COVID-19 Update & Safety Measures

Updated: 10/03/2022 – Our safety measures remain in place to ensure the safety of our clients and visitors.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Providence Projects remains committed to delivering safe, effective and successful addiction treatment. Ensuring the health and safety of our clients and our staff, is our highest priority at all times. We have been working hard to implement safety measures in line with CQC recommendations and Public Health England, which enable our services to remain available for our clients. Our long-term medical partners at The Providence Surgery, have also introduced processes to ensure the on-going needs of our clients and community are met.

The current situation in the UK has placed the entire country under immense stress and anxiety, impacting on all people and businesses. Unfortunately, those suffering with addiction problems are particularly vulnerable at this time, with the current climate set to increase rates of addiction significantly. But the problem of addiction isn’t simply going to go away during this difficult time, so neither will we. The Providence Projects will continue to be here and open for you: providing essential, immediate, and most importantly, safe treatment for those in need of care.

Our ongoing commitment will ensure that new clients can still access our rehab services, including those in urgent need of help. As the situation in the UK is uncertain and constantly changing, our team continue to monitor updates on a daily basis, and to respond with the appropriate safety measures as outlined by Public Health England and CQC.

Please call us today, and our specialist team of therapists and addiction experts can answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, fill out this form and someone will get back to you shortly.

The Safety Precautions we Continue to Take in 2022

  • Screening upon pre-admission: all new clients will be assessed prior to arrival, checked for any COVID-19 symptoms, and for any contact with or exposure to individuals who have travelled abroad, or to countries with high rates of infection
  • Increased our range of COVID-19 screening questions prior to any admission, to ensure we understand more about who will be accessing treatment
  • Increased our hygiene, sanitisation and cleaning services throughout, ensuring we remain able to prevent and control any infections spreading
  • Remove high risk activities from the timetable including boxercise to comply with government guidelines.
  • Working very closely with our long-term partners at the Providence Surgery, and medical director Dr Niman, to ensure ongoing compliance with the latest medical advice
  • Enhanced online services for family members and loved ones via Zoom and Skype
  • Where necessary, reduce our activity timetable to allow for government guidelines, such as social distancing, to be followed
  • Smaller group sizes to allow for social distancing
  • Enhanced our range of therapies on offer and introduced new activities to complement our treatment programme
  • In line with the guidelines published by CQC and Public Health England, we have temporarily prohibited large group sessions, and suspended visits from family members
  • Any staff who are not directly involved in providing care and treatment for our clients are working from home
  • There are some small changes to the programme due to the challenges created by COVID-19. Certain activities have been changed to reduce the potential risk of any virus outbreak. To find out more, please speak to our team on 0800 9550945.

Is it safe for me to go to rehab during Covid-19?

The current Coronavirus crisis is without a doubt a time of global fear and uncertainty, and the impact on people’s mental, physical, and emotional health is severe. You may be worried about the potential risks of entering a rehab for alcohol or drug addiction, or feel you should wait until the crisis subsides.

However, the risks of remaining at home and in active addiction could be much worse. Whilst COVID-19 presents us all with unprecedented challenges, those suffering from addiction face a particular struggle.

Studies suggest that the pandemic has created a perfect storm of factors driving substance abuse rates higher, with numbers likely to significantly increase. The combination of social isolation, lockdown, rising unemployment and increased loneliness and anxiety, are all factors that may aggravate existing addictions, or lead to the development of new ones.

There may be a global pandemic, but if you’re struggling with addiction you still need help. The Providence Projects remains open and committed to providing the same standard of treatment that we have been successfully delivering since 1996. We are taking every precaution, and implementing comprehensive safety processes to mitigate any risks of infection and to prevent its spread. These measures have been put in place to keep all clients as safe as possible during their stay with us: our primary concern is for our clients to receive the highest level of treatment in the safest environment possible.

If you are concerned about yourself or a loved one, then please reach out today. The Providence Projects is here to help. Please call us today to learn more about your rehab options. Our team of dedicated addiction treatment specialists are available to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, fill out this form and someone will get back to you shortly.