Addiction is a family illness. Much like throwing a stone into the water, the ripple effect of addiction can be far reaching, with those closest experiencing the most disturbance.

At The Providence Projects, we are very keen to get the family involved as much as possible. Families, will have a chance to get involved in the treatment process with the consent of their loved one.

Family therapy sessions are conducted for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes it may be with your spouse, your parents or your children.  The content will always be different but the primary goal is to start a process of healthy, honest and open communication.

All research demonstrates that, if the family are involved in the recovery process both as individuals and as a group, the better the chance of a long term recovery.

These sessions will be facilitated by counsellors at The Providence Projects who are highly experienced in the arena of family therapy.

Family Day

Our latest addition to our rehab programmes is our family day, which has been specifically set up for family members & significant others of those who are residents in our treatment facility. During active addiction, it is often the loved ones of the addict who suffer the most. Evidence also shows that family members can play a crucial role in their loved ones’ recovery from addiction. The family day is a great opportunity for family members to meet the staff and other families who have had similar experiences, to get support and identification and to develop a greater understanding of addiction. Topics such as boundaries, roles within the family and relapse prevention are all covered through a series of educational workshops, group tasks and presentations.

Family day therapy
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