Our CEO, Paul Spanjar, has been asked to speak on both BBC radio and television in the last week regarding gambling addiction. At the Providence Projects, we have experienced huge growth in demand for our gambling addiction treatment with some common themes. Most commonly the addiction is either on-line gambling or FOBT (Fixed Odds Betting Terminals). Both of these methods of gambling are incredibly destructive and can result in enormous losses.

What particularly concerns us is the aggressive nature of promotion and advertising which is undoubtedly appealing to young and potential future gamblers. From the constant stream of adverts on all live televised sport, to the sponsorship and promotion deals with leading sports teams, as well as the direct marketing. Once registered online, people are bombarded by text and email with regular ‘special offers’ and incentives to gamble more. This incessant pressure makes it very difficult to break the habit and usually results in further gambling. To justify these tactics, they simply add a message about ‘safe gambling’!

The growing dependence we have on mobile technology and the internet is a dream for bookmakers, gambling websites and on-line bingo. No longer does a gambler need to go to the bookies or have access to cash; you really can gamble 24/7.

Compulsive gambling results in awful consequences; broken relationships, bankruptcy, job loss, depression, anxiety and suicide. In many instances, private gambling rehab programmes are the best solution. In the programme, the compulsive gambler can firstly stop gambling but then, most importantly, address the underlying or related issues and develop the skills to ‘stay stopped’. The success rates of the gambling rehab treatment at The Providence projects is very high.

If you are concerned about your gambling or the gambling of a loved one and would like to find out more about our range of rehab programmes, please contact us at the Providence Projects, a private rehab clinic in the UK, or call us anytime on 0800 955 09 45.

Matt Smith

Matt Smith reviewed Providence Projects - 5
5 November 2017  

A very special place, with wonderful staff. 3 years on life is amazing. Thank you so much for everything you all did for me. Alcohol dependant and a chronic gambler the Provi gave me a platform to turn life around and that it has, meaningful relationships, wonderful friends and most importantly peace of mind. You told me good things would happen and they have – and continue to do so. Highly recommended… See more

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