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The Providence Projects first opened its doors in 1996 and has had great success in treating thousands of people ever since. With locations in London and Bournemouth, our ethos is to provide each client with the most affordable and best quality care. We take a bespoke and highly individualised approach to London alcohol rehab and drug rehab treatment, because we understand that every person is different and will have different needs. That’s why we offer all of our clients a tailored treatment plan to suit their individual requirements.

Our UK and London alcohol and drug rehab programmes use a combination of leading, evidence-based therapies, and are designed to treat the root causes of addiction and therefore minimize the risk of relapse in future. The treatment journey is intensive but rewarding, and we are with you every step of the way. From initial drug and alcohol detox, to our comprehensive rehabilitation programme, aftercare, and helping with reintegration into the community, our dedicated team of addiction professionals are here to help you in every way we can.

Our full range of addiction services available in London and Bournemouth are listed below.

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London rehab and addiction services

Addiction Services

  • Alcohol Detox
  • Drug Detox
  • Alcohol Rehab & Drug Rehab Treatment
  • Therapies & Counselling
  • Aftercare Provisions

Alcohol Detox

The Providence Projects offers a full medical detox from alcohol for those suffering from alcohol dependence in London. Alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs from which to detox, and stopping drinking suddenly can produce extremely unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

Detoxification is the first step in the recovery journey, and your safety and comfort are always our first priority. Upon arrival our clients are taken immediately to our local GP’s surgery, where they are assessed, and where appropriate, prescribed a medically managed alcohol detox.

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Drug Detox

We offer a range of drug detoxes for London clients at the Providence Projects, all of which are overseen by our expert medical and therapeutic clinical teams.

Clients are provided with a peaceful and comfortable setting in which to safely come off all physically dependent substances. We offer drug detoxes for heroin and other opiates, prescription medication, and benzodiazepines.

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Alcohol Rehab & Drug Rehab Treatment

Our residential alcohol rehab and drug rehab programmes have been running since 1996, and have treated those suffering from addiction in London with great success. Our private rehab clinic offers a wide variety of treatments, such as group therapy, individual counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, and alternative therapies such as reiki or acupuncture.

Our range of therapies are highly personalised, and have been proven to challenge the way people think and behave, give them better perspective on negative thought processes, and help them identify triggers that could lead to potential relapse in future.

Each client who comes to us is different, which is why we work intensively with each individual to find the best solution for them. We want our clients to have the best possible chance of a lasting and successful recovery, and our therapies help us to achieve this goal.

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Therapies & Counselling

We currently offer a network of therapists all across London, as well as at our private drug and alcohol rehab clinic in Bournemouth. Our expert team of experienced, qualified and professionally accredited therapists have a variety of clinical strengths and training. They offer a range of talking therapies to help clients address the underlying psychological factors that motivated their addiction.

From CBT, person-centred and psychodynamic therapy, to individual counselling and group therapy, our therapists are on hand to help our clients develop the tools they need to get sober and stay sober, and to stand the best chance of living a happy life, drug and alcohol free.

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Aftercare Provisions

Aftercare provisions are an essential part of our treatment programme. Having a solid plan in place for when you complete treatment can significantly improve the chances of beating your addiction and maintaining your recovery long-term.

Leaving rehab and the safety, structure and routine that you are used to can be daunting, and it is a time to be more vigilant than ever with your programme of recovery. Our therapists in London and Bournemouth provide comprehensive aftercare plans, individual counselling sessions and groups, to ensure clients stay on track as they reintegrate in the community.

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Advantages of our London Alcohol Rehab and London Drug Rehab Treatment Clinic

  • Full medical alcohol & drug detox
  • Inpatient & outpatient rehab
  • Same day, immediate admissions
  • CQC Regulated
  • London & Bournemouth locations
  • Bespoke rehab programmes
  • One to One counselling
  • Group therapy
  • Holistic therapies
  • Relapse prevention programme
  • Full aftercare provisions
  • Short & long-term programmes

London Rehab Support

London rehab services

Addiction is a family illness, and can be more damaging for family members than for the addict or alcoholic themselves. Watching someone you love fall into the depths of active addiction is not easy for anyone, which is why we place such importance on supporting the entire family, as well as the client in our care. It is not just the addict who needs to recover, all members of the family unit do too.

Our counsellors offer support and guidance via telephone, email and face-to-face meetings, with family therapy sessions and Family Days playing an important part in our London rehab programme. There is much evidence to suggest that the greater the involvement of the family, the higher the chance of the person in treatment achieving a successful and lasting recovery.

Programme Overview


Here at the Providence Projects, our London alcohol, drug and gambling rehab programmes have been designed to ensure that all our clients have the opportunity to achieve lasting recovery. Whether you’re accessing our therapies in London, or at our private rehab clinic in Bournemouth, we offer tailored and bespoke solutions for every individual, as we know that with the right help, recovery is possible for everyone and anyone.

Our London rehab programme is comprehensive and structured, using the latest evidence-based therapies and techniques to help each individual explore the issues underlying their addiction, and begin to heal and move forward. The timetable is intensive, and follows a full timetable from 9am to 9pm. From person-centred therapy, individual counselling and group therapy, to workshops on anger management, relationships and low self-esteem, clients are encouraged to peel back the layers of their past, take personal responsibility for their lives, and make the necessary changes to recover.

Find out more about our rehab programme by clicking below, or speak to one of our friendly team of addiction counsellors today on 0800 955 0945.

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What happens after rehab?

After you or your loved one from London has successfully completed a drug rehab or alcohol rehab programme, and have started on your recovery programme, some wonder what happens afterwards – this is a natural thought when considering getting back to the hustle and bustle of London life.

It’s called ‘aftercare’ – and we offer a range of bespoke aftercare options; the therapist that works with you during your rehab programme will put together a plan that suits you. Whether that’s 1 to 1 counselling, group sessions, health and fitness, yoga, Skype sessions or attendance at Providence groups – there is an aftercare plan to suit everyone.

To find out more about cocaine rehab, or our other drug rehab and alcohol rehab programmes, call The Providence Projects today on 0800 955 0945.


Cost of rehab for 4 weeks including detox£5,995
Weekly cost after first 4 weeks£995

At the Providence Projects, our aim is to provide high-quality care at affordable prices. We want to ensure that addiction treatment is available to everyone and our prices are designed to reflect this. Whilst there are many luxury London rehab clinics out there, our private rehab centre in Bournemouth is designed to cater for the needs and the budget of a wider spectrum of society.

Generally speaking, the cost of rehab depends on what type of rehab clinic you choose, the duration of treatment and the facilities on offer. If you’re only entering a rehab for a 2-week detox then the price will, of course, work out much less than a four or six-week stay on an inpatient basis, or a full aftercare programme.

The cost of fully residential rehabs in the UK vary anywhere from £1,000 per week to £10,000 per week for luxury London rehabs. Remember that price doesn’t always represent value or quality of care. What is important is that you choose the rehab that is right for you, that is fully CQC registered, has an established reputation, and is run by experienced and qualified addiction counsellors and medical professionals.

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Why treatment outside London?

Our private rehab clinic in Bournemouth is just under 2 hours journey away from London, meaning that you can enjoy all the benefits of a leading rehabilitation centre but at a much more affordable cost to a rehab in the UK capital. Many people choose to attend rehab outside of the major UK cities, and away from home. Recovering from addiction is not easy, and environment can make all the difference. It’s often best to enter a rehab clinic away from the home environment, with it’s associated triggers, so that you can focus on yourself and your recovery.

Our location on the South Coast of England, just moments away from miles of sandy beaches, fresh sea air and open green spaces, is the ideal setting in which to start your recovery journey. We’re a short drive from the New Forest too, a popular destination amongst our clients for our weekly fun activity. Bournemouth has great transport links with the rest of the UK, there is easy access to all main cities including London in just a couple of hours, thanks to the local train station, and Bournemouth airport nearby.

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London drug rehab & drug addiction info

Street drugs, which can be cheap and easily accessible, have historically been linked with those with worse education, lower incomes, and bad family situations. But in 2018, a study carried out by academics and drug campaigners showed that the middle-class consume more alcohol and illegal drugs than those living below the poverty line.

The Social Metrics Commission, an independent commission formed to develop a new approach to poverty measurement, comparing those living in London who were living above and below the poverty line. It showed that 49% had taken illegal drugs, compared to 22% of those below the poverty line.

At the Providence Projects London drug rehab, we have experienced a surge in cocaine users in London among the middle class, and have found that the age range for this popular ‘social drug’ has been falling recently. The epidemic of cocaine addiction amongst Londoners is worrying. We have recently treated those individuals from Chelsea, Hammersmith, Camden and Brixton who are all from very different backgrounds, yet have the same signs of addiction and sought help from our cocaine rehab programmes.

The drug statistics in London reveal that cocaine use among young British adults has more than doubled the European average in the last decade. London has a high rate of drug problems, and cocaine has, in recent years, become an even bigger problem. The levels of cocaine purity and availability have increased, and the drug has become increasingly more socially acceptable.

Cocaine is one of the most highly addictive substances, and, because of the nature of the addiction, the user often is convinced that they are completely in control and could stop whenever they wanted to – but cocaine is a dangerous drug, and these addictions can spiral out of control quickly. Learn more cocaine and drug facts, or seek help from our drug rehab centre.

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London alcohol rehab & alcohol addiction info

According to a 2018 report, London alcohol rehab admissions have tripled in the last decade, and annually, the London Ambulance Service spends over £16m treating alcohol-related incidents – a huge 7% of all responses.

London has a drinking culture; from all-day benders and after-work drinks every night to music festivals and boozy business meetings – London is fuelled by alcohol. Because it is legal and socially acceptable – along with most relying on public transport so there is no drink-driving danger, it is easy for moderate drinking to turn into alcohol addiction.

At our alcohol rehab centre, The Providence Projects, we have experienced many alcohol-dependent individuals from all corners of London; from Clapham in the south and Highgate in the north to Stratford in the east and Richmond in the west – we have seen all levels of alcoholism that require London alcohol rehab. All come to us with the same goal; to become clean and sober.

We treat those with alcohol dependencies as serious as those with cocaine addictions; alcohol is a serious drug in itself – and if you drink too much for a long time or drink in serious binges, there is a high chance of long-term health complications as a result. Alcohol rehabilitation is for long-term; for life.

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