Over the last decade we have seen an enormous increase in the number of people coming to us for help with gambling problems. These are people from all walks of life and many different backgrounds. Men and women of all ages are suffering from the effects of all types of gambling over which they are losing control.

We have put together a list of questions. Answering them will enable our trained specialist advisors to help you decide if you have a problem, how bad that problem is and how we can help you deal with it. Has that harmless occasional flutter that you used to have turned into an everyday event? Has the novelty of gambling online, casino games, bingo or poker for instance now becoming a habit that is taking up more and more of your life. Have those gaming machines, particularly in betting shops, become a bottomless pit into which you are pouring your money?

Do you have a gambling problem? Find out

How to stop gambling

You are concerned enough to be looking at this page and our questions will help you and us to deal with that concern. We know that even the most determined people find it difficult to just stop gambling without some kind of help. How many times have you walked away from the wreckage of a gambling session feeling sick and promising yourself that it would never happen again, but it did. It is sometimes hard for us to admit our weaknesses and these questions will help not only to identify them, but also begin the process of addressing them.

If someone you know has a gambling problem

The questions are designed in such a way that you can answer them on behalf of someone else as best as you can. Much gambling is done in ways or places that others would be unaware of. There are often very little physical signs of the problem, but changes in habits or in attitudes towards friends and family can often be a sign. Our advisors have extensive experience and can build up a picture of the problem with just a little information. We do not need to know the name of the person you are enquiring about and all communication between us is strictly confidential.

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Are you finding it difficult to manage your gambling?


Are you constantly thinking about gambling or planning your next session?


Has gambling replaced other interests in your life?


Is gambling causing you financial problems?


Are you borrowing money to fund gambling losses?


Are bills going unpaid?


Does your gambling cause arguments with friends and family?


Do you make promises to stop gambling which you don’t keep?


Do you lie to cover up the extent of your gambling?


Do you chase your losses?


Is gambling affecting your family or work responsibilities?


Is your health suffering, are you depressed or experiencing anxiety, irritability or sleeping problems?

You answered NO to all of these questions.
You do not need professional help.

You answered YES to 1 or more of these 
questions, you may be developing a problem 
with gambling.

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You answered YES to 3 or more of the questions, this definitely suggests that your gambling is causing problems both in your life and the lives of 
those around you.

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