Addiction is a serious and progressive mental illness, wreaking havoc on the sufferer’s life and everyone involved. Here at the Providence Projects in Bournemouth, we understand the negative impact that addiction can have on all areas of your life, from financial to physical to psychological.

We recognise how difficult it can be to take that first step and admit you have a problem, and the bravery and courage required to seek professional drug and alcohol rehabilitation. We wish to assure you that addiction is a treatable illness and it is possible to recover and live a fulfilled and happy life, clean and sober.

There is no shame in admitting your addiction, and as scary as the word rehab may sound right now, please know that getting help is the best decision you can possibly make – not only for yourself but for all those who love and care about you too.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation

There are many factors to consider when deciding how to get into drug and alcohol rehab centres. Every individual is unique, so the process will vary depending on your specific needs and requirements: price, location, length of treatment time, and whether you’re paying privately or securing funding from your local authority.

Drug rehab and alcoholism treatment programmes are an unknown entity for many and given that it can be overwhelming. The admissions process should be as quick and easy as possible, minimising any stress. It is important to choose a treatment centre that can create a package bespoke to you and your set of circumstances.

At the Providence Projects, treatment is tailored to your individual needs. Our team of specialist addiction counsellors, therapists, doctors and support workers will work to ensure you receive the highest standards of care.

Why Providence?

Do your research

Recovery is not the same for everyone, and so not every rehab will suit each individual. It’s crucial that you do your research before choosing which rehab to go for., to find out what options are available to you and the differences in treatment centres.

Private rehab clinics will vary in everything from cost, to quality of facilities, to the therapies and programme on offer. It’s important to choose wisely as the quality of your rehab experience can have a significant impact on your recovery journey and can mean the difference between success and relapse. The following questions are useful to consider:

  • How long has the treatment centre been established?
  • Does the rehab offer a medically managed detox as part of their programme?
  • Is accommodation safe and comfortable?
  • Does the rehab clinic offer an aftercare programme following completion of treatment?
  • What therapies are on offer?
  • Will you be able to see family and friends during your time in treatment?
  • What are the online reviews of the rehab like?
  • Do you want a rehab close to home or further afield?

These are just a few things to think about, you will have plenty of questions of your own. It’s a good idea to call and speak to the counselling or admissions team to get a feel for the rehab and get your questions answered.

Generally, the most important things to look for are how long the establishment has been up and running and what therapies are on offer, as well as reading reviews from ex-clients who have been through rehab themselves.

We recommend looking for a drug and alcohol rehab centre which has been established for at least twenty years. Never feel embarrassed to ask all your questions, as you want to feel safe and confident in your choice when you arrive.

Private rehab location

The location you choose is key: while you may have work and family commitments that mean you need a rehab closer to home, many people find it easier to go somewhere further afield to get better. Being in a new environment can help you to psychologically detach from your old drinking and using environments, have a break, and focus on yourself and your recovery.

Our location is part of what makes the Providence Projects so special. Our private rehab clinic is situated by the beautiful, golden beaches of the south coast in Bournemouth. It’s the perfect place to start your recovery.

There is ample opportunity for clients to get lots of fresh air and exercise outdoors, and we organise weekly fun activities where we might play beach volleyball, go swimming or cycling or spend an afternoon in the New Forest. The brilliant transport links with the rest of the UK also make Bournemouth a great choice.

Chris Steiner

Chris Steiner recommends Providence Projects
5 December 2018  

This place saved my life. I came into treatment broken and they helped to start to put me back together. All the staff take the time to focus on everyone as an individual. I can’t recommend this place enough See more

What’s treatment like at a private rehab clinic?

At the Providence Projects, we take a holistic approach to recovery and addiction treatment, focussing on the whole person: mind, body and spirit. Our wide range of therapies include daily group therapy as well as 1-1 counselling, but we also place emphasis on alternative therapies such as acupuncture.

After our clients have completed detox and all drugs and alcohol are removed from the body, the treatment process really begins. It is only when clean and sober, that the person can explore the underlying psychological issues that led to their addiction and develop the tools to stay sober. After all, most people find the hardest thing is not in stopping using or drinking, but in staying stopped.

Admissions process

Making the decision to get treatment for your alcohol or drug problem is scary and overwhelming, and you may not know where to begin. At most rehab centres, the process of admission begins simply by making a phone call. At the Providence Projects, we aim to make the process as stress free and as easy as possible.

You will have an initial assessment upon enquiry where you’ll be asked questions about your drug/drink history and personal circumstances. Your treatment options will be discussed as well as how quickly you can be admitted if successful. Following your assessment at our private rehab clinic, your case will be reviewed by our therapeutic team who assess your requirements and whether you would be suitable for treatment with us.

If your assessment is approved, we will offer you a place, with most admissions being arranged for within a couple of days. 

Finally, please remember that no matter how impossible or scary your situation seems right now, recovery is within reach. It is possible to get well and to build the foundation for a new way of life, clean and sober.

If you’re reading this and think that you or a loved one needs help, please call us today to find out more about the drug, alcohol and gambling rehab programmes available.

Speak to one of our experienced team of counsellors at the Providence Project in Bournemouth on 0800 955 0945 or complete our quick and easy contact form. Our counsellors are equipped with the knowledge and the skills to help you make the decision that feels right for you and for your family.

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