Residential Rehab

Our residential rehab involves a stay with us for a minimum of 28 days to begin your recovery journey, providing a solid foundation for your recovery, with the option to extend treatment and complete secondary care with us.

Alcohol Rehab Programmes & Drug Rehabilitation

Experience our structured alcohol rehab programmes and drug rehabilitation that is adapted to address underlying addiction issues. Our programmes have been successfully running for nearly 30 years at The Providence Projects and include expert detoxification and evidence-based therapies, such as one-on-one counselling, group therapy, motivational interviewing, CBT, family therapy and more.

Personalised Treatment Approach

Treatment is designed to address the underlying issues of addiction and to help you or a loved one develop strategies and tools to remain sober. You will be assigned a personal therapist throughout your stay, who will be responsible for overseeing and coordinating the treatment plan, and ensuring your needs are met.

Assessment and Admissions

Upon admission, you’ll undergo a personalised assessment to create a treatment plan. We will get to know you and your history with substances. We will then arrange admission for you into the programme.



We understand this is the most daunting part of the rehabilitation process, and we want to reassure you that our partners at Providence Projects have decades of experience in helping individuals withdraw from all types of substances.

If needed, our experienced partners at Providence Projects manage detoxification with 24/7 medical support.

Detox Treatment

Primary Treatment

Once detox is complete, primary treatment begins immediately, designed to address the psychological aspects of addiction.

If a medically-managed detox is not required, primary treatment begins on day 1 at The Provy, you will complete several workshops, therapies and fun activities that help to address the psychological nature of addiction. For those who wish to stay longer, we provide secondary treatment at a fixed weekly cost.

Primary Treatment

Secondary Treatment

The secondary programme at The Providence Projects complements the initial 28 day rehab by delving deeper into underlying issues that can contribute to addiction or alcoholism. This optional phase allows clients to explore and resolve complex issues more effectively, with a strong emphasis on relapse prevention.

Secondary Treatment

Cost of Rehab

Learn more about the cost of rehab treatment at The Providence Projects.

Family Therapy

Recognising addiction as a family illness, we provide extensive family support. Through telephone or Skype, we assist family members affected by the ripple effects of addiction, helping heal relationships alongside individual recovery.

Family Support

Aftercare for Continued Success

Our commitment to your recovery doesn’t end after treatment. We equip you with aftercare provisions and tools necessary to maintain sobriety and achieve your future goals.


Learn More About Our Addiction Recovery Programs

Discover the cost and details of our addiction recovery programs at The Providence Projects. Start your journey towards recovery with us today.

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Addiction Recovery Programme FAQs

How do I sign up for secondary treatment?

Once you have completed your 28-day stay with Providence Projects, we can help assist you with continuing your recovery by enrolling you into our secondary treatment programme. You can raise this with us at your stay, or contact us after completing the primary treatment programme.

How do I refer my friend to the addiction recovery programme?

If you’re worried about a loved one going through addiction, you can refer them to us and we’ll help you navigate conversations, understand boundaries and create a list of things to consider when bringing up the topic of addiction. We’re here to help you in getting the required support for your friend or family member.

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