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Matt Smith on Gambling Recovery

Providence Celebrity Alumni Matt Smith talks with Dodge Woodall about Gambling Addiction, Lies and Manipulation

Matt Smith talks about how a crippling gambling addiction took over his seemingly perfect life of riches and career success. Thankfully, he found help and is now on a better path.

Join Dodge Woodall as he speaks to characters from all fields of life and chats about business, entrepreneurship, writing, fitness, health, music, concerts, cars and road trips and more!

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Matt Willis on Feeling Happy and Successful in Recovery

Celebrity Providence Alumni Matt Willis Shares His Story to the Flourish Podcast

Recorded on 14th March 2022, the episode unravels the positives that follow Matt Willis as he reaps the benefits of sobriety.

Flourish is a podcast that lets inspirational voices talk about life, empowerment and mental health.

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