Private Residential Addiction Treatment

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Private Addiction Treatment at the Providence Projects

Private rehab is a form of addiction treatment that offers greater privacy and individualised care compared to free outpatient services, such as those offered by the NHS.

In the UK, private rehab treatment typically refers to residential treatment whereby individuals complete a rehabilitation programme within a rehab centre such as ours. Our residential programme is ideal for those who are struggling with addiction and need time away from the home environment to focus on their recovery journey.

Private treatment at the Providence Projects is self-funded by the individual or their loved ones. We treat the individual holistically while also trusting the experience and knowledge of our psychotherapists and therapeutic specialists who are highly skilled at treating drug addiction, alcohol addiction and gambling addiction.

In conjunction with our residential programme, which consists of a supervised medical detox programme (if required) and therapy designed to tackle the root causes of addiction, we also provide a family support programme to help loved ones, and an aftercare programme to help individuals remain sober post-treatment. Our programmes are included in our costs and provide a complete, holistic treatment plan for the individual and their loved ones.

Benefits of Private Rehab

Whilst free addiction services, such as most of the NHS options, and day programmes certainly have their benefits, most people who suffer from an addiction reach a point where they require a level of support and care that only a private rehab clinic can provide.

Private rehabilitation at The Providence Projects gives you access to privacy and levels of supervision that you can’t access via the NHS. You will be supported by our team of trained addiction counsellors, who will help you to explore the reasons for your addictive behaviours in the first place and help you develop the tools and coping skills necessary to avoid relapse in the future.

Most importantly, those who attend private addiction treatment at the Providence Projects will not have access to substances or alcohol during their stay. The home environment for many individuals can be a huge trigger for substance abuse or bad drinking habits, and therefore attending private rehab in a safe and nurturing environment gives individuals the head start they need to recover.

  • Access to our modern facilities
  • Confidentiality and safety
  • Quick admissions process
  • Residential detox with medical assistance
  • Ongoing support during your stay
  • A bespoke treatment plan
  • Structure and routine
  • Daily therapy & activities
  • Physical and mental health assessment
  • Aftercare & Family Support

Begin Your Recovery Today

The Providence Projects has been offering private addiction treatment for over 25 years. We can help you or a loved begin the recovery process today.

Is Private Treatment Necessary?

While it’s possible to recover from addiction without private treatment, those with long-term addictions or severe drug or alcohol dependencies will benefit from additional levels of care, support and therapy in a structured environment, away from any triggers or stressors associated with the home environment.

Private addiction treatment should be considered if you or a loved one are:

  • Engaging in dangerous activities as a result of addictive behaviours
  • Preoccupied with substances or behaviours at the expense of family or work life
  • Experiencing personality changes, or mental health concerns as a result of addictive behaviours
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when trying to stop using drugs or alcohol
  • Spending large amounts of money on substances or gambling behaviours
  • Being dishonest about substance use or gambling habits

At the Providence Projects, the cost of rehab is £6,995 for the first four weeks, and then there is a weekly price of £1,200 after the first four weeks if you wish to stay longer to complete a secondary treatment programme.

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