At The Providence Projects, we are often asked ‘how much does alcohol rehab cost’? This is an important question when seeking alcohol addiction treatment. Here we explain the different factors involved and how you can find a finical estimate for your treatment.

Alcohol detox

It is important to explain the difference between alcohol rehab and alcohol detox. An alcohol detox programme helps an alcohol addict stop regularly intaking alcohol. Good detox care includes help from professionals who understand both the physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms that may occur. We often hear from patients who have attempted detox programmes lasting only 3 – 5 days, and very few find them to be successful in the long term.

Residential treatment costs at a private rehab clinic

At The Providence Project, we are dedicated to offering affordable rehab programmes. Our alcohol rehab programmes include not only comprehensive care throughout the detox process but also one-to-one counselling, group therapy and a range of activities and alternative therapies to help you understand your relationship with alcohol and manage your addition. The private rehab cost at our residential rehab is £5,995 for four weeks (including alcohol detox) and a further weekly charge of £995 for each additional week after the first four.

Is alcohol rehab available on the NHS?

Unfortunately there is no ‘free rehab’ in the UK available to everyone who seeks it. With recent governmental financial cuts, it is now harder than ever to receive funding for alcohol rehab through your local authority or NHS. Many experience long waiting lists or insufficient treatment which does not include long-term care. If you are lucky enough to receive funding, please contact The Providence Projects to learn more about our private alcohol detox rehab programmes.

How can I fund my rehab?

In some cases, family members have helped our clients with the cost of alcohol rehab to allow for the treatment needed. If you have private health insurance, you may find that you already have some cover for either alcohol or drug rehab. If neither of those are an option, some of our clients look to personal loans or other loan options if they cannot afford rehab straight away. We hope that you value the importance of your health and quality of life and find a solution. Please feel free to contact us for advice.

If you are unsure if you can afford private alcohol rehab, please speak to one of our experienced counsellors today on 0800 955 09 45 to find the information you need.

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