Scientific research since the mid 1970’s shows that absolutely, drug rehab works. Drug rehab treatment helps patients to stop taking drugs, avoid relapse and recover successfully through the use of both tried and tested formula as well as dynamic treatments, group sessions and one to one counseling discussions. From that research and other highly respected studies since then give key principle about what forms the basis of a good drug rehab.

  • No single drug rehab / treatment approach is right for everyone
  • Effective drug rehab attends to multiple needs of the patient
  • Remaining in drug rehab for an adequate time period is essential
  • Individual counselling and group therapies
  • On-going monitoring during drug rehab to ensure that changing needs are met
  • Detox is often essential but on it’s own is rarely successful

In the UK over the last 20 years there have been several big research projects looking into the outcomes of drug rehab. Although each research project has it’s own findings, there is a unanimous agreement that, pound for pound, residential treatment is the most effective over any alternative methods attempted. A recent study on The Providence Projects, demonstrated that 95% of people successfully complete detox and at a five year follow up, showed 80% of patients were still abstinent from drugs and alcohol.

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