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Welcome to The Providence Projects, our team has been a key component in the long term recovery of many clients from Watford and around the UK by offering all aspects of addiction treatment for drugs & alcohol.

Our services include: an initial addiction assessment, assisted medical detox if required, addiction therapy, secondary & extended treatment, aftercare provisions, family support and through our Sober Management Service, we offer Sober Transportation services to ensure treatment is available to clients in Watford. We also provide additional recovery services if required, such as sober coaching services in Watford.

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Many of our team members are in recovery and wish to support you through the next steps of recovery in Watford. If you or your loved one is battling with drug or alcohol dependency in Watford, call us today and speak to an addiction specialist.

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Sober Transportation from Watford to The Providence Projects

Because of the combination of feelings that occur during the trip into rehab, we provide a Sober Transportation Service whereby a person in recovery can collect you in Watford. Your journey to the Providence Projects can be spent talking through your concerns or fears with someone in recovery. They will provide advice through their own personal experience, and bring you safely to our rehab centre to begin treatment.

You may have second thoughts on the day about getting help for drug or alcohol addiction, but having someone there to collect you from Watford and bring you to our rehab facility will ensure you are committed to your recovery.

Sober Transportation from Watford

Sober Transport

Arriving at our Rehab Clinic from Watford

Before treatment commences, our counselling team will guide you through an induction where you will meet your fellow residents, visit your private room, discuss the options available to you for treatment and structure a treatment programme around you as an individual.

Here you will meet with our in-house GP who will perform a medical assessment to evaluate your: psychological and physical addiction to drugs or alcohol, any present medications you are taking, and any possible medications required to facilitate a comfortable detox. Our GP will also assess any existing mental health issues such as ADHD.

Depending on our GP’s evaluation of your health, the first phase of your treatment may involve a carefully monitored drug or alcohol detox, this will be done under the compassionate watch of our exceptional support team who will be available to assist you with your withdrawal and keep you as relaxed as possible.

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Essex rehab for alcohol and drug addiction

Our Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab Programmes

In case you have tried to give up drinking or drug use in the past, you may have learned that sticking to a life of abstinence is tough once you are back home, our treatment programmes aim to prepare you and your loved ones for life AFTER rehab, to ensure long term recovery. Our rehab programme consists of individual & group therapy, addiction workshops, 12 steps, fun activities, family support & aftercare provisions.

Alcohol Rehab Programme Drug Rehab Programme

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How long Should I attend Drug Rehab or Alcohol Rehab?

To benefit from an extensive drug and alcohol rehab programme including a medically-assisted detox, we always recommend a minimum stay of 28 days. With an inclusive price of £5,995, your main stage of treatment is looked after from medical detox through to therapy. You may wish to remain longer by taking part in our secondary treatment programme, we welcome the chance to assist you in your recovery further, the cost each week will be £995 for each additional week. Many of our clients have benefited from our secondary rehab.

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Cost of Rehab

Returning to Watford from The Providence Projects Rehab Clinic

Our therapy team, will talk about any aftercare services available to you such as continued 1 to 1 counselling, skype counselling, group therapy, family therapy or life coaching services offered through our Sober Management and can also provide recommendations and specifics for you to see private practitioners and where to sign up for support groups in and around Watford

Sober Coaching & Recovery Services in Watford

You might need a more focused and one on one service to maintain sobriety, having a Sober Coach on hand upon return to Watford can help you with that. They will support you with reintegrating back into day-to-day life without drugs or alcohol. A Sober Coach allows you to maintain your recovery, cope with triggers and is a very helpful service for discussing your personal struggles.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Support for Families in Watford

We recognise the importance of a wholesome family dynamic in the long term recovery outcome for you and provide family workshops and activities to keep everybody on board with the programme, so those past traumas can be dealt with and relationships can start to mend.

A strong, supporting family with healthy boundaries through the recognition of the roles each individual played in your addiction helps in long-term recovery and abstinence.

Help for families affected by addiction in Watford

Family Therapy
Helping an addict

Get Help for Drug & Alcohol Addiction with the Providence Projects

The Providence Projects have provided many clients in Watford with the support, care and structure to begin rebuilding their lives, totally free of the grip of drugs or alcohol.

  • Comprehensive tailored treatment programmes
  • Continued aftercare once treatment is complete
  • Highly trained team of professionals, counsellors and support staff many of whom are in recovery themselves
  • Rated ‘Good’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)
  • Sober management and support
  • Housing assistance

We have a long list of testimonials from people in Watford who have followed our programmes and are still sober today.

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Free NHS Addiction Services in Watford

The NHS in conjunction with local councils provide free services to those living in Watford.

The local NHS service in Watford is called:

Cgl – Spectrum Watford
18 Station Road, Watford, Hertfordshire WD17 1JU

Free Support Groups in Watford

You can find a local support group in Watford by following one of the below links.

Alcoholics Anonymous:

Narcotics Anonymous:

Cocaine Anonymous:

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