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If you or a loved one are experiencing problems with drugs, The Providence Projects can help. Our UK leading drug rehab centre, based in Bournemouth, is widely regarded as the finest affordable private drug rehab programme in the UK. Our bespoke addiction treatment programmes are tailored to suit every individual as unique. They are designed, not only to help you stop, but also to develop the skills to stay clean. The Providence Projects offer a range of rehabilitation programmes, including full detoxification if required.

The Providence Projects offer drug rehabilitation programmes for the following:

  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Cannabis
  • Crack cocaine
  • Ketamine
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Amphetamines
  • Crystal Meth

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Assessment for drug rehabilitation

The Providence Projects arrange free and immediate assessments for our range of drug rehab programmes. Our rehabilitation assessments can be carried out either on the phone or face to face. It is a great opportunity to have a free consultation with one of our addiction specialists.

The rehabilitation assessment process will usually take between 40 and 50 minutes and will run through a range of topics including:

  • your current situation
  • current and previous drug use
  • previous detox or rehab attempts
  • family history
  • general physical health
  • mental health
  • most importantly, what your rehab goals are

During the assessment, you will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. You may have questions about addiction in general, how the programme works, whats involved in a detox, as well as practical questions regarding visits, the length of the programme and what treatment is like on a day to day basis.

At the end of the assessment, we are in a position to make recommendations to you and your loved ones. If for any reason we are not suitable for you, we will be able to recommend alternative options. However, in most instances we are suitable and are able to arrange immediate admission into the drug detox and rehab programme.

Drug rehab Bournemouth

What next?

Once the assessment is complete, you’re ready to go!

Admission into the drug rehab programme is simple. Our admissions team will run through with you everything you need to bring, the time you need to arrive and what you can expect when you arrive. On the day of admission, we generally suggest that you bring a holdall / suitcase with comfortable clothing, toiletries, some ID, and clothing suitable for exercise and swimming. We also ask that you bring with you any medication that you are currently being prescribed in clearly labelled packaging.

You are also welcome to bring books, a personal MP3 player and a mobile phone.

Khetsiwe Giles-Rowley

Khetsiwe Giles-Rowley reviewed Providence Projects - 5
6 April 2019  

Where do I start?? I truly believe that The Providence gave me my life back. I have been to treatment facilities before but some about Provy grabbed me this time. The staff were incredibly loving and tolerant with me and my peers throughout my whole treatment process. Today being 5 and half years clean and sober since my Provy days I can now call some friends. If you want somewhere to love you and guide you back to what your true essence is Providence Project is it. See more

Detox from drugs

On the day of admission, you will complete a full assessment and induction with one of our specialist addiction counsellors. They will help you settle in, explain how the programme works and run through any paperwork with you. The final stage of the assessment and induction process will involve a consultation with one of the Doctors from our partners at The Providence Surgery. You will run through your general health with particular focus on your drug use so that any potential detox regime can be agreed.

Each and every person is unique. So each person requires a different approach, depending on the nature of their drug use and potential withdrawal symptoms. Some do not require a detox at all and have no physical dependency, whereas others will require a comprehensive medical detox regime.

All detox regimes used at The Providence Projects are evidence-based approaches following NICE guidelines. For detox from heroin, the primary medication used is buprenorphine (subutex). Our aim is to ensure that you are safe and comfortable throughout your entire detox.

Drug rehab programme

The Providence Projects has successfully been delivering drug rehabilitation programmes since 1996 and is widely accepted as a leader in the field of addiction recovery. Our drug addiction programme has evolved and developed over the last 23 years. It is designed to encompass all necessary elements to successfully treat addiction.

There are many aspects to the successful treatment programme. In addition to addiction, there are also a range of interventions to work on:

  • Self esteem
  • Relationships
  • Stress Management
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Families
  • Confidence
  • Assertiveness
  • Health & Well being
  • Boundaries

The drug rehab timetable encompasses a range of one-one drug counselling, group therapy, written assignments, workshops, outdoor activities, family therapy, music therapy and much more. Our treatment is designed to ensure all clients are engaged and active in the rehab programme, and getting the maximum benefit out of their time with us.

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About our drug rehab centre

The Providence Projects was founded in 1996 by Steve Spiegel and Dr Peter Turnbull. Steve was in recovery from a 30 year drug addiction and Dr Turnbull was in recovery from alcoholism. Both men were skilled and incredibly passionate about helping those who were suffering from addiction. These two men were not just professionals. They had been there and knew they could help.

Steve had worked at The Priory and helped set up new drug rehab programmes at a variety of locations both in the UK and in the US and was keen to set something up that was more affordable. So much of the treatment that was available was simply unaffordable for many people. After meeting Dr Turnbull, they agreed on a model and The Providence Projects was born!

Since opening in 1996, The Providence Projects drug rehab centre has become one of the most respected drug rehab facilities in the UK, and the rest of the world. The quality of the programme, the skills and dedication of all the staff, the expertise of the doctors and the passion of the management combine to ensure the continued development and success of The Providence Projects.

If you would like to find out more about our drug rehab centre, our team are always here to take your call and answer any questions you have. Please let us know if you would like to arrange a visit to tour our facilities.

Drug rehabilitation benefits

  • Opportunity to detox safely and comfortably with professional support
  • Look better / sleep better / feel better
  • Real chance of long-term recovery and a bright future
  • Comprehensive rehab programme delivered by skilled addiction professionals
  • Rebuild damaged relationships
  • Learn how to live without drugs
  • Enjoy life again

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What is drug addiction?

The most commonly used definition of comes from the US National Institute for Health. This definition is generally agreed by most countries throughout the world.

‘A chronic, relapsing brain disease that is characterised by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences.’

If you take some time to process this definition, you will see that it makes perfect sense.

‘A long term relapsing condition’ – most addicts have stopped for a while but simply haven’t been able to stay clean.

‘Characterised by compulsive drug seeking and use’ – The preoccupation of getting and using drugs is the most important thing in the world to the person with the problem.

‘Despite harmful consequences’ – The difference between drug use and drug addiction is that a drug user, after harmful consequences will cut down or stop their drug use. The person suffering from drug addiction will not be able to do that for any period of time as their addiction is just too strong.

Addiction is a very powerful illness which comes in many forms! In some cases, it is clear. There are those that openly use drugs on a daily basis, develop a physical dependency and in these cases there is little room for denial. Very often, heroin addiction will present in this way. However, other drug addictions can be more subtle resulting in greater denial.

Cocaine addiction for example often develops over a period of time without the individual realising it. What starts off as a bit of fun on a Saturday night, becomes Friday and Saturday; then turns into Thursday, Friday and Saturday; then the individual is taking it at home; then finally taking it alone. This progression can often happen without the individual even being aware that the progression of addiction has taken place.

Cannabis addiction is something that we are seeing more and more often. As the strength of cannabis continues to grow, so do the related problems. So many start smoking cannabis convinced that it is relatively harmless; for some it is. For many others it becomes a daily habit with a strong reliance on cannabis to manage moods sleep and general well-being. It becomes an addiction.

Whether it be heroin, cocaine, cannabis or any other drug, the potential for addiction is there.

Signs & symptoms of drug addiction

Identifying a drug problem is not always straight forward for two main reasons:

Drug addiction denial

Firstly, the most common symptom of addiction is denial. This means that the person with the problem genuinely doesn’t think they have a problem. They are not just lying to families and friends; they believe it.

Denial is usually in the form of:

  • Justification – “If you had the problems I have, you’d have a drug problem too.”
  • False promises – “I will give up next week when I no longer have these stresses.”
  • Minimise – “I only use a few times a week.”
  • Blame – “If my partner didn’t keep treating me like this, I wouldn’t use.”
  • Comparing – “I use drugs but I don’t use as much as he does. Therefore, it’s not really a problem.”


Dishonesty is also at the root of addiction. If you are concerned your loved one has a problem with drugs, you may be met with lies and manipulation, preventing you from finding out the truth.

Each drug will have its own signs and symptoms but here are some common themes to look for:

  • Bloodshot eyes, dilated or enlarged pupils
  • Behaviour change
  • Mood swings
  • Changes in spending patterns
  • Preoccupation with drugs, or drug related activities
  • Interest in other activities dwindles
  • Change in appearance
  • Using more drugs for the same effect
  • Increased depression or anxiety

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Causes of drug addiction

The Providence Projects have treated over 4,000 people for drug addiction and each person is unique, having their own story and experience. Drug addiction is a complex issue and the journey into addiction is different for everyone.

Many people who end up in drug addiction started with cannabis in their teens. For some this progresses on to other drugs such as MDMA and cocaine; for others this progressed on to heroin; whilst for others they simply developed a dependence on cannabis which is certainly not the harmless drug it is often portrayed as.

There has been much research conducted recently on ‘ACE’s’. This stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences. There appears to be a link between adverse childhood experiences and addiction although many people present for treatment who did not have any adverse childhood experiences.

There are also clear links between depression, anxiety and addiction. There is often a complicated relationship between these and it is sometimes difficult to identify the cause. At The Providence Projects, the philosophy generally is that one can only explore potential mental health issues effectively after becoming drug-free.

There are also those that quite simply took drugs, enjoyed the effects and over a period of time became addicted. Although that may sound rather simplistic, it is the experience of many people.

Whatever the causes of your addiction, as part of the comprehensive treatment programme at The Providence Projects, our team of therapists will help you explore those causes and underlying issues so that you can achieve the most important goal; getting clean and learning how to stay clean.

For more information about addiction and how our residential drug rehab can help, call us today and speak to one of our trained addiction counsellors on 0800 955 0945. We’re here to help.

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