VICE Programme on Ketamine Addiction: The Providence Projects

From a powerful horse drug to the European streets, how did Ketamine become an everyday ‘recreational’ substance for thousands of Brits? VICE looked at multiple aspects of the production, distribution, consumption and treatment pathways related to this drug.

Once ago, Amy was known as ‘Ketty Amy’, defaced and defined by her ketamine addiction. She started taking it recreationally during her many party trips to Ibiza in Spain. But with time, addiction took over, and Ketamine started having other effects on her mental and physical health. From depressive episodes to suicidal thoughts, her mental health was severely affected by the ‘medication’. However, it was not all. Amy’s biology was also suffering, with her bladder giving in to the effects of ketamine abuse. Watch the video below to learn about Amy’s story of partying, addiction, treatment and now – sobriety and health.

Watch The Ketamine Time Bomb by VICE

The programme aired recently, with Vice (currently over 14 million subscribers to their channel) telling the story as it is through the people who lived it.

We hope this video will empower you, as someone who loves, to talk to your Ketamine-abusing friends and help them find assistance or stop. We also hope that, if you are abusing Ketamine yourself, you seek help or stop. This is not a substance meant to enter your system. The effects are quick, but so are also the harmful ones.

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