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The Providence Projects provide a range of detox and rehabilitation programmes for all drugs. Whether you, or a loved one, have a problem with cocaine, heroin, cannabis, prescription drugs, crack or ketamine, there are programmes here to help.

Assessment & induction

Depending on the nature of your drug use, you may or may not require a detox. Regardless of this, all clients, on arrival, as art of the drug rehab programme, will be seen by a doctor for assessment before you are formally admitted to the programme.

During your initial consultation with the doctor, you will be asked about your drug use, the frequency of your drug use and the quantities that you are using to ensure that, if required, an appropriate detox regime is agreed. Once this has been agreed, it is time to embark on our superb drug treatment programme and take the first steps into recovery from addiction.

The drug rehab programmes available at The Providence Projects are widely recognised as the leading affordable private rehab programmes in the UK. There are a range of programmes available to suit each person depending on their drug use, situation and budget.

On that first day of the drug rehab programme, you will spend some time with one of the highly trained addiction counsellors going through your induction. As part of this process, you will be given a tour of the facilities, your bags will be taken to your room and the programme details will be explained.

You will be given your own timetable and treatment contract which outlines what will be happening and the expectations. You will also be given a folder of useful information to read through later in the day.

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Primary treatment

Your individual drug treatment programme starts on the day of arrival. You will be introduced to the wonderful team of addiction counsellors and range of support workers and therapists. You will be assigned your own personal therapist who will work closely with you during your time. They will be your 1-1 counsellor and agree a treatment plan with you.You will regularly review this plan with your focal therapist to ensure that you are on track.

The primary treatment programme which we have been delivering, here at Providence, since 1996 is a holistic programme designed to treat addiction and the related issues.

It will depend on your individual circumstances, but generally primary treatment will range from 4-6 weeks. During the primary treatment, there is a comprehensive timetable of activities carefully designed to ensure that all clients detox comfortably, understand their addiction, build a solid foundation for recovery and work on a range of issues connected with addiction.

It is important that during this programme, clients are able to get a clear understanding of addiction and develop the skills required to maintain recovery. To do this, a range of approaches and techniques are used by the skilled and experienced multi-disciplinary team.

As part of your primary treatment the therapies provided are:

  • One-one counselling
  • Workshops
  • Assignments
  • Group therapy
  • Exercise classes
  • Self Esteem work
  • Complementary therapies
  • Fun activities
  • Lectures
  • Family therapy
  • 12 step meetings
  • Spiritual walks
  • Meditation

These interventions are designed and delivered in a way that we are not just treating the addiction. It is designed in a way to address the other issues which are so often intertwined with drug addiction.

As well as addiction, most clients require help with self-esteem, stress management, shame and guilt, anger management, adverse childhood experiences, relationships, grief and loss, and families. You may find that some of these apply; some may even find that they need help with all of these. Our therapy team are here to help address and resolve these issues.

Therapy rooms at Providence Projects rehab

Secondary treatment

Depending on your requirements, you may look to move on to our secondary treatment programme. For some, this may not be an option due to other commitments but for others this is an essential part of strengthening the foundation made in the primary treatment stage.

During this second stage of the drug rehab programme, clients continue to engage in the therapy programme and explore the issues identified during primary treatment in greater depth.

As well as resolving these issues, which many clients may have experienced for many, many years, there will also be an on-going focus on relapse prevention. The rolling relapse prevention programme explores triggers to relapse, coping mechanisms, high risk situations, thinking errors, drink and drug refusal and much more.

There is also a focus on reintegration and most clients will look to visit home during the secondary treatment phase. Secondary treatment is designed to soften the reintegration phase and ensure the smooth transition between drug rehab and real life.

Clients will also continue to work through the 12 step programme and this extra time in treatment allows clients to work their way through the majority of the 12 steps depending on their length of stay. This further strengthens their foundations and prepares them for life after private rehab.

Bradley Hill

Bradley Hill recommends Providence Projects
5 December 2018  

The Providence project was an amazing place and was a turning point in my life. I was a client for six months in 2011, successfully completing the primary and secondary stage. I had nearly no understanding of my illness or how to cope with life in life’s terms until I went there and with the support of all the staff, began to manage my feelings and emotions and gain coping mechanisms to live life clean and sober. Everything about the Provy is designed to give you the best therapeutic care possible, and at the core of this is all the staff, some of the most amazing peo... See more

Our Team

Although there are a range of technical aspects to high quality drug treatment delivery, the key to successful outcomes is undoubtedly the quality of the staff.

The Providence Projects drug rehab team have an incredible team with unparalleled skill, experience, knowledge and passion. The current staff team have over 200 years’ combined experience just at The Providence Projects.

All clients that come here for a drug rehab programme complete a full service evaluation on completion to help us to continually improve our service. Without exception, every service evaluation comments on the quality and kindness of the staff. Working at The Providence Projects is not just a job to our staff; it is a vocation and we are sure that if you come here for a rehab programme or to have a look around our facilities, you will experience this.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we are family. All clients that come here for rehab become part of that and are part of our family forever. Ex-clients stay in touch with the team and their therapist for many years and as a team we are here for as long as you need us.

How to choose a drug rehab programme

There are a range of drug programmes to choose from across the UK and it may feel like a daunting choice. Some are incredibly expensive, and it is very rare that these centres would be necessary in most cases.

The recommended checklist when choosing a rehab:

  • Affordable
  • Not too close to home
  • Experienced (at least 20 years)
  • Good reviews
  • Success rates

Location may also be important to some people when choosing a residential rehab. The Providence Projects is located just a few hundred yards from the fantastic Bournemouth beachfront and is the perfect place to start your recovery journey.

Relapse prevention

An important part of the drug rehab programme at The Providence Projects concentrates on relapse prevention. This is covered in a range of the interventions used here at The Providence Projects. There are also dedicated Relapse Prevention modules delivered as part of the rolling timetable.

In these sessions, some of the topics covered include:

  • Relapse triggers
  • High-risk situations
  • Seemingly irrelevant decisions
  • Craving management
  • Lifestyle balance
  • Warning signs
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Drink and drug refusal
  • Thinking errors
  • Denial & justification

As part of our relapse prevention programme, clients will explore their own patterns, thinking, and behaviour in order to develop their own relapse prevention strategies.

28 Day Detox & Rehab Programme - £5,500

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There are a range of aftercare programmes delivered here at The Providence Projects. As clients come towards the end of their programme, they will agree an individualised plan with their focal therapist.

The aftercare plan will very much depend on the plans and lifestyle of the individual. Here are some factors that are considered in the aftercare plan:

  • Nature of drug addiction
  • Drugs used
  • Safety of accommodation
  • Relationship status
  • Family set up
  • Work / Business
  • Client preferences
  • Progress made in treatment
  • Location

All of these factors are taken into account before suggesting the appropriate course of aftercare. The Providence Projects offer a great range of drug rehab aftercare options ranging from 1 hour to 25 hours per week. We also have great relationships with a range of private therapists and statutory drug agencies across the UK.

If you would like to find our more about our aftercare options, please call us today on 0800 955 0945 and speak to one of our team.

Immediate admissions available

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Drug rehab programme summary

  • 2 – 12 week programmes available
  • Full detox from all drugs
  • Free assessment
  • Immediate admissions available
  • Track record of proven success
  • Leading drug rehab therapy team
  • Outstanding medical team and support from The Providence Surgery
  • Comprehensive programmes to address the underlying issues
  • Great location

Whether you are the person with the problem, or you are concerned about a loved one, please call today and speak confidentially to one of our addiction specialist counsellors.


Providence Projects Programme Timetable

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