So much is written about rehab in celebrity magazines, daily newspapers and online but there is still such a lack of understanding about the process of rehab and recovery. Rehab does not equal recovery. Alcohol rehabilitation and drug rehabilitation take many forms and can range from 1 week to 1 year in length. There are different models of treatment, different philosophies and even different goals. However all rehabs are just the beginning of the recovery process. Addiction cannot be cured in a short term programme. A short term treatment programme enables the individual to break the cycle of their addiction, gain insight into their problem, address the underlying issues, and put a clear relapse prevention plan in place.

Most research suggests that the optimum length of a treatment episode is 12 weeks. This enables the individual to make sufficient changes as well as allowing the brain time to recover from the alcohol or drug abuse. Shorter programmes are available and obviously cost and time is a factor but for most addicts or alcoholics, getting the right rehab programme is critical.

Recovery for most addicts or alcoholics is a lifestyle; a life long journey.

Caroline Emma-Wilks

Caroline Emma-Wilks recommends Providence Projects
6 December 2018  

Addiction is such a complex problem and there’s no straightforward solution to it- everyone must work out their own path. I can’t narrow my sobriety down to one single factor, but what I do know is that going to the Providence Projects was a very positive and significant step, where I initially showed a willingness and openness to change. It was extremely beneficial to be able to openly discuss my addiction with qualified therapists and be around other people who understood- you can be so totally different to someone, yet if you’ve both suffered with addiction, you wil... See more

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