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Please read what our clients and their families have to say. In many ways, the evidence of a successful treatment programme is the rehab reviews from the people that use the service. Across our site you will see a wide array of rehab reviews which will give you a real insight into the experiences the residents have at The Providence Projects.

We hope you will see from the rehab reviews and feedback that we have, that in almost every instance, our clients are not only very happy with the service, but so are their families.

“Providence Projects saved my life. No doubt about it. If asked, they would counter that I saved my own. Perhaps both are true. But I could not have done this without them and will remain forever and eternally grateful.” – Google review Nov 2020

I did rehab at The Providence Projects. I had been to three other rehab centres but this was perfect. I had a life changing experience there.
Matt Willis Pop Star, Busted Matt Willis Rehab Review

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Alcohol, Drug and Gambling Rehab at the Providence Projects

The Providence Projects is the UK's leading drug, alcohol and gambling rehabilitation centre, based in Bournemouth on the UK's south-coast. Learn more about us.

Dave's Testimonial

Dave discusses the effects that his drug addiction and relapses had on him and his family. He is has now been sober for 1 year after his time at Providence Projects..

James' Testimonial

James speaks about his experience at Providence Projects for cocaine addiction, and the changes he has seen in his life since.

Marina's Testimonial

Marina attended Providence Projects for rehab and also took part in our 12 week aftercare programme.

Viv's Testimonial

Viv attended Providence Projects last year for alcohol rehab. He talks about his experience, the therapies that he took part in and what he's learnt.

Jon's Testimonial

Hear from Jon and his wife about how alcohol affected their marriage

Paul's Testimonial

Hear about Paul’s recovery from alcoholism and addiction

Helen's Providence Projects rehab review

Helen attended our Family Day, and in this video shares her experiences of how addiction has affected her family, what she learnt at our Family Day, and what it involved.

Megan's Family Day Rehab Review

Megan Parnell Murphy describes her experience of the Family Day at Providence Projects. Our rehab Family Day encourages the family and loved ones of addiction sufferers to get together for support, learn more about addiction, and take part in workshops.

Alcohol, Drug and Gambling Rehab at the Providence Projects

The Providence Projects is the UK's leading drug, alco...

Dave's Testimonial

Dave discusses the effects that his drug addiction and...

James' Testimonial

James speaks about his experience at Providence Projec...

Marina's Testimonial

Marina attended Providence Projects for rehab and also...

Viv's Testimonial

Viv attended Providence Projects last year for alcohol...

Jon's Testimonial

Hear from Jon and his wife about how alcohol affected ...

Paul's Testimonial

Hear about Paul’s recovery from alcoholism and addicti...

Helen's Providence Projects rehab review

Helen attended our Family Day, and in this video share...

Megan's Family Day Rehab Review

Megan Parnell Murphy describes her experience of the F...

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Our success stories

Here are just some examples of rehab reviews from our clients about their experience of treatment at The Providence Projects.

“I have been so touched by the kindness of the programme providers, deeply impressed by the thought that goes into it, the dedication and passion and the happy atmosphere.
I came out feeling strong, armed with all that I need to pursue a sober and happy life.” - Google review Nov 2020.

Michael Drake

Michael Drake reviewed Providence Projects - 5
21 November 2019  

I have been a client at the Providence for over 6 months, my experience has been a feeling of emotion of every extreme from sadness to joy but the overriding thought has to be connection, a sense of family, a place of love, unity, friendship, and a real sense of belonging to something so real. Whatever counsellor you have been allocated to, the other counsellors are there for you with genuine advice of any nature and are all very approachable. Their knowledge is without compromise, and all of them have a very caring nature, my praise is sincere and I believe what I have learnt from them all has saved my life. Providence as a whole including clerical, support and the counselling teams, have given me the strength, will and enthusiasm to carry out what I have been taught from them. When leaving here I will be able to carry out what they started. I will have the Providence in my heart and prayers for the rest of my life. I will end this by saying thankyou x

Kelly Cooper

Kelly Cooper reviewed Providence Projects - 5
19 December 2019  

Most amazing place that’s saved my life. When I came in I was on death doors I was physically, mentally and emotionally drained if it want for this such amazing rehab I’d be dead now. They help me find a new way off life. Helped me find my confidence and myself I’m finally knowing who I really am. The counsellors are all so understanding and amazing Dougie especially as his the one that as got me to were I am now. Just finished my 12 weeks and now in aftercare it’s the first time in 24 years off me using and drinking that I finally know what I want and am very positive that I’ll achieve my dreams. I recommend the providence to anyone who needs help to beat there addiction and find a new way off life. Amazing and even in aftercare I miss the Provi already so so grateful thanks x

Sarah Carter

Sarah Carter reviewed Providence Projects - 5
8 January 2020  

I cannot praise, recommend or thank The Providence Project and it’s amazing team highly enough. I arrived for what was initially supposed to be a four week stay and it was such a life changing place that I actually ended up staying for six months! Although as a single mother this was emotionally difficult to leave my daughter for this period of time I am eternally grateful I did so as not only did it overcome my addition (sleeping tablets) but it also taught me other valuable life changing skills that have enabled me in many ways to become a better mother and aground person. This place has not only given me my life back but it has also given my daughter her mother back and in her own words “a better mummy”. To any mother out there who has any form of addiction and is considering treatment but is put off by the thought of having to be separated from their child whilst undergoing it-I promise you it is worth it, the long term benefits are priceless. Going to The Providence Project was the best decision I had made in a very long time and I will always be grateful to each and every person I met there for their support, honesty and care. Sarah x

Josh Smith

Josh Smith reviewed Providence Projects - 5
3 July 2019  

The Providence Projects is a special place. The harsh reality is without this place, I would not be here today. I owe everything to The Prov for giving me my life back, giving me my life back when I had nothing left to give. The counsellors are nothing short of amazing and unparalleled to any in my experience. They genuinely care, they accept and encourage you to be who you truly are in a supportive environment. Their aim is give you a greater understanding of addiction and how to prevent relapses – they give you the tools to integrate this into your daily life. Since leaving The Prov I feel proud to live my life as a recovering addict. I will recommend The Providence Projects to everyone and anyone that is in need for as long as I live, the achievable possibilities from this place are endless.

Linda Jeffrey

Linda Jeffrey reviewed Providence Projects - 5
25 April 2019  

I just want to thank all the staff at the Providence centre in Bournemouth for my life. I know that sounds so dramatic but to me it is just that. I went in as a very scared lady in my sixties, broken and fighting two addictions. I really did not think I would last two weeks, let alone six months.But with the help, support and guidance of all the staff I made it. Even after I completed the three months. I knew deep down I had another battle to contend with. But with the help of the staff I made it through. Don’t get me wrong, you have to go through a lot of tears, truths etc, to get there. But if you put your trust in everyone, I can promise you will come out a very different person. Most of all I got my family back and that is something I will be eternally grateful for. So if you are thinking about this centre, stop thinking and phone for help. You will never regret that decision. If they can help a Sixty year old lady, they can help you.

Daniel Jordan

Daniel Jordan reviewed Providence Projects - 5
25 April 2019  

I arrived at the Provy lost, scared and broken with all hope lost after years of addiction and treatment centres… but right from the start something felt different about the Provy, the approach and the whole team , from reception to support staff, it was here that I was loved until I could learn to love myself. I went through every emotion in my time here and for the first time in all the treatment centres over the years that finally I got the help, knowledge and tools for my behaviours for life, and this was the place I was allowed to finally be me, the groups were where I learned and the house I lived in is where a lot of my recovery was learned… it has a very unique way of working. I had two days to live at the end of my addiction, I owe my life to the providence, and to my counsellor Clinton, and also every counsellor in there played their part in where I am at today. I’m nearly 2 years clean and sober and with the Provy, fellowship and my Sponsor I honestly can say I wouldn’t be here today. I’m proud to be a part of the Provy family and the ongoing support and a spiritual home where the door is always open. Anyone struggling with addiction, I know it’s scary, and you feel alone with no hope, but from one addict to another…. the Provy will bring you home and most of all this is the place to heal and find and be the true you.

Richard Shottin

Richard Shottin reviewed Providence Projects - 5
11 April 2019  

Providence has changed my life completely. From living a life with no hope, this place has taught my how to live again. The group therapy and 1-1 counselling really helped me to discover who I am and what I want from life, free from drugs and alcohol. The staff are excellent and I know I wouldn’t be where I am now without them. I’d recommend Providence to anyone who needs help. Give it a go and you won’t regret it.

Phillip Tyler

Phillip Tyler reviewed Providence Projects - 5
10 April 2019  

I came into Providence on death’s door, having suffered with drug addiction and alcoholism for 35 years. I was full of fear, paranoia, had no self-confidence and was completely unemployable. Whilst I found it hard at the beginning, over time my head began to clear and the staff helped me to learn things about myself I had never known, and to get honest about a lot of issues. I was lucky enough to receive funding to get help from Providence, a truly special place where I felt hope for the first time in years. I have since rebuilt relationships with my family, and secured voluntary work which I love, at a local drug and alcohol service. Thanks to Providence I have been given the foundation to rebuild my life, free of drugs and alcohol. Reply

Phil Barnes

Phil Barnes reviewed Providence Projects - 5
10 April 2019  

Providence literally saved my life, and I will be eternally grateful. I was an addict for over 3 decades before I sought help. My choices were death, prison or rehab. I am so happy I chose to get help from the Provy to turn my life around. The staff are amazing. It was a difficult journey but it has been so worth it and my life has come completely full circle, I am a different person now. Thank you to everyone at the Provy!

Phil Spalding

Phil Spalding reviewed Providence Projects - 5
4 April 2019  

I arrived at Providence Projects as a frightened emotional wreck. I can happily say I thoroughly enjoyed my 12 week stay with all the challenges and ups and downs. Staff were supportive, challenging, understanding, assertive with all therapeutic disciplines in equal measure. I would recommend Providence Projects to anyone with addiction issues as the best place to confront your issues, learn about yourself and change your life for the better. Don’t mess about … get in there and get on with it!

Khetsiwe Giles-Rowley

Khetsiwe Giles-Rowley reviewed Providence Projects - 5
6 April 2019  

Where do I start?? I truly believe that The Providence gave me my life back. I have been to treatment facilities before but some about Provy grabbed me this time. The staff were incredibly loving and tolerant with me and my peers throughout my whole treatment process. Today being 5 and half years clean and sober since my Provy days I can now call some friends. If you want somewhere to love you and guide you back to what your true essence is Providence Project is it.

Megan Lindie

Megan Lindie reviewed Providence Projects - 5
4 April 2019  

The providence projects has truly changed my life! It has helped me turn my life around, by giving me the tools and skills to cope with life. Being young and going into rehab was scary for me but all the counsellors were so welcoming. The counsellors and the support team are one of a kind. They showed me acceptance and encouraged me to get the best out of treatment….I will always be grateful to the providence projects for helping me get my life back on track!

Claire O’Brien

Claire O’Brien reviewed Providence Projects - 5
3 April 2019  

The Providence Project was the best decision I’ve ever made. I was an acute alcoholic and could barely walk through their doors. The understanding and care I received was beyond imagination. I never believed I could rid myself of this addiction but I have by following a programme that enabled me to get well. My life is so different now, my family are amazed at the change in me. By following their programme I am free of addiction, have motivation and am happier than my wildest dreams. Thank you all for my new life, I am so grateful.

Chris Steiner

Chris Steiner recommends Providence Projects
5 December 2018  

This place saved my life. I came into treatment broken and they helped to start to put me back together. All the staff take the time to focus on everyone as an individual. I can’t recommend this place enough

Chris Gregory

Chris Gregory reviewed Providence Projects - 5
28 January 2014  

This place will always hold a special place in my heart, they helped me get my life back, a magical place where miracles happen all the time

Ruth Elizabeth Montalbetti

Ruth Elizabeth Montalbetti reviewed Providence Projects - 5
10 December 2014  

The foundation that was the spring board for not only me, and my life being completely revolutionised but all of my loved one’s too. A commendable team of staff who’s warm approach loved me when I did not know how to love my self. I will be eternally grateful and thus will my family who got there daughter/sister back from the grips of drug addiction. A safe and secure environment in which revcovery is facilitated and the tools for re intergrating into society are at hand. Much love to my Provvi family as always. Clean and Sober since 20/12/2012 and here is where it started. Xxxxx

Joanne Allen

Joanne Allen reviewed Providence Projects - 5
3 March 2016  

Well where do I start… An amazing place that has given me the foundations to start my new life… This place has saved my life! The therapists are wonderful and the program superb! I have met true and honest friends who are my friends for life. My perception of life has completely changed and I owe that to the Provi. If you are looking for a rehab where the people really show an understanding, empathy and compassion this is the place. If your want to be able to go about… your day with reality and honesty look no further. Just for today I will enjoy the day and keep it simple! Gratitude and love always Jo Allen

Rebecca Whillians

Rebecca Whillians reviewed Providence Projects - 5
8 October 2016  

Today my husband Paul is 1 year clean and sober thanks to The Providence Projects, he has found himself again and is living the life he deserves. “A life beyond his wildest dreams” as it says in the big blue book – it’s true. He initially signed up for 1 month but soon realised he needed a further 2 months. Paul has been dedicated and followed the advice given to him. He would not be here today if he hadn’t been to The Providence Projects. I cannot thank or praise the program and staff enough I found them very supportive and would not hesitate to recommend them.

Nigel Radcliffe

Nigel Radcliffe reviewed Providence Projects - 5
23 July 2017  

I’ve been in addiction counseling, treatment and management since 1990. I doubt any other professional has worked with as many different treatment centers, from the luxurious to the most basic. Whilst reasonable facilities are obviously important, I’ve found little correlation between cost and effectiveness. Its all about the quality of the therapists and the way they’re managed. I managed London Transport’s staff drug and alcohol programme for nearly twenty years. We used Provi because it worked. Dozens of TfL staff who went through the programme are still clean, sober and grateful. Nigel Radcliffe. Certificated addictions counsellor,FDAP

Matt Smith

Matt Smith reviewed Providence Projects - 5
5 November 2017  

A very special place, with wonderful staff. 3 years on life is amazing. Thank you so much for everything you all did for me. Alcohol dependant and a chronic gambler the Provi gave me a platform to turn life around and that it has, meaningful relationships, wonderful friends and most importantly peace of mind. You told me good things would happen and they have – and continue to do so. Highly recommended…

Bradley Hill

Bradley Hill recommends Providence Projects
5 December 2018  

The Providence project was an amazing place and was a turning point in my life. I was a client for six months in 2011, successfully completing the primary and secondary stage. I had nearly no understanding of my illness or how to cope with life in life’s terms until I went there and with the support of all the staff, began to manage my feelings and emotions and gain coping mechanisms to live life clean and sober. Everything about the Provy is designed to give you the best therapeutic care possible, and at the core of this is all the staff, some of the most amazing people I have ever know, some of them are still my friends and I know would they would be there for me if the need was to arise. I can’t really put into words my gratitude for everything that was done for me and the massive positive affect going there had on my life.

Caroline Emma-Wilks

Caroline Emma-Wilks recommends Providence Projects
6 December 2018  

Addiction is such a complex problem and there’s no straightforward solution to it- everyone must work out their own path. I can’t narrow my sobriety down to one single factor, but what I do know is that going to the Providence Projects was a very positive and significant step, where I initially showed a willingness and openness to change. It was extremely beneficial to be able to openly discuss my addiction with qualified therapists and be around other people who understood- you can be so totally different to someone, yet if you’ve both suffered with addiction, you will unquestionably be able to bond. I found the support of the team and the friends I made there hugely helpful. The Providence Projects additionally gave me a sustained period of sobriety in which to gain some perspective and be able to start looking at the bigger picture in a clearer way. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably struggling with addiction yourself, or know someone who is. My advice is just DO IT- go to rehab and really work hard on getting yourself out of the situation you’re in, starting with self-belief. Good luck. x

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