Opiate Addiction Rehabilitation

Our opiate treatment programme is designed to support your courageous decision to live a substance-free lifestyle and bring out the best in you. During rehab you will go through a holistic and intensive therapeutic process to reflect within yourself and identify why you developed addictive behaviours.

We recognise that addiction is a symptomatic and complex illness that people develop for different and personal reasons, and healing it requires you to delve deeper into yourself in a safe space in order to understand it. Our experienced and non-judgmental team follows an evidence-based approach to help you understand the unfulfilled needs behind your addiction through a comprehensive process of cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy, alternative therapy and family sessions. We will help you to work on yourself, to restore your physical and mental health so that you are ready to begin a new life path that is fulfilling. We will work with your loved ones to heal their hurt, and to help them support you on your journey to recovery.

Getting Help

Even if you think you have hit rock bottom, getting help for your opiate addiction is closer than you may think. We offer telephonic and in-person assessments that can be completed in as little as 40 minutes, and it’s a service that we offer to you, free of charge. We do this so we can answer your questions and help you to feel more comfortable about the prospect of entering rehab. This service is designed to help you take your next steps with confidence and, if immediate admission is the right next step for you, our caring team can accelerate the process to help you straight away. It is also necessary for you to make sure you are ready for rehab – this is not something that can be forced on you, it’s a choice you need to make freely. With the relevant medical advice and compassion and by asking the right questions, you will come to an understanding when the time is right for you.

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Rehabilitation Process

When you arrive at our rehab centre, we need to get to know you and understand what kind of care plan will best suit your recovery needs. To start this process, we will sit down together and have a chat about your general state of health, find out about any prescriptions you are taking and what your patterns of drug and substance use are like. We will review your health records and may do a few tests to get a clear picture of your health and wellness.

While this might sound uncomfortable for you right now, please be assured that we respect your confidentiality completely and the assessment intake is performed by our team of in-house doctors and clinical staff who are addiction specialists, and in the best interests of your recovery. We are non-judgmental and focused on restoring your health and well-being to an optimal level, and understanding the facts empowers us to do this.

Once we have completed the assessments you will enter an opiate detox programme to break your physical dependence. Sometimes medication is used to soften it. After detox, your body will be stronger and you will enter an opiate rehab programme so you can address the psycho-emotional reasons for your addiction, heal the traumas that have contributed to its development and learn new coping skills to help you move forward safely and with confidence. This is a process that takes time and patience to complete and we are committed to providing the support required to support you through long-term sobriety. It may sound like a lot to take in today but you will be surprised at how quickly you can turn things around once you have the support of our professional team.

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Opiate Detox (if required)


Detox & Rehab Programme

A medical detox provides monitoring and support to you 24-hours a day so you are not alone while you heal your physical addiction, and your risk factors are managed safely by our supportive clinical team. We provide a holistic approach to healing drug addiction, by drawing on the latest evidence-based therapies and counselling approaches. As a human being with so many life experiences, there are many different facets of your life to synchronise in order for you to be happy and fulfilled. Our rehab programme focuses on your development as an individual as well as your integration into family and community.

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Together we will work on your physical health, nutrition, sleep and exercise patterns to help you restore equilibrium in your body. Holistic therapy interventions will reinforce and strengthen your mental health, with a strong focus on relapse prevention. We will also take an intense look at relationships and interpersonal skills so you can repair damaged bonds and build a stronger support network to hold you up. Immersing yourself in alternative therapies like music, art therapy and meditation can help you to find joy again. Ultimately our programme seeks to help you enjoy your life free from drugs, which you can sustain in the long term through our aftercare and sober management programmes.

Our addiction workshops are focused on dealing with specific areas you need help with and building up your inner resources. In terms of self-development topics, we will look at concepts like your self-esteem, stress management techniques, confidence and assertiveness, as well as boundaries to protect your sense of self. We will work through relationship issues and family matters so you can interface more confidently with others. We will also take a dedicated look at health and wellbeing so you can prioritise and learn to be kind to yourself.

You can learn more about primary treatment which includes detoxification here.

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Secondary Treatment Programmes

By enrolling in our Secondary Treatment Programme, you can enhance the skills you learnt in rehab and finetune your knowledge and coping tools so that transitioning back to your day-to-day life is easier. Secondary Treatment extends your rehab beyond the initial four-to-six-week programme to give you additional support and a stronger baseline to work with. Our Secondary Treatment Program has a strong focus on relapse prevention and makes reintegration when you go home a much smoother process. You will develop stronger coping mechanisms to help you deal with high risk situations, and improve your judgement once you leave the safety of rehab.

Primary Treatment

Treatment Costs

We are committed to providing transparent pricing for our rehab treatment programmes and we accept all major cards as payment. We request that you settle the full amount before you start treatment, as this really gives you the chance to focus on the programme outcomes when you are with us. We will never make any charges without your permission and agreement and we do not have any hidden costs associated with our programme. It is possible that your health insurance may cover some portion of your treatment, and we will help you to find out about your level of cover should you need our assistance. Please contact us if you’d like us to make an enquiry with your provider on your behalf.

Opiate Aftercare and Family Support

Our experience has shown that long term support gives you the best chance of long-term recovery and so we extend sober coaching services and continuing counselling and therapy services to support you as you encounter new and different challenges once your four to six week rehab programme has come to an official end.

Our aftercare services are also designed to give your family unit and loved ones the care and support needed when you return home. It’s very common for clients and their families to experience a bit of anxiety and stress once the rehab programme is over, because there is a sense of fear about the unknown. Aftercare support is a bridge that can smooth this out so that your family can give you the relevant backup as you enter this new phase of your life.

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