Drug and alcohol addiction can feel like an endless cycle, and can affect anyone. The illness doesn’t discriminate against race, gender, income, ethnicity, or age and no one is immune. Every year, at least 500,000 people are estimated to be suffering from addiction, a figure that doesn’t even factor in the loved ones who are so deeply affected too. The actual figures of those abusing substances are estimated to be much higher. It must be said that the consequences are devastating. Due to the intensity of the disease, and its progressive nature, recovery often necessitates professional treatment and monitoring, usually in the form of private residential rehab.

There are many rehab centres in the UK, each offering a comprehensive addiction treatment programme for its clients. We have developed this guide to help you choose the best addiction rehab centre for you, no matter where in the country you are looking to get help. Choosing the right rehab can have a significant impact on your chances of recovery, and not all treatment centres are equal in the level of quality and care they provide.

Most addiction experts will agree that residential private rehab is the most effective way to treat a drug, alcohol or gambling addiction. Everyone’s circumstances are different, so some prefer to attend a rehab facility closer to home, whilst others choose to travel further afield. Both options have their benefits – what is important is choosing what is right for you and your requirements.

Have a read below of the important factors to consider when finding the best rehab centre in the UK for you…

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1. Location

Location, location, location! First and foremost, the most obvious factor is to choose the right area when looking at rehab centres. Make sure you feel comfortable with the rehab’s location, consider how convenient it is to get to, whether your family will be able to travel and visit you, and whether you’d like somewhere close to home or in a new place entirely.

Depending on the individual, there are pros and cons to both staying closer to home and to venturing farther afield. Whilst being in familiar surroundings might feel less daunting, it also presents the possibility of triggers – old using or drinking environments, friends and acquaintances who may remind you of your addiction. Entering a rehab clinic away from home is like having a clean break, a fresh start. It allows you to physically remove yourself from the cycle of your addiction. Of course, some people cannot commit to this option due to childcare, work or family commitments.

Here at the Providence Projects, we offer sober transportation to our treatment facility, so that you or a loved one can recover in a calm, nurturing environment in view of beach.

2. Cost

As with most things in life, a lot is dictated by finances and by how much an individual can afford to spend. We are here to tell you that addiction treatment doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The Providence Projects prides itself on providing affordable, effective care to all those who need it. There is often a misconception that the treatment you receive will be better if you spend more. Our treatment model at the Providence Projects is testament to the fact that this simply isn’t true. Whilst some rehab clinics in the UK can cost up to an eye watering £30,000 a week, decent rehab treatment can be found in the UK for anywhere from £900 a week. For more information , please visit our rehab cost page.

3. Treatment Programme

The best rehabilitation centres will always make it their priority to put the needs of the client first. After all, that it what addiction treatment is about – helping people get better. You can often tell a lot about a rehab clinic’s approach to their clients by exploring their detox and rehabilitation programme, the daily structure and timetable, types of therapies, and the average staff to client ratio.

At the Providence Projects, our therapeutic rehab programme is intensive, focussed, and tailored to each and every individual. Our clients receive the best possible standard of care, through a combination of individual counselling, group therapy, and interactive workshops that cover all aspects of addiction and recovery. The average staff-to-client ratio is an impressive 1-5. What’s more, the Providence Projects also provides both detox and rehabilitation programmes within the same residential facility. As a result, clients receive an uninterrupted and less complicated treatment plan – there are no conflicting ideals or philosophies from entering two different treatment centres.

Our addiction rehab centre provides tailored programmes to the individual needs of our clients, so whether you need treatment for alcoholism, or treatment for drug addiction, we have a programme that works for you.

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4. Reputation

When choosing the best rehab centre for you, it is so important to do your research correctly. A lot can be found online about rehab centres in the UK, through sites such as Google Reviews, their own websites, or via Facebook and other social media channels.

We highly recommend you call the rehab clinic you are considering prior to check-in, and perhaps ask to schedule a visit to take a look around for yourself. The reputation and track record of a rehab clinic says a lot about their standards of care, quality of staff, and effectiveness of therapies and treatments. The Care Quality Commission is the regulating body for all drug and alcohol rehab centres in the UK, and this site provides useful ratings and reports on recent site inspections across the industry.

At the Providence Projects, our track record is second to none. Simply have a look on our Google reviews, Facebook reviews, or the lengthy client testimonials on our website to get a feel for the centre. One review described how the clinic is a place where “miracles happen”. Our mission is to help people recover from their addictions, no matter how bad things may seem. We have been successfully helping thousands of individuals to recover from addiction since our doors opened in 1996. We very much hope we can help you too.

The above factors are only meant to provide a rough guide when taking into account what you’re looking for in a rehab centre. You might also want to ask to meet the staff who will be treating you, read their bios and ensure they are qualified and experienced professionals. The best rehab centres in the UK will all be regulated by the Care Quality Commission, so check their website too for recent reviews and ratings.

Addiction treatment at the Providence Projects

The Providence Projects, based in Bournemouth on England’s beautiful south coast, is a private rehab centre offering medical detox, alcohol rehabilitation, drug rehabilitation, gambling rehabilitation and dual diagnosis rehab, with an experienced team of qualified medical and addiction professionals and therapists. It has capacity to treat over 40 clients at its facility in Bournemouth, and has received hundreds of positive testimonials and feedback on its website and via Google and Facebook. These reviews bear witness to the enormous difference that entering treatment has made to both clients and their loved ones.

The treatment that clients can expect to receive at the Providence is individualized, focussed, and intensive. All staff have extensive experience in treating addiction, counselling, and group therapy, and understand what clients need to succeed in the detox and rehabilitation process. It isn’t easy to stop drinking or using drugs, so talking to staff members who have been through similar experiences can make all the difference. That’s why many of our counselling team can bring their own personal experiences of recovery to help those battling addiction.

The Providence Projects favours a holistic approach to treatment, treating each individual as a whole. The programme incorporates personalized treatment plans, 24/7 support, and a structured aftercare programme. Attentive and caring staff and the strong leadership from management at the clinic have also been praised.

For more information on our range of alcohol, drug and gambling rehab programmes, please call us today on 0800 955 0945. Our expert admissions team will discuss your options, and if desired, set up an initial confidential consultation, which is of course free of charge.

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