What Is A Recovery Coach

What is recovery coaching?

Recovery coaching, which has been popular in the US for many years is fast growing in the UK. Depending on the individual situation, it can be an alternative to rehab but more often as part of the aftercare programme. A recovery coach helps the addicted individual overcome obstacles which can prove difficult in early recovery. Your sober coach will be in long-term personal recovery themselves as well as being a fully qualified substance abuse counsellor. In many ways, a recovery coach is a life coach who will specialise in recovery helping you set goals and achieve them whilst ensuring that your recovery is well maintained throughout.

The Providence Projects are one of the only treatment centres in the UK that are equipped to provide full recovery coaching services. The team of addiction counsellors along with select partners can deliver these services to individuals and families and ultimately giving people the best possible chance of recovery. We have had fantastic results with this service, and although no service could ever offer 100% success rates, those who take up recovery coaching after an intensive period of rehabilitation have a very high chance of success. To find out more about our recovery coaching services, or our drug and alcohol rehab, please call and speak to Paul Spanjar who designs our recovery coaching programmes.