Get Help for Drug & Alcohol Addiction with the Providence Projects

If you or a loved one are concerned about your drug or alcohol use please reach out to us today, speak to a specialist. 

  • We offer a free telephone consultation to help make the process easier for you to receive all the assistance, advice and support required when deciding to enter private rehab.
  • A bespoke treatment programme including detox, therapy, workshops, and fun activities is included in the price.
  • Transparent and fixed costs for our drug and alcohol rehab programmes.

We have a very long list of success stories from people in Hampshire that have followed our programmes and are still maintaining sobriety in their everyday lives.

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Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab Services

Outpatient addiction treatment is an alternative to residential rehab. You or a loved one can attend rehab during the day while maintaining other commitments. Outpatient addiction treatment can be both private and NHS based. You can also attend weekly sessions with a private counsellor who specialises in addiction.

If you decide to pursue free drug or alcohol addiction treatment, your GP may refer you to one of the NHS drug and alcohol support services in Hampshire, such as the Inclusion Recovery.

We recommend that you also attend weekly meetings at your local AA or NA support group in Hampshire, you can find your nearest support group here:

Alcoholics Anonymous:

Narcotics Anonymous:

Support for family and loved ones is also available in Hampshire:

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