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If you’re reading this it’s likely that you’re concerned about your own or a loved one’s alcohol use. You may be feeling as though there’s no way out of the vicious cycle of alcohol dependency. We’re here to tell you that real change is possible. With the right support and guidance from our trained addiction counsellors, recovery from alcoholism is possible for everyone, no matter how dire your current situation may seem.

Or perhaps you may be wondering if alcohol is a problem in your life? Recognising the signs of a problem is often the first step, and our aim is to provide you with the information needed to make a decision on treatment.


We caught up with ex-client Damian to learn more about his transformation.

His wife Kateland joined us to share her experience before and after treatment.

What is Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction describes the problematic relationship between the individual and alcohol. It is a dangerous and progressive illness that will not go away without treatment.

In the UK alone, studies have shown that over 600,000 people meet the criteria for alcoholism. Sadly, at least 500,000 of these have never sought help. This is often due to the denial which features strongly in those struggling with addiction.

Before you consider rehab for alcohol addiction, coming to terms with addiction and making a strong commitment for change is essential for long-term recovery.

Signs & Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

  • Inability to control alcohol consumption
  • Frequent and compulsive abuse of alcohol as a means to cope with difficult emotions
  • Being dishonest about alcohol consumption (hiding or concealing use)
  • Avoiding family/social events in favour of drinking
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms and strong cravings for alcohol when attempting to stop
  • Experiencing changes in physical appearance (reddening of the skin).

The team here at The Providence Projects really do understand the nature of alcohol addiction & dependence. With 25+ years of experience and expertise, we have successfully helped over 10,000 people reclaim their lives. Call us today on 0800 955 0945 for a free, confidential assessment of your needs.

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Alcohol Dependence

You or someone you love may not remember what life was like without alcohol. We know from experience that many problem drinkers have a long history of alcohol abuse that can span decades. Alcohol dependency can make it harder to stop drinking due to the nature of withdrawal symptoms such as Delirium Tremens.

For others, problematic drinking may have developed during a more recent period in your life. We know from experience that the COVID-19 pandemic was a difficult time for many, and we want to reassure you that no matter your current situation, with the right help and support from The Providence Projects, everyone can benefit from treatment.


You may have attempted to stop drinking in the past, but due to severe withdrawal symptoms, found it difficult to stay sober. Managing the risks associated with withdrawal is part of what we do here at The Providence Projects.

Making the decision today to put your health first is a brave one, here are just some of the benefits of giving up alcohol:

  • Repair and build strong relationships with others
  • Improved physical and mental health
  • A stronger sense of self and belonging
  • Improved financial situation
  • Cut your risk of developing severe illness, including cancer and liver disease.

Our team are here to support you or a loved one. Speak to us via phone, email or Livechat today.

How We Treat Alcohol Addiction

one to one therapy

As a leading drug & alcohol rehabilitation centre, we provide residential treatment that is designed to tackle the underlying causes of problematic drinking. You will stay with us to complete treatment under the care of our medical and therapeutic team.

Alcohol Detoxification – Treating & Managing Dependence

Detoxification is the first stage of treatment, and for those who are alcohol dependent, detox may need to be medically-managed to reduce the risks associated with withdrawal.

We understand that this can be a daunting process for many, but rest assured that all detox regimes provided by our partners at The Providence Surgery are fully monitored and safe.

The length of detox can vary depending on your needs but can typically last for 7-14 days. During this time, you or a loved one may need to be carefully monitored by our medical professionals to ensure safety.

When our in-house GP is happy with your progress, the therapeutic phase of treatment can begin.

You can learn more about detoxification here

How We Can Help

Therapeutic Treatment – Tackling the Psychological Nature of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a psychological illness that requires therapeutic interventions to treat. By using the latest evidence-based practices in conjunction with alternative therapies, our experienced team will help to treat you physically, psychologically and spiritually.

Primary treatment will include:

  • 1-1 counselling
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Structured group therapy
  • Exercise Classes
  • Workshops & Lectures
  • Fun activities
  • Alternative therapies
  • Music & Art therapy

You can learn more about our primary rehab programmes here.

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Since alcoholism is a family illness, in addition to therapeutic treatment, we extend our support to loved ones who may have been affected by problematic drinking.
Family therapy is offered on a need basis and may include online counselling designed to bring the family unit closer together.

From experience, we know that a strong family unit is often the biggest factor in positive treatment outcomes and long-term abstinence. Call us today to learn more our visit our family therapy page here.

Secondary Treatment (Optional)

Although optional, secondary treatment is a great way to solidify the progress you have made during primary treatment phase. This will be offered to you before and during your treatment. We offer long-term secondary care at a reduced cost of £1,300 per week.

Statistics show that clients who attend extended treatment are less likely to relapse in the future, and so we offer secondary care as an additional protection during the early stages of recovery.

It is not uncommon for clients to remain with us for up to 12 weeks, sometimes longer, so depending on your needs and history with alcohol, you may wish to consider the benefits of secondary treatment.

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Aftercare – Preventing an Alcohol Relapse

What happens when you complete treatment is just as important as the progress they make whilst they’re with us. As such, we offer a range of aftercare & relapse prevention strategies here at the Providence Projects. As clients come towards the end of their alcohol addiction treatment, they will work with their focal therapist to develop an individualised aftercare plan and relapse prevention plan. This will vary considerably depending on the nature of their alcoholism, their career and relationship status, family set up, and safety of living accommodation.

All these factors and more will be taken into account before agreeing an appropriate course of aftercare.

Start the Recovery Process Today

Whether you’re starting at ground zero, attended rehab in the past, or just need some reassurance right now, we are here for you whenever you are ready to make that decision to take back control of your life.

We have witnessed the transformation in many people’s lives since The Providence Projects opened our doors in 1996, and we look forward to helping you achieve the life you truly deserve, free from problematic drinking.

I have just spent 28 days at Providence Projects for alcoholism. It has been such a journey. I was rather frightened when I first entered, but this programme is extraordinarily well thought out.
Kate McConnell
October 22nd

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How long do I need to stay?

The minimum duration is 28 days which includes detox. Studies show that longer-term treatment can lead to higher success rates, so we recommend that you stay for as long as you can to benefit from treatment

To learn more about our programmes and lengths of stay, visit our programmes page.

How do I pay for treatment?

Alcohol rehab treatment is self-funded by the individual on the day of admission. We charge a fixed cost for 28-days, with the option to extend care for a fixed weekly cost. To learn more about our costs and payment options, visit our cost page.

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