Drug Addiction Treatment

Break free from the grip of drug addiction with our specialised treatment programs. Learn more about drug addiction and the necessary steps for overcoming a problem with illicit and prescription drugs at The Providence Projects. Our experienced staff will guide you through the journey to recovery, offering support every step of the way.


Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Have you lost control of your drinking habits? Regain control of your life and overcome alcoholism with our tailored treatment approach. Learn more about alcoholism and how The Providence Projects can help you stop drinking (and stay sober). At The Providence Projects, we understand the complexities of alcohol addiction and provide personalised care to help you achieve sobriety.


Gambling Addiction Treatment

Compulsive gambling can lead to financial and relationship issues. Stop the cycle of compulsive gambling with our substance abuse rehab treatment programs. Breaking the cycle requires a deeper understanding of ourselves and the reasons for gambling triggers. Our expert therapists will help you address underlying triggers and develop healthier coping mechanisms for a fulfilling life without gambling. Learn more about gambling addiction, the facts, and how we can help.


Residential Programmes

Experience a supportive and nurturing environment at our residential treatment centres. Our intensive, evidence-based residential programmes provide the foundations for addiction recovery, combining therapy, activities, and support to promote lasting recovery. Programme admissions are fast, typically within 7-14 days.

Residential Programmes

Primary Treatment

With our Primary Treatment, therapy commences on day one alongside any agreed detox regimen, with gentle therapy provided for clients undergoing medically-assisted detox until our GP approves progress. Primary treatment typically spans 28 days, with the option to extend for secondary treatment.

Primary Treatment

Secondary Treatment 

Secondary Treatment is the extension of our Primary Treatment programme. Research indicates that longer treatment durations lead to improved long-term outcomes. We recognise that staying away from home for more than four weeks may feel overwhelming, but it’s crucial to afford yourself the best opportunity for success.

Secondary Treatment

Costs & Paying for Treatment

Learn more about treatment costs and payment options at The Providence Projects. We strive to make quality private addiction treatment accessible to all individuals in need.


Take the first step towards a brighter future. Contact The Providence Projects today to begin your journey through rehabilitation of substance abuse and to recovery from addiction.

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