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Getting Help for Drug or Alcohol Addiction in Oxfordshire

Taking the decision to seek treatment for drug addiction or alcohol addiction is a brave one. For over 25 years, the Providence Projects has been helping thousands of people find addiction recovery, many of who arrived here from Oxfordshire after many failed attempts to get sober.

Addiction is a complex illness which requires specialised treatment. Residential programmes provides many benefits over free or outpatient treatment, and if you or a loved one have tried many times to break free from drug or alcohol dependence, it may be time to consider private rehab.

As a UK leader in private addiction treatment, we offer many treatment services in Oxfordshire, including sober transportation to our treatment facility and aftercare recovery services.

Learn more about the process of private rehab below, including additional recovery services in and around Oxfordshire below.

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The Providence Projects is the UK’s leading drugs alcohol & gambling rehabilitation center, based in Bournemouth on the UK’s south-cost.

The Providence Projects are one of the leading addiction treatment centres in the UK.
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Rehab Reviews & Success Stories

In a recent survey, published in the Cherwell Independent, use of alcohol is more common than of drug substances, with 94% of respondents claiming to have drunk within a short period before the survey was performed.
Almost half of respondents (48%) felt that drug use is “average” amongst the student body in Oxford, and just 31% characterised usage as “rare”.
Oxford Academic shared statistics which show that there is a general growth in the number of nicotine admissions in the area, and that tobacco dependencies are still higher than it was expected during previous strategies.
If you or a loved one are struggling with the growing pressures of life in Oxfordshire, we want you to know that you are more than just a statistic, you are an individual who needs support, love and encouragement. We can arrange for you to be collected from your home in Oxfordshire and brought to our treatment centre to begin your new journey.

Sober Transportation from Oxfordshire to The Providence Projects

We have a Sober Transport service that involves you or a loved one being collected by a person in recovery from your front door in Oxfordshire, and bring you to our facility to begin treatment & addiction recovery.

This helps in situations where you or your family are concerned about you getting to the facility, either because of distance, convenience or to ensure that you stay committed to receiving treatment.

Arriving for Treatment from Oxfordshire

Your arrival at the Providence Projects center is cause for celebration, you may not realise it yet, but it will be the best decision you’ve ever made. You will be welcomed by our addiction counselling team who will guide you through the process, facilitate and discuss the drug or alcohol addiction treatment options and rehab programmes that have been formulated around your individual needs.

Part of your induction will be a medical assessment, where any general health concerns, drug dependence, existing mental health issues (dual diagnosis) can be discussed with our in house GP who will also determine if a detox is required and what medication needs to be administered to ease your withdrawal.

Your medical detox, if required, is included in your rehab programme and will be conducted under the eye of our in-house GP as well as 24/7 monitoring and support from the detox team.

Our Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab Programmes

Our treatment programmes have evolved and been developed upon over the past 25 years as we have gained more knowledge about what is needed to ensure a successful outcome for our clients suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Therapy, be it, 1-1 counselling in the form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and motivational interviewing, group therapy, 12 step programme, trauma therapy or holistic and alternative therapies are evidence-based and have proven client after client to work.

One-to-one Counselling

Alternative Therapies

Group Therapy and 12 Step Programmes

Relapse Prevention Programme

Our aim is not just to provide an opportunity for a successful recovery but to also make it enjoyable and to help balance the intensity of the rehab programme, we have a list of fun activities like nature walks, beach trips and creative music and art therapy classes included in your timetable.

Drug Rehab Alcohol Rehab

Cost of Drug and Alcohol Rehab Oxfordshire

Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment model is designed to treat the entire person and not just the addiction. Unfortunately, rehab isn’t a ‘quick’ fix option but, there is a better chance of success if a person in treatment follows the structured timeline towards recovery, and continues to work upon their recovery post-treatment.

Evidence has shown that a 28-day stay allows you to step outside of the stress of day-to-day life to focus on your recovery fully. The cost of our 28-day treatment is £6,995 with the option to stay longer at a fixed rate of £1,200 per week.

28 Day Programme

Our 28 Day Programme Consists of:

  • Drug or Alcohol Detox
  • Private Bedroom
  • Intensive rehab programme
  • 1-1 Counselling
  • Relapse Prevention

Prices for 4 weeks £6,995

Extended Programme

After your initial 28 Day Programme:

  • Flat Costs Per Week
  • Build on Relapse Prevention Techniques
  • Learn Additional Life Skills
  • Higher Success Rates

Flat Costs of £1,200 per Week

Preventing an Alcohol/Drug Relapse in Oxfordshire

Our therapy team will go through the aftercare programmes you have access too through the Providence Projects, these include continued 1 to 1 counselling, skype counselling, group therapy, family therapy or life coaching services provided through our Sober Management if you feel you may need more intensive help once you are home.

Sober Coaching & Recovery Services in Oxfordshire

Not every person can leave their home or work for an extended stay in rehab, we can provide a Sober Coach through our Sober Management service to work with you in Oxfordshire, to continue your recovery journey.

A Sober Coach is often in recovery, therefore experienced and able to help you adjust to a lifestyle that is free from drugs and alcohol.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Support for Families in Oxfordshire

Many families are affected by a loved ones’ drug or alcohol addiction, providing support in the form of local family support groups in Oxfordshire is important.

We recognise the importance of a healthy family dynamic in the long term recovery outcome for you and provide family workshops and events to keep everyone onboard with the programme, so that past traumas can be addressed and relationships can start to heal. (Famanon)

Help for families affected by addiction in Oxfordshire

Family Therapy

Why Choose Us for Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab?

The Providence Projects was born from the idea that if you are struggling with addiction you should have access to affordable, efficient and effective treatment programme that is tailored around your personal needs. To achieve this we have:

  • Highly trained and empathetic staff provide a supportive environment for recovery
  • Fun therapies in combination with leading evidence-based cognitive therapy styles that are important in helping build your self-esteem and changing your thought processes, develop skills and discover hobbies thereby find new ways to enjoy life
  • Transparent and fixed costs for our drug and alcohol rehab programmes.

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Free or NHS Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services in Oxfordshire

Not everyone can afford residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment, or some individuals find outpatient services in Oxfordshire works better for them and their life commitments.

Outpatient addiction treatment services in Oxfordshire help those struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, without committing to 24/7 care. While these services are useful for some individuals, they leave you or a loved one exposed to alcohol or drugs and daily triggers.

Private counselling is one form of outpatient addiction treatment, there are many addiction counsellors in Oxfordshire who are BACP qualified, a list of them can be found here.

We are the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Turning Point is a charity in Oxfordshire, offering free help for those struggling with substance dependence: https://www.turning-point.co.uk/services/oxfordshire

There are also support groups such as AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or NA (Narcotics Anonymous) that we strongly recommend regardless of the type of treatment you or a loved one pursue.

The following meetings are available in Oxfordshire

AA Meetings in Oxfordshire:


St Michael & All Saints Church Hall, Park Rd OX14 1DS
Saturdays at 7:30pm

Didcot Lunchtime

Fleet Meadow Community Hall, Sandringham Rd OX11 8TP
Sundays at 12:30pm

Oxford Step

West Oxford Community Centre, Botley Rd OX2 0BT
Fridays at 6:30pm

See the full list of AA meetings in and around Oxfordshire

NA Meetings in Oxfordshire:

Didcot Midweek Recovery

Fleet Meadow Community Hall, Sandringham Rd. OX11 8TP
Wednesdays at 7:45pm


St Michael at the North Gate, Cornmarket St (opp KFC) OX1 3EY
Mondays at 6:00pm

See the full list of NA meetings in and around Oxfordshire

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