For many people this might be a difficult question to answer. There are many different types of drug and some are perceived as more dangerous than others. Almost all have the potential to be harmful and potentially addictive. We have prepared a list of questions that will help you decide if you have a problem that goes beyond just an unfortunate experience on the odd occasion.

Do you have problem with drugs? Find out

Using drugs, of any kind, can often start of as fun and for some people it never develops beyond that, but you are looking at this website so there is clearly some doubt in your mind as whether those early fun times have turned into something else. You may have tried to stop or, at least, cut down. You may have tried to substitute one, supposedly, less harmful drug for another or promised a family member or a friend you will do something about the problem. Usually all of these methods are promised with every intention of keeping those promises, but time after time you will have discovered it’s not that easy.

How to quit drugs

Look at the questions and answer them as best you can. Our trained specialist advisors will be able to get an indication of the extent of any problem and can then help you to discover the best way of dealing with the problem. Whether the drug use has led to health problems, financial difficulties or a strain on relationships with family and friends, an early intervention can prevent a problem becoming much worse. Answering these questions will enable you and us to discover the extent of any problem that you may have as a result of drug use.

Are you concerned about someone else?

Sometimes you need to take the first step and not wait for the person with the problem to do it. You can answer the questions as best you can on their behalf. Do not worry if you cannot do this fully or entirely accurately as it will still enable us to advise you what should and could be done to help. We do not even need to know the person’s name and any communication between us is, of course, strictly confidential.

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Do you ever use alone?


Are drugs causing problems in your family?


Do you use drugs to escape your problems?


Do you feel remorseful after using drugs?


Have you made promises to yourself or someone else about stopping?


Have drugs affected your health?


Have you ever tried to stop using drugs?


Does your drug use interfere with you sleeping and eating?


Are you having money troubles because 
of drugs?


Have drugs cost you more than just money?


Have other people commented on your drug usage?

You answered NO to all of these questions.
You do not need professional help.

You answered YES to 1 or more of these 
questions, you may be developing a problem 
with drugs.

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You answered YES to 3 or more of the questions, this definitely suggests that your drug misuse is causing problems both in your life and the lives of 
those around you.

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