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Addiction can feel like an endless cycle, and can affect anyone. The illness doesn’t discriminate against race, gender, income, ethnicity, or age and no one is immune.

Every year, at least 500,000 people are estimated to be suffering from addiction, a figure that doesn’t even factor in the loved ones who are so deeply affected too. The actual figures of those abusing substances are estimated to be much higher. It must be said that the consequences are devastating. Due to the intensity of the disease, and its progressive nature, addiction recovery often necessitates professional treatment and monitoring, usually in the form of a residential treatment.

Most addiction experts will agree that private residential treatment offers the best and most effective way to treat substance abuse and behavioural addictions such as problem gambling. Everyone’s circumstances are different, so some prefer to attend a rehab facility closer to home, whilst others choose to travel further afield. Both options have their benefits and limitations – what is important is choosing what is right for you and your requirements.

Choosing a Location

The most obvious factor is to choose the right area when looking at rehab options. Make sure you feel comfortable with the treatment location, consider how convenient it is to get to, and whether your family will be able to travel and visit you, or whether you’d like somewhere close to home or in a new place entirely.

Depending on the individual, there are pros and cons to both staying closer to home and to venturing farther afield. Whilst being in familiar surroundings might feel less daunting, it also presents the possibility of triggers – old using or drinking environments, friends and acquaintances who may remind you of your addiction.

Entering a treatment facility away from home is like having a clean break, a fresh start. It allows you to physically and psychologically remove yourself from the cycle of your addiction. Of course, some people may feel they cannot commit to this option due to childcare, work or family commitments. Remember though, recovery is a time set aside for you, to be the best person you possibly can be.

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As with most things in life, a lot is dictated by finances and by how much an individual can afford to spend. We are here to tell you that the best rehab doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

There is often a misconception that the treatment you receive will be better if you spend more. Our treatment model is testament to the fact that this simply isn’t true. Whilst some charge an eye watering £30,000 a week, we only charge £1200 per week.

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The best treatment centre will always make it their priority to put the needs of the client first. After all, that is what rehab is about – helping people to get better.

You can often tell a lot about the treatment approach by asking questions about their detox and rehab programme, the daily structure and timetable, types of therapies, and the average staff to client ratio.

It is also important to understand what type of programme it is.

Fully Residential & Quasi-Residential Programmes

A fully residential programme requires you to stay at the rehab centre for the duration of treatment.

Most residential programmes include a medically-supervised detox if required, this is especially important if you are dependent on alcohol, benzodiazepines and in some instances, opiates.

If you are severely dependent on alcohol, benzodiazepines or opiates (or a combination of these substances), a detox programme should be provided as part the treatment programme.

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Staff-to-Client Ratio

When it comes to the therapy phase of rehab, staff-to-client ratio is an important consideration. It’s important that you receive individualised care and that therapy is personalised to your own individual needs and circumstances.

Treatment should be holistic, and programmes should utilise a number of therapeutic interventions and activities that tackle both the physical and psychological nature of addiction, but more importantly, is the treatment facility going to support you post-rehab?

When considering the right treatment facility for you, ask about the aftercare programme or family support programme. Both of these can offer immense support in the early stages of recovery, not just for the individual, but the family unit as well.

Outpatient Programmes

Outpatient programmes do not require you to stay at the rehab, you will attend therapy for a few hours a day before returning home.

Outpatient programmes are typically the cheapest option, but they do not offer the same levels of care that residential programmes do.

If you can’t afford residential treatment, or you have work or family commitments, outpatient care may be an option for you. However, we must highlight the limitations of outpatient addiction treatment.

  • No detox regime, unsuitable for those who are severely dependent
  • It leaves you vulnerable to triggers at home that could result in relapse
  • Programmes are not intense and compact, sometimes immediate care is needed
  • You will have limited one-to-one therapy

Outpatient programmes may be offered by the NHS or local authority, but waiting times are lengthy and not suitable for those who need immediate support.

Therefore, when it comes to the most effective rehab programme, residential options offer higher levels of care compared with outpatient programmes.

Reputation & Reviews

When choosing the right rehab for you, it is so important to do your research correctly. A lot can be found online about rehabs up and down the country, through sites such as Google Reviews, their own websites, or via Facebook and other social media channels.

We highly recommend you call the centre and ask about the facilities offered, you can typically schedule a visit to take a look around for yourself. The reputation and track record of a rehab says a lot about their standards of care, quality of staff, and effectiveness of therapies and treatments.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the regulating body for all rehabs in the UK, and this site provides useful ratings and reports on recent site inspections across the industry.

At the Providence Projects, we have a track record spanning 26+ years. Take a look at our Google reviews, Facebook reviews, or our success stories to get a feel for who we are.

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If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction right now, we understand that this is a very difficult time for you. You may be feeling stressed, worried or even angry about the damage it is causing you and your loved ones, or maybe you feel hopeless and scared things will never change.

Our team of experienced addiction counsellors are here to talk to you if you need support or further guidance on treatment options, so why not give us a call or contact us today.

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