Are you struggling with addiction or know of someone who is? Want to stop abusing substances but don’t know where or how to begin? You may be reading this and feeling like there’s no way out of the vicious cycle, and the constant mental and physical torture that comes with addiction. Whilst it may not feel like it now, please know that recovery is possible. It begins by taking that first step and admitting you have a substance abuse or gambling problem, and then seeking help. Remember, you are worth recovery and you deserve a better and a brighter life than the one you have been living. For many, going to private residential rehab can unlock the door to this life in recovery, a life with limitless benefits and possibilities. You can start your journey today by taking even the smallest steps towards your recovery, they will all help. One day at a time.

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Here at the Providence Projects, we know that making the decision to go to drug or alcohol rehab is not for the faint-hearted, it can feel scary and overwhelming as you enter the unknown. It is also one of the best and most life-changing things you can do for yourself. If you’re physically dependent on drugs and alcohol, it is likely that you will require a residential stay at a treatment centre. Whilst it’s true that some people can get clean and sober via support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, the majority need to be physically removed from their drug of choice and their old drinking or using environments, in order to break the addictive cycle.

Entering a private rehab clinic provides a service and a level of care to the suffering addict which is difficult to find elsewhere. From a fully supervised medical drug or alcohol detox, to one-to-one counselling, bespoke treatment plans and individualised aftercare provisions, a residential treatment centre offers the best chance at long-term recovery. Highly skilled addiction counsellors will facilitate the addict’s understanding of what led to their addiction in the first place, and help them to develop the tools and coping skills to avoid relapse in the future.

Have a read of the following benefits of entering a private rehab clinic, and find out what’s on offer here at the Providence Projects:

1. Detox

Those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol often require detoxification, helping the addict to rid their body of drugs and alleviate any withdrawal symptoms in the meantime. At The Providence Projects we provide safe and qualified care for heroin detox, cannabis detox, cocaine detox and more. Private drug rehab provides a safe, nurturing environment to detox safely with the support of qualified addiction counsellors. It’s important to know that detox alone will not be sufficient to break the cycle of addiction long-term. In fact, it is after detox that the real work begins.

2.One-to-one counselling

The role of psychotherapy in addiction recovery should not be underestimated. It is an important part of any effective addiction treatment. Drug and alcohol counselling sessions provide the chance to learn how to live life substance-free and cope with triggers and cravings. You can set goals with your counsellor for your physical and emotional health, relationships and future aspirations.

These individual and highly personalised sessions, facilitated by skilled addiction professionals, are one of the keystones of our drug and alcohol treatment programme. You will uncover the underlying psychological issues that led to your drug addiction. There are many reasons why people get addicted to drugs: from childhood trauma, low self-esteem and negative belief systems, to other co-occurring mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety or PTSD. It may be a way to cope with stress, to avoid taking personal responsibility, or to help you numb yourself from emotional and physical pain. By rationalising and understanding the reasons behind your addiction, and peeling back the layers of your behaviour, you can start to heal.

3. Group therapy

Rehab group therapy sessions complement your one-to-one counselling, and form an integral part of effective addiction treatment at most rehab centres. Addiction is such an isolating disease that often addicts feel lonely and cut off from the world and their loved ones. Group therapy, including alcohol therapy, provides the opportunity to develop your interpersonal and communication skills within a safe, therapeutic environment. You will find companionship, peer empathy and support from people facing similar issues to yours. Whilst this is a daunting prospect for most, it is one of the most valuable tools for those seeking recovery from addiction.

4. Alternative therapies

Here at The Providence Projects we believe in holistic therapy: treating mind, body and spirit. As part of our treatment programme we offer alternative therapies such as acupuncture. The basis for this approach is the belief that a person’s overall health is a combination of all aspects of their life. Healing is not just about addressing your addiction, but also exploring the psychological, physical and spiritual dimensions that make up who you are.

5. Family therapy

It isn’t just the addict who suffers in their addiction: there is a ripple effect and the whole family suffers too. The waves of destruction caused by the addict’s unhealthy and harmful behaviours affect everyone around them. That’s why family therapy sessions are such a vital part of receiving drug or alcoholism programme treatment. It’s an important way for the whole family to understand addiction and recognise the parts they have played. Through open communication, and help from a qualified addiction counsellor, old wounds will begin to heal, boundaries are established and new expectations put in place, as the whole family starts to move forward. The Providence Projects offers support for families of addicts, including hosting family therapy sessions and interventions.

These are just a few of the benefits of going to rehab and getting help for your addiction, there are many more. There really is no downside to freeing yourself from the vicious cycle of addiction, as you start to feel better both physically and mentally, and to develop new healthy habits which will enrich your life in recovery. If you or a loved one would like more information on addiction and how private rehab can help, please call us today to speak to one of our expert team of addiction counsellors on 0800 955 0945, or fill out our contact form. Help is available and you don’t have to suffer on your own anymore.

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