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Manchester is a large city and metropolitan borough in Greater Manchester. With a population of over 500,000, it is the second most built up area in Great Britain, with a density of 11,439 per square mile – making it one of the fastest growing cities in the UK.

Manchester is the third largest city in England after London and Birmingham, and because of this, the disparity in wealth and poverty is considerable.

The Providence Projects has experienced drug and alcohol misuse in all areas of Manchester and Greater Manchester, whatever the background of the individual may be. Alcohol addiction and substance abuse can affect anyone, and here at The Providence Projects we treat each and every addict looking for Manchester alcohol rehab or drug rehab support with the same care and attention that they deserve.

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Drug rehab in Manchester

In 2018, a report stated that more people than ever before are struggling because they are addicted to drugs in Manchester. The number of addicts being referred to free detox treatment, including heroin detox, via their GP had severely declined. Official figures from the city’s local authorities showed that the deaths from misuse of legal and illegal substances had doubled in the past decade – and is growing at twice the national average.

At our drug rehab, The Providence Projects, we have seen a rise in substance use in Manchester – and a great need for private rehab for those addicted to legal and illegal substances, that desperately need our help.

We have recently experience individuals from Rochdale, Salford and Oldham who have required our help because of illegal drugs such as cocaine and heroin. There are also a large number of people who are addicted to prescription medication – and all require the same help to detox and remain clean from substance abuse.

Recently there have been reports in the media of one particular drug creating problems in Greater Manchester; a synthetic cannabinoid named ‘spice’.

Spice used to be a ‘legal high’; it was sold in shops before it was made illegal in 2016. This new law stopped people visiting Manchester just for recreational drug use, but it also led to excessive street supply in the city. This has attracted all typed of addicts looking for an illegal high, and those who are prone to using substances as a coping mechanism.

We have experienced all types of substance abuse from Manchester residents and have addiction rehab programmes that are tailored to suit all individuals. They are designed not only to help the addict to stop, but to develop the skills to stay clean. The Providence Projects offer a range of Manchester rehabilitation for all, whatever the individual’s background or situation.

Our leading drug rehabilitation centre, based in Bournemouth, is widely regarded as the finest affordable private drug rehab programme in the UK. We have experienced all addicts from all walks of life, and have the skills to deal with all substance misuse. If you or a loved one is experiencing an addiction problem and would like to quit drugs, The Providence Projects can help.

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Alcohol rehab in Manchester

Recent studies have shown that Manchester has one of the highest rates of alcohol addiction in the UK. There was a 150 per cent increase in hospital admissions due to alcohol in Manchester between 2008 and 2018. Greater Manchester police stated that alcohol abuse causes more problems in the county than all the illegal drugs combined.

At our alcohol rehab, The Providence Projects, we have experienced people from Manchester that suffer from alcohol misuse. Many consider alcoholics, and those who drink alcohol in excess to constantly need a drink at any timed of the day. This is not true at all, and binge drinking can also lead to severe health problems.

The problem with binge drinking is that some now consider it part of ‘normal culture’, especially in low-income areas. Although there has been a significant drop in the numbers of people suffering from health problems due to binge drinking, there is still a concerning number of people from Manchester boroughs engaging in this social-drinking behaviour. Our alcohol rehab clinic has treated individuals from Manchester who have taken part in binge drinking for a long time and have found it difficult to get out of the drinking cycle.

We take each and everyone’s alcohol misuse problem very seriously, whether binge drinking or constant excessive alcohol consumption is the issue. Our main objective at our alcohol rehab is the same with all – to change people’s attitude towards drinking, and to help them to recover safely.

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Manchester rehab, detox and addiction treatment at The Providence Projects

There is a range of Manchester rehab treatment programmes available at The Providence Projects that are tailored to suit all individual needs and requirements. Whether you or someone that is close to you is suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, we offer short stay or long-term programmes.

Each individual at The Providence Projects is allocated with a specialist addiction therapist when they arrive. The therapist will then work closely with you or your loved one to succeed and to help you to achieve your goals during your stay.

Our success rate at The Providence Projects is due to our team of addiction therapists and addiction counsellors, who are highly skilled and experienced practitioners who understand alcoholism and drug addiction, and exactly what is required for long-term recovery and staying clean and sober.

We have treated individuals from Manchester and all over the UK whose addictions have reached a point that they feel they need extra help and guidance. We are extremely fortunate to have some of the leading therapists who are incredibly passionate about helping addicts to recover.

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Phillip Tyler

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10 April 2019  

I came into Providence on death’s door, having suffered with drug addiction and alcoholism for 35 years. I was full of fear, paranoia, had no self-confidence and was completely unemployable. Whilst I found it hard at the beginning, over time my head began to clear and the staff helped me to learn things about myself I had never known, and to get honest about a lot ... See more

How is the Providence Projects different from other Manchester rehabilitation centres?

We are not just a private rehab facility, but also a family. Many have visited us for only a day and have experienced that the reason we are so successful is because we care. We are constantly improving our treatment methods and strive to continue to transform lives, putting families and loved ones back together, not letting long-term addiction to rule their lives.

We can arrange sober transportation to our treatment centre from all areas of Manchester, including Stockport, Ashton-under-Lyne and Oldham.

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Manchester alcohol rehab and drug rehab at Providence Projects

Help for addiction in Manchester

Those suffering from addiction in Manchester may have already tried to seek help from their friends and family for their drug or alcohol problem  – and others may have approached their GP to ask for a further referral.

If you feel that you need some urgent help and advice, there are other organisations that can help. Alcoholics Anonymous have a vast list of free meetings for those in Manchester, East Cheshire and East Lancashire who are suffering from alcohol misuse.

Visit to find out more.

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