Group Therapy is an important part of all successful private rehab programmes. Many residents feel as though it is in many ways one of the most important parts of their rehab experience.

Initially, it is common for potential clients to feel nervous or unsure about the prospect of talking in a group. These groups are facilitated by expert therapists with many years of facilitating group therapy sessions to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable.

There are many ways in which group therapy can work.  Below is a list of the main therapeutic factors:

  • Universality: Feelings of having similar problems to others: not alone
  • Altruism: Helping and supporting others
  • Insitillation of hope: Recovery is possible
  • Guidance:nurturing support and assistance
  • Imparting information: Teaching about problem and recovery
  • Social skills: Learning new ways to talk about feelings, observations and concerns
  • Interpersonal learning: Finding out about themselves & others from the group
  • Cohesion: Feling of belonging to the group, valuing the group
  • Catharsis: Release of emotional tension
  • Existential factors: Life & death are realities
  • Imitative behaviour: Role modelling recovery skills
  • Corrective recapitulation: Identifying & changing dysfunctional patterns
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