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Paul Spanjar


Paul Spanjar CEO, Providence Projects Rehab

Paul is passionate about high-quality addiction treatment and truly believes that, with the right treatment, anyone can recover.

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Choosing the best drug rehab centre for you

Drug addiction is a chronic and progressive mental illness, and it requires much bravery and hone...

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Addiction, Recovery & COVID-19: Coming out of Lockdown

The UK government’s gradual easing of lockdown brings many of us the opportunity to do things we ...

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COVID-19 Update & Safety Measures

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Providence Projects remains committed to delivering safe, e...

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Top 10 tips for staying sober during COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has, undoubtedly, had effects on everyone’s daily lives. However, ...

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What is Heroin detox and rehab really like? Insights from a Le...

Heroin is a dangerous and powerfully addictive drug, and the consequences of misusing it can be d...

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Cannabis Rehab and Addiction – Here’s what you need to know

Cannabis is a widely used drug which is both psychologically and physically addictive. The preval...

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What is alcohol rehab like? A day in the life of someone in re...

Alcohol rehab is an intensive therapeutic environment which aims to build a strong foundation for...

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Long term alcohol rehabilitation – supporting yourself or a lo...

Long term alcohol rehabilitation is considered to be any stay in an alcohol rehab centre lasting ...

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