Addiction In The Workplace

Addiction in the Workplace

Employment and substance dependence isn’t a combination that any employer would want present in the workplace. Yet, it occurs more often than we would imagine. Given the extent of damages that addiction can cause in the workplace, it’s crucial for organisations looking to maintain healthy work environments to prioritise tackling these issues rather than turn a blind eye.


The Real Impact of Workplace Addiction

With the spike in addiction rates across the UK, it’s no surprise that this public health crisis has made its way into workplace settings. The gravity of this situation is evident through these


Substance abuse accounts for 60% of all cases of poor work
Substance abuse is also the responsible for 40% of on-the-
job injuries
Overall, employers in the UK lose £7.3 billion every year to
productivity pitfalls resulting from employees’ alcoholism
Alcohol misuse alone in workplaces leads to loss of working
days that cumulatively cost the UK £17 million annually
70% of those struggling with substance abuse in the nation
are full-time employees

Employees with substance abuse problems frequently skip work or use more sick time to escape work responsibilities. As an employer, these performance inconsistencies will interfere with your organisation’s overall performance and financial progress. At first glance, it may appear as though a drop in the affected worker’s performance is all that there is to it. Sadly, the consequences of an employee’s dependence issues will eventually spill over to the rest of the workforce. Fellow employees are likely to struggle with low morale and productivity since they may be repeatedly forced to handle their colleague’s workload or deal with their unpredictable negative actions. You risk losing long-term, high-performing workers who may opt to exit the toxic workplace. As an employer, high turnover rates mean spending more time and money rehiring and retraining new employees.

In addition, employees with dependence problems may fail to treat customers accordingly. Client complaints will harm your brand’s public image, and reversing these reputational damages may cost a fortune. While you may have a legal obligation to safeguard the well-being of your workforce, it’s also in your best interests as an employer to confront employee dependency issues head-on. You’ll not only be saving a life but also company money and time, and building a healthy and safe environment for everyone else.

Effective Solutions to Deal With Workplace Addiction

At Providence Projects, we design comprehensive, workplace substance abuse prevention and recovery programmes that help employers combat workplace addiction issues proactively. Our rehab programmes, often customised according to an organisation’s specific requirements and needs, entail strategies such as:

Drug and alcohol testing services to help you build and maintain a drug-free work environment.
Well-structured employee training and workshops aimed at preventing drug and alcohol use in the workplace.
Management training aimed at educating managerial staff on how to recognise employee dependence problems early enough.
Connecting employees battling addiction with our evidence-based treatment and recovery programmes.

Feel free to reach out to us and we will walk you through the options that will move your workforce forward into productive, fulfilling work lives.