Alcoholics Anonymous is a ‘fellowship’ of men and women who meet regularly and share their experience strength and hope in order that they solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. You do not have to pay for any type of membership for Alcoholics Anonymous and in fact the only requirement for membership or attendance is simply a desire to stop drinking alcohol. You don’t have to be sober to attend an AA meeting.

Alcoholics Anonymous was formed in America in 1935 and has grown beyond belief since that time. There are now over 2 million members of AA and this number grows year on year. Alcoholics Anonymous does not employ professionals, psychiatrists or counsellors and there are, as such, no managers or governors.

Many people who seek treatment have tried attending Alcoholics Anonymous but have been unable to stop drinking. There may be several reasons for this but many alcoholics report they found it necessary to be taken out of society and go into an alcohol rehab centre before being able to stop drinking.

There is also a group called AL-ANON. This group is for the family members or loved ones of the alcoholic. This is a place where the family can go and get support and identification. Many family members feel report that they find it beneficial to realise that they are not alone and that other people are in the same boat. It also gives the family their own programme of recovery.

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