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The term drug rehab is commonly used to describe a complex multi-faceted treatment programme. Unfortunately, over recent years, the term drug rehab has become synonymous with celebrity break downs, culminating in a negative attitude towards drug rehabs in general. Most drug rehabs offer treatment for various addictions most commonly drug and alcohol addictions, although there are also programmes for those who have issues with gambling, sex, shopping and food.

The first stage of a drug rehab is often ‘detox’. Depending on the nature of the drug use, detox can be necessary for the individual to stop their drug use without experiencing a whole host of withdrawal symptoms. Different drugs will cause the individual to experience different withdrawal symptoms. Most commonly individuals that present at a drug rehab for drug misuse are taking cocaine, cannabis, heroin, crack, mephedrone, ketamine, amphetamines, ‘over-the-counter medication and diazepam.

Drug rehab can vary in length but is generally between 1 month and 6 months in length. The length of the drug rehab will depend on several factors although most recent research in the UK suggests that 3 months is an advisable length of drug rehab resulting in better outcomes.

There are several reasons why the process of drug rehab takes time. Firstly, the main issue is not stopping, but staying stopped. For most individuals with a drug problem the process of drug rehab is to address the underlying issues of their drug use and the reasons why. The process of drug rehab allows the individual to develop relapse prevention techniques so that they can cope with situations that they were previously unable to deal with. Drug rehab helps the individual identify unhealthy patterns of behaviour and facilitates the rebuilding of family relationships. Drug rehab also gives the individual time to not just physically recover from drug misuse but also mentally to ensure that the individual is thinking clearly before going back into the real world.

There are many different drug rehab programmes to choose from. It is generally accepted that abstinence based drug rehab is the most effective as individuals that develop an addiction are more likely to succeed if they abstain from drugs altogether as opposed to use drugs socially. Drug rehab in the UK is the best option so there can be family involvement although it is best to find a drug rehab not to close to home not only so the individual is not able to either meet with known drug users, but also so it is not too easy to return home if they are finding drug rehab hard.

When choosing the drug rehab, make sure you choose one which is well established and has been providing drug rehab for at least ten years. These centres will have a long term proven track record and more experience in treating drug addiction. Also ensure that the drug rehab is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). CQC regulate drug rehabs to ensure the provision of good quality care. Drug rehabs will have reports available on the official CQC website.

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