It is commonly accepted in the world of drug & alcohol rehab, that different approaches are required for different people. Some people respond to talking therapy, some to written therapy, some to exercise and others to a range of alternative therapies.

The range of alternative therapies available at The Providence Projects prove to be very popular and an integral part of the rehab process. The main alternative therapies used are acupuncture, spiritual beach walks and meditation. All of these therapies are included in the treatment costs and are a great addition to the programme. They have proven to be very successful in helping people who suffer from anxiety and insomnia and the feedback from clients is excellent.

Acupuncture is facilitated by Clinton McIntosh who is a highly experienced auricular acupuncturist. We have found that for those residents who are undergoing a detox programme, it is particularly helpful in the management of withdrawals.

Meditation and guided visualisations are facilitated by various members of the counselling team and are designed to help with breathing techniques, stress management and goal setting.

Paul Spanjar, CEO

Paul is passionate about high-quality addiction treatment and truly believes that, with the right treatment, anyone can recover.

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