The much delayed and anticipated Government drugs strategy was finally released in July and it appears we are in for more of the same. Gone are the days of being able to access a residential rehab clinic through local authority funding, except for a very small number who have often had to wait for a long time.

As drug-related deaths continue to rise dramatically, along with alcohol related hospital admissions, the levels of funding for drug and alcohol rehab continue to be cut. Having spoken to several local authorities, The Providence Projects understand that certain areas are experiencing 100% cuts to their alcohol and drug rehab budgets as the drug agencies employed at a local level look to redirect the funds into local programmes and prescribing services, which clearly aren’t working.

The short-term approach of trying to save money is costing so much more; families ripped apart by addiction, with the next generation growing up in a dysfunctional environment. Billions wasted on criminal justice interventions, hospital admissions, out of work benefits and lost opportunities.

We have clear evidence to demonstrate that a relatively small investment results in far greater savings. Many of the calls we receive are from frustrated families and individuals who are simply unable to get the help they need in their local area and so seek affordable private rehab for drug addiction treatment.

The drug addiction treatment system in the UK is not working. If we want better services and better outcomes as well as reducing the burden on hospitals and prisons, we need a different approach. Unfortunately, we seem to be getting more of the same.

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