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Are you or someone you love struggling with heroin addiction? We can help you recover safely and effectively with the support of our medically trained staff.

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Are you trapped in the grip of heroin addiction, desperately seeking a way out? Look no further. At the Providence Projects in Bournemouth, England, we understand heroin dependence. Our comprehensive rehabilitation programme is tailored to your needs, offering detoxification, therapy, and ongoing support.

With our client-focused approach, excellent patient-to-staff ratio and expert guidance, we provide a haven where you can embark on your journey towards healing. We can help you break free from addiction and build a brighter future.

Key Takeaways

  • Primary programmes are crucial for clients after residential detox, as they offer tailored services to meet individual needs.
  • Continued counselling provides a safe space to discuss challenges and triggers, enhancing chances of maintaining sobriety.
  • Aftercare ensures a smooth transition into everyday life and helps individuals navigate post-rehabilitation challenges.
  • Peer support from people who have successfully overcome addiction is a valuable component of our heroin rehab programmes.

Let Us Help You Heal

Let go of the pain and stress that come with heroin addiction, and let us take care of you, help you learn better coping mechanisms and heal from your trauma. Call us now to begin your healing process today.

Am I Addicted to Heroin?

Are you wondering if you’re addicted to heroin? It takes courage to ask this question, and we are here to support you every step of the way. We understand that heroin addiction can be overwhelming and life-consuming. We aim to provide you with the best possible treatment for your addiction.

Regarding heroin addiction treatment, our experienced team will guide you through a comprehensive process designed specifically for your needs. We start with an initial assessment to better understand your unique situation.

You don’t have to face this journey alone. With our evidence-based approach and compassionate staff who truly believe in the healing power of rehabilitation because they have been through it themselves – we are here for you every step of your recovery from heroin addiction.

Do I Need Residential Heroin Rehab?

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, it can be a complicated and overwhelming experience. It’s common to feel unsure about when or if treatment is necessary. Here are some signs that may indicate the need for addiction treatment:

  1. Increased tolerance: If you need to use more of a substance to achieve the same effect, it can be a sign of addiction. This can feel isolating and worrisome.
  2. Withdrawal symptoms: If you experience physical or emotional symptoms when you try to stop using heroin, it can be a sign of addiction.
  3. Negative consequences: If your heroin use is causing problems in your personal or professional life, it can feel overwhelming and stressful.
  4. Difficulty quitting: If you have tried to quit on your own, via outpatient therapy options or even through an inpatient programme, and have been unsuccessful, it can feel like an impossible task. 

We have experience being the last resort to many, and we have helped them find their way and stay sober in the long-term.

What Will Happen during Heroin Detox at the Providence Projects?

During heroin detox at the Providence Projects, our experienced team will guide you through safely managing withdrawal symptoms and beginning your healing journey. We understand that detoxification can be a challenging and uncomfortable experience, which is why we prioritise your safety and well-being throughout the process.

Our medically trained team will be there for you during your stay and help you through the cleansing process. First, we will ensure your body is stable and healthy enough to go through heroin detox. Once safe, we will begin the cleansing.

At the Providence Projects, we are committed to providing compassionate care and evidence-based treatment for heroin dependence. Your safety is our top priority, and we are here to support you every step of the way on your journey towards recovery.

Managing Withdrawal

Symptoms of withdrawal can cause serious health problems if not managed correctly under proper medical supervision. At the Providence Projects, we use the following prescribed medications to reduce cravings and soften the effect on your physical health that withdrawal may have.


Methadone is a long-acting medicine that influences your opioid receptors to block the effects of opioids. As a result, Methadone is an effective and safe measure used to reduce the intensity of adverse physical symptoms and to make cravings more manageable.


Naltrexone is another prescribed medicine that can safely manage withdrawal symptoms by influencing the same opioid receptors. Naltrexone serves as an anti-depressant that reduces mood swings and the intensity of cravings and uplifts your mood, which can help you overcome the adverse symptoms of withdrawal.


Buprenorphine, also known as Suboxone, is an opioid partial agonist that produces a milder exhilarating and calming effect than heroin and other opioids. In a controlled environment, it’s a safe and effective way to gradually reduce your physical dependence on opioids while reducing heroin cravings.

Learn more about our process of detoxification.

Our Heroin Rehabilitation Programme

At our heroin rehabilitation programme, we offer a range of evidence-based therapies proven to help recover from addiction and achieve lasting sobriety. From cognitive-behavioural therapy to group counselling sessions, our experienced professionals will tailor a treatment plan specifically for you, ensuring you receive the support and tools needed to heal and rebuild your life.

Evidence-Based Therapies for Heroin Addiction

Evidence-based therapies used in heroin addiction treatment include cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) and contingency management (CM). CBT helps identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviours associated with drug use, while CM provides rewards for abstaining from heroin.

By incorporating these evidence-based therapies into our heroin rehabilitation programme at The Providence Projects, we can provide you with the best possible chance for long-term recovery. Our experienced team understands the challenges of overcoming addiction, and we are committed to supporting you every step of your journey towards healing and change.

25 Years of Addiction Recovery Success

Since 1996, the Providence Projects has helped many individuals beat heroin addiction for good.

See how we’ve been transforming lives for the better.

Start the recovery process today!

Re-learning How to Live Substance-Free

Relapse prevention is a crucial aspect of the journey when it comes to re-learning how to live substance-free. We understand that the fear of relapse can be overwhelming, but rest assured that our team at The Providence Projects is here to support you every step of the way. Through evidence-based techniques and personalised strategies, we will equip you with the tools and skills to navigate triggers, manage cravings, and build a strong foundation for lasting recovery from heroin addiction.


To prevent relapse, it’s essential for individuals undergoing heroin addiction treatment to establish a robust support system and engage in ongoing aftercare programmes. Relapse-prevention strategies are crucial in maintaining long-term recovery from heroin dependence.

Our comprehensive heroin addiction treatment focuses on equipping you with the necessary mechanisms and skills to manage cravings and triggers effectively.

Remember, recovery is a journey that requires commitment and dedication. With our evidence-based approach to heroin dependence treatment and relapse-prevention techniques, we will empower you to build a fulfilling life free from addiction.

Aftercare and Continued Counselling

Continued counselling and aftercare are essential to our heroin addiction treatment programmes, providing ongoing support and guidance in your journey towards recovery.

Our aftercare programmes offer a range of services tailored to meet your needs. These may include regular check-ins with therapists, group therapy sessions, relapse prevention education, and support from peers who have successfully overcome opiate addiction. Continued counselling ensures you have a safe space to discuss challenges or triggers you encounter post-rehabilitation.

Research shows that individuals who engage in aftercare programmes are more likely to sustain long-term recovery compared to those who do not participate. Incorporating ongoing support into your treatment plan can enhance your chances of maintaining sobriety and achieving lasting change.

Take the First Step - Contact Us Today.

Start your journey towards healing and change by reaching out to us today. Taking the first step can be daunting, but it’s a crucial moment that sets you on the path to recovery.

Our team of experienced professionals will guide you through every stage, from assessment to detoxification, rehabilitation, and beyond.

Once you complete our comprehensive treatment programme, our commitment to your well-being doesn’t end there. We provide aftercare and continued counselling to ensure a smooth transition into everyday life. Our personalised approach recognises that everyone’s needs are different, so we tailor our support to meet your specific requirements.

You don’t have to face this journey alone. Take that brave first step today and contact us. Together, we can help you reclaim control over your life and experience the transformative power of rehabilitation.

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Heroin Rehab FAQ

How long does it take to detox from heroin at the Providence Projects?

It typically takes 7-10 days to detox from heroin at The Providence Projects. Our experienced team provides a safe and supportive environment, utilising evidence-based treatments to help you through this challenging process.

What support is available for family members during the heroin rehabilitation process?

During the heroin rehabilitation process at The Providence Projects, we offer support for family members. Our experienced team provides education, counselling, and resources to help them understand addiction and develop healthy coping strategies for themselves and their loved ones.

Can I continue working or going to school while attending residential heroin rehab?

The Providence Projects in Bournemouth offers a secluded residential programme that allows you to take a break from everyday responsibilities and receive the necessary treatment for recovery in a secure environment.

What types of therapy and counselling are offered in the heroin rehabilitation programme?

As part of the heroin rehabilitation programme, various therapies and counselling are offered to address the underlying issues contributing to addiction. For example, individual therapy sessions help you explore personal triggers and develop coping strategies for a successful recovery.

How long do the aftercare and continued counselling support last after completing residential heroin rehab at the Providence Projects?

After completing residential heroin rehab at The Providence Projects, you receive ongoing aftercare and counselling support for one year after completing your stay with us. The aftercare schedule is tailored to your needs, ensuring continued support as you transition back into daily life.

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